Who wants a new camera for Christmas? We do! We do! If you do too, then Mum Central has the perfect competition, and all you need to enter is an Elf on the Shelf and a dash of imagination. 

Track your Elf’s daily adventures, share them with us on social media and you could WIN a brand new ultra flash Panasonic GX850 camera, valued at $799, thanks to the team at Macarthur Camera House.

All you need to play along is a Facebook or Instagram account, an Elf on the Shelf and a whole heap of cute ideas … this is one competition you don’t want to miss.

Calling all elf-loving families! 

December is ALMOST HERE which means it’s time to dig out the decorations, find the Elf on the Shelf and prepare for another year of mischievous mayhem. It also means it’s time to delete old photos from your phone to make room for another season of family memories.

Or, perhaps upgrade to a better photo-taking device.  After all, there are so many magical moments to capture at Christmas. Sometimes your iPhone camera simply won’t cut it.

The ideal camera for mums on the run

Make the switch to a more advanced camera for 2018 with Panasonic’s amazing GX850 camera. The GX850 is perfectly designed, lightweight and stylish – ideal for the life of a busy mum. Here’s a few of the many reasons we love it (and want one for ourselves!):

  • You can bring it pretty much everywhere with you for high-quality shots on the go. 
  • It comes with a 180-degree tiltable screen and advanced selfie functions, meaning you’ll never miss a fab selfie opportunity!
  • The GX850 includes fun hand-free modes like Face Shutter, Buddy Shutter and Jump Snap. Now, everyone on the count of three, JUMP!
  • There’s a new Beauty Retouch feature, which means you can make yourself look extra pretty in photos, even when you actually look like an extra from The Walking Dead.
  • You can instantly upload and share your pictures on social media using the ‘Panasonic Image App’ on your smartphone or tablet.
  • It’s easy to use with 16 mega-pixel sensors, built-in flash and image stabilisation.
  • Perfect for the beginner photographer – simply point and shoot. Those more seasoned will love the DSLR features. Perfect for all skill levels.

In the meantime, head over to Macarthur Camera House to find out more about these great cameras and get photo-ready for Christmas. Plus, Macarthur Camera House  will give you an extra discount if you mention Mum Central sent you! Just click the button below to get in touch with all your camera and photography questions!


We have one of these Panasonic cameras (RRP $799) to give away, thanks to Macarthur Camera House. And all you have to do is get creative with your Christmas Elf!

What mischief will your Elf on the Shelf get up to this year? Capture his cheekiest moments and share them with us!

New to the Elf on the Shelf?

There’s no better time to give this Christmas tradition a go than this year! Head to your nearest Elf Adoption Centre located in Myer, Dymocks and specialty retailers to buy your very own. And be sure to check out our last year’s entrants for inspiration.

Snap, Share and Tag to Win – Here’s How to Enter!

  1. Simply register your details including your Facebook and/or Instagram usernames in the entry form below, so we know who you are
  2.  Post your Elf’s daily escapade to your social media account of choice (one entry per day permitted)
  3. You MUST include the hashtags #mumcentral and #macarthurcamerahouse so we can find your posts
  4. Ensure you’ve changed the privacy of the post to public so we can see your entry

Win a Panasonic Gx850 Camera from Macarthur Camera House valued at $799 by sharing your cheeky Elf on the Shelf Adventures!

Get your entries in by 21 December, 2017 and we will select our top 10 photos. Then it’s up to our readers to choose their favourite. The Elf with the most votes brings home the GX850!



Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.


  1. I love that you can get high quality photos without having to carry around a big DSLR.. but I think my favourite feature is that you can instantly upload and share your pictures on social media using the ‘Panasonic Image App’ on your smartphone or tablet!!

  2. Leicia Mathers Reply

    I love that it is perfect for all level users, as I am not very good at taking photos this would be perfect for me so I can delete the ones I want as I go and also that you can upload them straight to your social media page. Let’s get snap happy yeah !!!

  3. Small compact but still high quality photos perfect to fit in your hand bag when out and about

  4. The Panasonic gx850 looks easy to use and it would take great photos . It also looks a great camera .

  5. Great to carry as its compact , taking quality photos wherever I go.

  6. Kristy ellery Reply

    Light weight easy to carry. these days most photos are taken with a phone because carrying around a camera is inconvenient. However this little beauty will fit straight in the Nappy bag so its always on hand to capture top quality photos of those precious moment’s

  7. Mary Irwin Reply

    Hands free photos! Every one in the family can be captured in the memories!

  8. Leanne Baker Reply

    I love the instant social media upload feature, the convenience of easy sharing but with a much higher quality image has me hooked.
    Fantastic camera, amazing prize.

  9. Rachel Stribling Reply

    My son is 14 and looking to get into photography and this camera is perfect for him to start his adventure!

  10. Kat Smitheram Reply

    I love that it has quality DSLR features without being the size of a small dog!

  11. I love the fact you can instantly upload your photos to social media AFTER using the new Beauty Retouch ofcourse!

  12. Kristy Stark Reply

    It’s a camera that works!! Lol! Mine is broken. And I love the fact that I can share onto Facebook or instagram straight away!

  13. Joanne Everson Reply

    I love that it can be taken everywhere, that it has a retouch function and you can instantly upload to social media.

  14. Jessica Maund Reply

    I love that it has a beauty retouch feature, no one wants to look like a Zombie. And that you can share your perfectly retouched pictures so easily on Social Media.

  15. I love how small and compact it is, I usually don’t carry a camera around because of size, and having photos with great quality is even better.

  16. Michelle Fay Reply

    I don’t even own a camera so this one would mean everything to me, I’d feel extremely grateful and lucky to call it mine

  17. Rachel Barnett Reply

    I love the jump snap feature…I just hear my boys now yelling 1,2,3 JUMP. I love that with this feature we could take a family photo and not a family selfie 🙂

  18. Andrea Roberts Reply

    I would love to have an easy to carry around camera that still has DSLR features! Plus uploading photos is easier too!

  19. Ali Balding Reply

    I love that it is small and compact but with the features of a DSLR camera.

  20. Rebecca Sarah Smith Reply

    Easy uploads and ease of use plus clear pictures with 16mp is what we need for our family to catch treasured moments in the new year

  21. The kids are so much cuter than we are; better to just take their pictures, we think. But we really need to make an effort to get in the picture too. Therefore the most appealing feature to me on the Panasonic GX850 is the selfie functions!! I’ll never miss a fab selfie opportunity with my kiddos again.

  22. I love the fact it’s an easy “point and shoot” camera. When you’re a busy mum trying to take photos of amazing memories that appear in a blink of an eye, a normal bulky DSLR is so cumbersome. This camera is perfect!

  23. Great compact camera with dslr features perfect camera for all ages

  24. Cathy MacNamara Reply

    Panasonic GX850 Camera – small enough to have with you ready to capture any special moment. Awesome enough that the photo will be AMAZING!

  25. Susanna Martin Reply

    Instant upload feature and it’s not clunky to carry around – easy to take in the nappy bag. Being a single mummy, I can set it so it can take proper photos of me and my girl without looking like we did yet another selfie.

  26. Sarah Mills Reply

    I love the beauty feature!

    3 kids later I need all the help I can get to look semi human!

  27. Rachel Moncrieff Reply

    I love that I can use my advance DSLR skills and my husband (who k ones nothing about photography) can just pick it up and point and shoot

  28. I LOVE the compact size! I end up taking all of my photos with my phone because I hate logging around a huge camera, but this is the perfect size to take with me everywhere I go! Point and shoot is exactly what I need! And I like to take a lot of photos as I work in the digital scrapbooking industry, so no more phone photos 😀

  29. Kathy Clark Reply

    Would be terrific for my Cruise that i am taking my family on

  30. Donna Urquhart Reply

    I love that it’s Perfect for the beginner photographer and Perfect for all skill levels as you can use it whilstcstsrtung out but won’t need to upgrade

  31. Julie Reynolds Reply

    Love that this camera will fit in my handbag so I can have it on hand at all times.
    My mobile just doesn’t allow me to capture all the great memories…like my elf annoying my eldest son ..19 lol

  32. If you want a camera this is the one to own, takes great photos and compact enough to take anywhere!

  33. I dont have a camera other then phone so would be great to be able to have something nice and compact so it wont take up too much space that i can take where ever i go to catch the funny things my kids do

  34. Melissa McIntyre Reply

    Love a great compact camera I can take anywhere for great quality shots without the bulk.

  35. Larissa Andrews Reply

    Because it would be compact and perfect to take with me everywhere. I love creating memories and I also love capturing them.

  36. I had a Panasonic Lumix many years ago and it was the best camera I have ever owned so I bet this one will be 100x better 🙂

  37. I’d love to win the camera as I only have my phone to take photos on. Being compact and easy to use, I’d love to be able to take great pictures of the holidays me and my 5 year old son go on. He loves seeing the memories.

  38. It’s sad, but I don’t own a camera!! I only us the camera on my phone so this camera would be a dream come true!

  39. I would love this camera as sometimes my Phone camera isn’t always accurate.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  40. It would be an awesome little camera as a Mum with kids ur always taking pics and my phone gets a flogging so it would be nice to put pics this instead

  41. Colleen Sleer Reply

    This camera looks like it could improve my photography dramatically.

  42. I love that I’ll be able to instantly upload high quality images to my social media.

  43. Sweet, simple and lightweight. Easy for the mum on the go. My Canon 50D is awesome but hard to get out and ready. With that cheeky elf on the move so quickly i need an easy go to camera.

  44. Tammy Bigham Reply

    I love that it’s “point & shoot” but with amazing photo quality. Kids can use it, but so can I.

  45. Kim Turner Reply

    A camera for beginners, that you simply point and shoot and get high resolution quality photos – i need that!


    My Elf would long to hide on my shelf inbetween my disney cups

  47. I love the display screen can be flipped up do you can see even if your in the photo… SELFIE

  48. Carrie-Anne Reply

    I love that it is compact enough to take anywhere. Kids in tow it’s the little things that make the diffrrence

  49. Carley Schreuder Reply

    The Panasonic Gx850 looks super trendy and easy to use! I’m sure it can capture the most pecious pictures of my 2 little children as they grow up. I’d love treasure the memories!

  50. Nicole Gurney Reply

    Looks like a flash Camera new technology. Would be amazing to have great photos. Weather it’s up close or far away this would do the trick

  51. Amanda Bayley Reply

    I love the Panasonic GX850 camera because it is not my phone! Phones are for calling people right, photo taking should be done with an amazing camera. I love that it is easy to use especially for beginners and that it has the tilt screen thing… and it just looks gorgeous x

  52. Maria Coito-Correia Reply

    Love the retouch beauty feature making sure I alway look like a million buck even when Im not .

  53. Jessica McFadden Reply

    I love that anyone can use it. I love photography and my 6 yr old son has become a lover aswell. Exploring new places with this fantastic camera would be amazing. It’s compact and sturdy and will take great photos.

  54. I love the convenience of the size, I have an DSLR and they’re super bulky, the

    • Didn’t get to finish my comment!
      The ease of sharing to social media is such a convenient feature too, the amount of times I wish I could upload a photo from my DSLR, the Panasonic GX850 lets you, with such ease.

  55. The best feature of the Panasonic GX850 is ease of sharing to social media. In this world when our whole lives are documented on social media it is a great feature.

  56. I think it’s awesome you can upload your pics straight away to social media. Best bypass…

  57. Amy-lee Foley Reply

    I absolutely love photography. And this gorgeous little compact camera would be amazing to take along to the beach, family’s do’s and events.

  58. Laura Game Reply

    I like that is used friendly and simple yet packed with the modern features to get the best picture. The size is also a benefit as is not bulky. Good trusted brand

  59. Aimee McCloy Reply

    I love how compact this camera looks, excellent quality and easy to use!

  60. I love that it’s small and compact but still takes high quality pictures!

  61. I love that it’s so small and compact so it will fit in my handbag but offers such a high quality photo

  62. andie harrie Reply

    I love that GX850 has hand-free modes so I can take a shot
    like Face Shutter, Buddy Shutter and Jump Snap ready get set got!

  63. I’d love this camera for portability and amazing images. My folks are always wanting pics of their grandkids with this Panasonic camera we can send them a portrait of ALL of us AND its high quality!!

  64. Kim Campbell Reply

    The Beauty Retouch feature every photo I appear to be in I look horrible and ruin the photo so this feature is a must.

  65. Amanda Holland Reply

    I love the 180 degree tiltable screen! As a family we have been trying to take a funny family photo every year for my mum. Funny being that we dress up and create a scene/theme, this all come about when my mum asked for a nice family photo of us, so we created a crazy photo of us all and have it to her. We told her we would do a proper one but she loved that one better. So the tiltable screen would help us see what we are doing without having to go back and forth to see.

  66. Kylie Pickford Reply

    The impressive screen and the compactibility is what excites me about he GX850

  67. I love the ease of this amazing camera, the Panasonic app will make it so easy to upload all my photos to social media as soon as I snap them!

  68. The ease of the camera and the app that accompanies it would be so easy for me to share and upload all the crazy things my little circus get up to! Fingers crossed!

  69. Katie Desler Reply

    I have always had Panasonic cameras, they are exceptional quality, take amazing photos and are very user friendly, my current Panasonic camera is approximately 11 years old, it still takes great photos, I would love to pass this camera onto my daughter, a budding photographer and get myself an amazing upgrade! Panasonic is a brand seen throughout my home! Probably because my FIL was a Panasonic technician for over 30 years! Love Panasonic!

  70. High quality snaps, compact and socially savvy- what’s not to love?

  71. Compact for the handbag, great quality photos and the best bit is Mum can get in the photos using the hands free functions.

  72. I think this camera sounds amazing – nowadays with all the functionality of phone camera apps, the good old camera gets left behind but this camera makes that impossible to do. 180 degree tiltable screen would be so useful for those family shots – so rare we get all of us in there and we never remember the selfie stick – it’s just one more thing to carry. I would be v excited to see this camera in action.

  73. The most frustrating part of using my current camera is not being avbe to share a great shot right away. I have to wait until i am back in front of my laptop and download the photo and then upload to share….. how exciting it would be to be able to share a photo almost instantly! That is an awesome feature and definately top of my list of awesome features. I have to check this camera out!!

  74. Amy Marafioti Reply

    I love all the awesome features! Being compact is perfect as I like to take lots of photos out and about! A new camera would be the best Christmas present. I love to share photos straight away so use my phone but am then disappointed at the quality. It looks like lots of fun so would love to have a play

  75. Kim Tregea Reply

    It is a simple easy camera to operate.I love taking photos .I mainly use my phone to take photos as my camera is broken.

  76. Kristina S Reply

    Love the ‘Panasonic Image App’ instantly uploading pics to social media is a great idea 😉

  77. Taran Tate Reply

    It’s so compact! And with features like a beauty retouch and JUMP SNAP!! What’s not to love! Panasonic make such awesome quality products ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  78. Amy Johnson Reply

    Im forever taking pics on my phone. Would love to have an actual awesome camera to capture those moments

  79. A camera to capture my moments! I am a big believer in memories & love watching my boys grow in photos

  80. What better way to take pictures of my kids and family and who could forget capturing those mischievous elves!

  81. I think the GX850 would the ultimate opportunity to have a glamorous retro upgrade from my android phone

  82. Shelley Cilia Reply

    The tiltable screen means perfect family selfies every time and I may even get a smile out of the children!!

  83. Tammy Thornhill Reply

    I take pictures of my daughter Daily to Send to family overseas, it would be amazing to have a camera that takes clear pictures.

  84. You can bring it pretty much everywhere with you for high-quality shots on the go.

  85. Katherine Bamford Reply

    Created just for me…an uncoordinated, dorky beginner photographer! 🙂 With its foolproof functions, I may just become the professional photographer I’ve always believed I could be! I love the Panasonic Image App, it’ll allow me to upload some amazing photos instantly!

  86. It’s easy to use, not bulky and the images it takes are next level! The very clever Panasonic image app is soooooooo convenient, user friendly and ensures easy upload of those brilliant pics!!! Plus, beats taking pics my (very full) iPhone, hands down!!

  87. I am a photographer and am constantly frustrated that when I’m out and about I can’t take my big cannon camera with me and end up using my iPhone to capture memories of my kids and am always disappointed with the quality so winning the gx850 would be amazing and easy to take with me when I’m out and about

  88. Mick Gillies Reply

    Ease of use and easy upload feature would make it great to use without the headaches

  89. victoria mcquade Reply

    I love the compact design.
    I love that its small enough to carry in a handbag and still get Amazing Quality Photos
    I would love to win this Amazing little camera for christmas.

  90. Love photography and love our elf on the shelf THISELFINATOR. Both bring joy to our lives. Photos cause they are memories printed and the elf seeing my children’s faces each morning when they tell me where and what he’s doing

  91. I would love an easy to use compact camera. With 4 little ones on the go all the time I don’t have the room in my handbag for a big camera. I live that I can use an App to upload my photos too.
    Good luck to everyone

  92. Rebecca Howard Reply

    I’d use this to get snaps of my boys. As they’re growing rapidly and not wanting to stop for a photo by mum anymore, this would be great to have on hand being lightweight and easy to take anywhere to capture those moments I usually miss!

  93. Rebekah Ballingall Reply

    I love that this camera is compact and light weight so even my toddler can use it with confidence and ease

  94. I love that I can leave the phone behind and take this brilliant camera on our adventures. Compact, light and the whole family can use it.

  95. Lara McCombie Reply

    I love the fact that it isn’t a phone. I do all my photos with a phone at the moment and a camera would be amazing especially one as light weight and compact as this one.

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