Here’s How to Upskill and Return to the Workforce with In-Demand Skills

Okay, so let’s be honest. 2021 has been a bit of a bust. Despite our best-laid plans at the beginning of 2021, it’s all kind of come unstuck thanks mostly to COVID, lockdowns and all sorts of other things we THOUGHT we were going to leave behind in 2020.

It appears we’re FINALLY on our way to digging ourselves out of the pandemic hole, but what’s waiting for us out there? For many mums, we’re really not sure.

We’ve been in a haze of home learning, Netflix and making our kids 17 squillion snacks a day and, well, we’re not even sure what day it is anymore, TBH.


A career standstill

More so, many mums have lost their jobs in the past several months. In fact, according to McKinsey, women’s jobs are 1.8 times more vulnerable than men’s jobs during this crisis.  Just let that soak in.

Women make up 39% of global employment but account for 54% of overall job losses.

One reason for this greater effect on women is that the virus is significantly increasing the burden of unpaid care, which is disproportionately carried by women. This, among other factors, means that women’s employment is dropping faster than average, even accounting for the fact that women and men work in different sectors.”

Returning to routine

Returning to the workforce and structure after this crisis is a terrifying thought. One thing we can all agree on about the pandemic is that it’s forced us all to slow down and returning to the fast-paced world of routine and multitasking, welp, it’s a bit scary!

One great thing about many jobs these days is that they are often incredibly flexible and adaptable. Which is something all mums need.

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Time to upskill? Heck yes!

Another common concern is that, after some time off, you may not be able to keep up with the current work trends or have the skillsets needed.

It’s a techy world out there now and so many careers require specific skillsets that you may not be familiar with. An easy solution? Upskill!

Upskilling simply means expanding your skills, usually through a training program. There are heaps of benefits to doing this – better pay, more confidence in the workforce, the satisfaction of learning a new skill, the list goes on and on.

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We recently came across a company called Supermums (love the name!). They’re an admin training company that upskills mums to retrain in new skills to launch a career in tech, admin, marketing, data entry, sales and so much more.

There are plenty of admin training companies out there but what we love about Supermums is it’s for, you guessed it, us MUMS. They totally understand what it’s like to juggle babies and business and all the fun stuff that comes with it – random sicknesses, sleepless nights, mid-day appointments. So. Many. Snacks.

Supermums specialises in Salesforce job opportunities. If you’ve never heard of Salesforce, you’re not alone. But it is an important thing to know, especially as so many careers now require their employees to be trained in it.

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Salesforce is the biggest CRM (customer relationship management) Cloud Computing software program out there. Most of the big-name companies in Australia use it. It’s designed to help businesses juggle their customers so knowing how to use this software is valuable in most roles. 

If you have a look on SEEK, for example, you’ll probably find the majority of careers in sales and admin require you to have experience in Salesforce. Even if you are starting your own business or already have your own business, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll need to know how to use Salesforce.

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FUN FACT: Salesforce estimates that they will create 9.3m Salesforce job opportunities globally by 2026 and will need people urgently to fill these roles. 

Salesforce admin training courses

Supermums has its very own ONLINE Salesforce Admin Training courses. They offer opportunities to train in Salesforce and understand how to use it effectively and confidently in just six months! The courses are completely flexible too so you can complete them in your free time.

They want to help mums understand the career opportunities available to them and to make the transition from pandemic pyjama-wearing hot mess mum to working professional mildly-less-hot-mess mum. 

Through their online Salesforce training program, they can teach you everything you need to return to the workforce upskilled, confident and ready to take on this tech world.

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Now’s the perfect time to upskill

During the month of October, they are also running the #MumsSkillUp Campaign as a way to help mums negatively impacted by the pandemic to understand the in-demand skills that employers are looking for and the career/job opportunities that exist.

They’ve even launched a Five Day challenge to learn more about what’s out there.

Sign up for the Supermums Admin Course by the 5th of November and you’ll be 100% ready to join the workforce in just six months.

This gives you plenty of time to also get back into the swing of things and reclaim your title as Supermum: Multitasker, Epic Sandwich Maker, Master of All The Things and, Soon-to-Be Salesforce Queen.

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Get Skilled Up 

2021 may have been a bit of a mess. But 2022 is looking up. If you’re on the fence about upskilling, then this is a great way to see if it’s right for you. It could be just the thing you’re looking for to kickstart a new career and bounce back after the pandemic.

This is a sponsored post for Supermums

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