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15 Cool New Things to Do with an Old Baby Cot

Got an old baby cot lying around the nursery? Perhaps stashed in your garage or hidden under your own bed? Why not upcycle your baby’s beautiful first bed into something to treasure for even longer with these cool and clever ideas on breathing new life into an old baby cot. 

Whether you’re looking to add a timeless piece to their bedroom, free up some space with something practical, or even create something to contain the pets – or the piles of toys, we’ve rounded up the best of the best in upcycled cot ideas. 

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Upcycled cot ideas – Indoor furniture 

1. Cute chairs

Pull up a seat with these adorable ideas for repurposing an old cot into a little chair. Custom Made did a great job of sanding back a cot to make two dining chairs while Start at Home opted to make a little chair for the nursery. 

baby cot into chairs

2. Couch

Another ambitious project for all keen DIYers is to craft a couch out of an old cot. 

Pudel Design did a fantastic job of doing this. She actually used three old cribs and morphed them into a funky coach for the kids’ room. 

baby cot into couch

3. Desks

Transforming an old cot into a desk is incredibly popular with plenty of clever DIYers taking on the challenge and nailing it. It’s actually quite simple to do too – take off one side, add a few accessories and you’ve got yourself a desk.

Below are just a few cute ideas from Inspired by Family and A Learning for Two. Source unknown for the third photo. Please let us know if it’s yours. 

mum central

Repurposed cot ideas for the kids’ stuff 

4. Bookshelf

We love a good bookshelf storage hack – it’s so easy to build a massive book collection and have no place to store them all. But not with an old baby cot!

These two easy projects were found at DIY Home Sweet Home and Makley Home. 

mum central

5. Toy Chest

Once a safe haven for your bub, the cot can now be a safe haven for all their toys and stuffed animals. We love this idea of using an old cot as a toy chest, especially with the added cushion on top to make a comfy little chair.

Check out the post on Handmade by Meg K where Meg shares step-by-step instructions on how to master this amazing repurposed cot idea. 

baby cot into toy chest

6. Cubby House

Another great option to add more life to your baby’s cot is to make it into a cubby house. Children love cubbies! If you’re ambitious, you can opt for one like the image on the right (from Crafter).

Or, simply turn the cot upside down like did and you’ve got a cute little area for your toddler. No drill needed. 

crib into cubby

7. Toy Display

This has got to be one of our very favourite baby cot hacks and great for kids who love to collect little things. Simply use the side rail as a display for Hot Wheels or anything else. Lego figurines, Shopkins characters, Ooshies. The list goes on and on. 

We’re unsure of the original source of this photo (found on Pinterest) but if it’s yours, let us know! 

mum central

8. Chore Chart

Another cool idea for your old baby cot side rails is to make a chore chart, to-do list of family organiser. This one by Dawn Nicole is brilliant!

mum central

9. Wagon

Another adorable upcycled cot idea is to transform their little bed into a special ride. Simply add wheels and a handle and you’ve yourself a little push wagon, perfect for dolls, stuffed animals and even your kiddies! LOVE! Crafted by Cami at Tidbits

mum central

For outdoors

10. Drying Rack

Have you ever seen such an attractive drying rack? The Kim Six Fix’s drying rack – not to mention the pool area- is a work of art in itself. She shares how to do it on her blog. 

mum central

11. Bike rack

How’s this for a great idea for families with a garage full of bikes? Keep the bikes off your front lawn and stored neatly outside or in the garage with an old cot side. Kelly Leigh shows us how it’s done. 

mum central

12. Dog crate

We also love this idea of turning an old cot into a dog crate. Dog crates can be dreadfully expensive but this option will save you a pretty penny. 

My Repurposed Life has a great tutorial on how to make this – there are a few steps involved but it’s definitely worth it.mum central

13. Chicken Coop

Looking to keep your chooks in a row? This is another fun idea – turn an old cot into a chook coop.

Weed em and Reap have a great tutorial on how to make it. And for under $50 too! 

mum central

14. Porch daybed

If you prefer to make a place for you, not your chickens, then how about spicing up your patio with a porch daybed? A lot of baby cots can easily convert to a day bed by simply taking off the sides and adding a few funky pillows. Easy peasy!

Inspo thanks to 2 Little Hooligans

mum central

15. Porch swings

Swing new life into your baby’s cot! This transformation can be a bit tricky and you’ll most likely need to plan a trip or two to Bunnings and Kmart to grab some varnish, paint, rope, throws and pillows but aren’t they sweet? Simply add a cuppa and a book and you’ve got the perfect place to relax on the weekends.

Here are a few ideas for inspo by Lolly Jane,  Southern Hospitality and Source Unknown (let us know if this is your photo). 

mum central

BONUS: Bar out of your change table

Okay okay okay so we know we’re sharing upcycled baby cot ideas but we couldn’t help but include this brilliant idea for repurposing a changing table into a bar cart.

Sure, you once used it to clean poopy nappies, but there’s no reason you can’t store and pour drinks from it now. Add some wheels and your portable bar can go everywhere with you. Thanks for the idea, Home Talk

mum central

There are heaps of other ways you can upcycle an old baby cot. I’ve seen people use the side panels as a garden trellis, a frame for photos, artwork and even a shoe organiser. The possibilities are endless! 

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