Watch What Happens When Kids Thank Their Teachers

When a group of teachers were brought together (with a camera crew), they thought that they’d be discussing the challenges that they face.

What happened next was more than a surprise!

Grab a box of tissues. Seriously. You’ll need it. Okay, so you’ve got the tissues ready. Now we can get into this powerful video from SoulPancake.

We all know that teachers face challenges every day. It’s not exactly breaking news that working with children can be stressful—to say the least. So, why do teachers do it?

For many of them, the answer is that they want to make a difference. That said, it’s easy to get stuck seeing the obstacles and miss the true impact on the students. These teachers work long hours, often spending more time with their students than their own families, sometimes with seemingly very little reward.

While the teachers are talking about what they face every day, they get a surprise. Their students are there, telling them how they’ve changed their lives. With heartfelt letters, the students share how these teachers have done much more than just help them to learn a few lessons.

Yes, these teachers have “taught” these students. At the same time, they’ve also helped them to grow as people. With tears, the teachers listen to their students. Yep, here’s where you may need to grab your tissues. If you’re moved by this clip (which you will be), you aren’t alone. With amore than 16 million views, this video has shown mums, dads, grandparents, children and anyone else just how special teachers are. One viewer commented (on Facebook), “Having left the classroom a few years ago, this still brings a lump to my throat.” He goes on to write, “I still hear from former students, some in high school, some married with grown children of their own. I think the greatest reward a teacher can receive is to have a current or former student tell them they made a difference in their lives.”

Go ahead, and watch the video. And then, remind your children to thank their teachers. They may not like the exams or the homework, but they do appreciate the attention, caring and kindness—even if they don’t realise it right now.

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