If you’ve ever felt the need to dress your washing machine up in a lacey negligee, good news. Now you can!

AliExpress has fulfilled your washing machine dress dreams and is selling an assortment of frilly frocks for your front and top loader.

Yep. These washing machine dresses are ideal for dressing up your laundry. Pair with a cute heel and your washing machine will be the most gorgeous top loader on the block.

Washing machine dress
When your washing machine dresses like nana. Image: AliExpress

2020: The year of face masks and washing machine dresses

I know what you’re thinking. This is a big joke, right? But, alas, it’s not! This is an actual decorating trend, most likely stemming from the 70s and making its grand return in 2020.

Because this year isn’t already weird enough.

washing machine dress
Source: AliExpress

The point of these gowns? To disguise the ugliness of the appliance. And we thought using contact paper to cover your washer was bad…

A little bit of lace for your laundry

Retailer AliExpress describes these lace and chiffon coverings as a “lace dustproof protector” and a “lace waterproof sunscreen washing machine cover” (uh sunscreen??). But let’s not sugar coat it. It’s a nightie. A lace nightie. For your washing machine.

washing machine gowns
Source: AliExpress

Internet reacts accordingly

As expected, when photos of the washing machine dresses hit social media, people had A LOT to say.

“Looks like the washer is wearing a negligee!” said one. RIGHT!!!

Another joked: “I imagine when the machine hits the spin cycle, it would look like it’s doing a shimmy in that frock!”

“These look like something my granny would’ve loved so I’d get one just for nostalgia sake,” added another.

Whatever shall my washer wear?

There are all different colours and patterns to choose from too and to match all your laundry decor needs. A pastel blue, a racy maroon, a spicy pink… And starting at just $14 too.

However, will you choose?

Washing machine dresses
Source: AliExpress

Attire for ALL the appliances

We can see this weirdo trend catching on, can’t you? Dishwasher dresses, fridge frocks, vacuum gowns. There’s no limit, really.

In fact, in our quest to find appliance nightgowns we actually came across a microwave option too. Ooh la la. What will they think of next?

washing machine dress
Microwave dresses are a thing too! Source: AliExpress

What to read next

Once you’ve finished frocking up your front loader, have a look at this frilly delivery room decor trend. It’s quite the sight to be seen, we promise!


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