‘She’s Absolutely Huge!’ – Victoria Baby Breaks Weight Record

Giving birth is always a surprising event. Will we have a boy or a girl? Will she have a full set of hair? What will she weigh? Will my vagina make it through the event without tearing? Will my husband make it through the event without me throwing a shoe at his head?

For Melis and Ben from Boronia in Victoria, there was a massive surprise waiting for them at the end of the birthing tunnel – an extra squishy extra big baby who could easily be Victoria’s biggest baby. 

Helloooo Willow

Willow Amey tipped the scales at an impressive 6.6kg and could possibly be the biggest baby born in Victoria ever. The record was previously held by a 6.3kg boy born in 2018.

Biggest baby in Victoria - Willow Amey
Look at those adorable cheeks!  Source: 7News Melbourne

Melis birthed Willow like a superstar too and is now relishing in those newborn cuddles, even if her newborn is a little on the larger side. Willow is double the size of the other babies in the ward and is the average size of a four-month-old.

There is no need to stock up on size 0000 for this adorable little chubba bubba and Melis even joked she may be able to share clothing and nappies with her toddler sister.

Just like her big sissy

Melis admits that she had an inkling Willow might be on the bigger side as her first daughter weighed in at 5.6kg at birth.

And Melis’ first reaction when she realised just how big Willow was?

“Oh no!” Melis recalled to 7News Melbourne.

Dad, Ben chimed in, “I can’t believe we’ve got the heaviest baby in Victoria at the time.”

Even Grandma Amey had something to say: “She’s huge. She’s absolutely huge.”

Congrats to the Amey’s on Willow’s safe arrival and most likely taking home the Biggest Baby Crown. That’s definitely a story to tell on her 21st!

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