Buttons, bows, satin, lace and so many ruffles! No, it’s not your 80s prom come back to haunt you in your sleep. It’s the latest after birth attire, and, holy heck, it’s certainly one way to make a statement in the delivery room.

That’s right. Delivery room decor is now a thing and it’s as OTT as you’d expect. We’re talking serious matchy-matchy goals right here.


The most dolled up delivery in the history of deliveries 

It’s all thanks to the unique services of US designer, Ruffles ‘n Buttons which specialises in custom-made after-birth attire for you, your baby and your birthing bed.

You can now deck your darling and yourself out in the latest Spotlight fabric specials. A satin robe for you, a ruffled-up outfit for bub, and, of course, matching pillows and bedsheets to doll up the drabby hospital bed.

You can even get personalised blankets to announce the name of your new arrival. And in any theme tickles your fancy –  jungle, rainbow, even cacti.




Oh so many ruffles!

This, ladies and gents, is what delivery room decor looks like. And, welp, it’s definitely a giant step away from the traditional after-birth tracky dacks that I opted for.

No ruffles, no feathers, no lace. Nup. Just me, my mesh undies, my messy bun and my newborn wrapped in one of those classic striped hospital blankets. But hey, it’s birth. It’s raw, it’s messy, it’s beautiful.

But, as lovely as the memories were, the photos, weren’t. And what mum doesn’t want a beautiful first-photo/after-birth pic to commemorate the occasion and share on social media? #Allthemums! 



Dressed to impress

Ruffles ‘n Buttons may be on to something here with their dolled-up delivery room decor. What better way to hide the fact that you’re puffy from giving birth than by disguising it under the PUFFIEST fabric you could possibly find?

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When are you due? Is your Ruffles&Buttons in your hospital bag yet?! Make sure you’re ready to show off your new little bundle to the world with a Ruffles&Buttons custom designed hospital set! Custom designed by me per order so any theme, color scheme ect is an option. Order as many or few pieces as desired for your bundle. Swaddle sets, Baby sets (gown, pant, romper, shortall ect), robe, night gown or pjs for momma, bedding for the hospital bed, rug, poster, diaper bags and much more are available to order. Message me to get your design started today!! #rufflesnbuttonscustomdesign #hospitalbag #preggo #preggobelly #momgoals #babyfever #babygirl #babyboy #newbornphotoshoot #genderreveal #deliveryroom #overthetop #eventdecor #themainevent #babyfever #babybump #20weekspregnant #babyshowertime

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Sure, some of the outfits are extra AF, but, you could always dress it down a bit. A personalised blanket, a matching gown, and a newborn blanket, perhaps?

What do we think ladies? Is the delivery room decor something you would consider? Or would you prefer to stick to the striped hospital blanket to mark the occasion?

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