One of the cool things about working at Mum Central is getting our hands on all the latest products.

We’ve reviewed sensational sound systems, underwear, shapewear and activewear, boxes of delicious flavoured popcorn and even ALDI’s pinot noir. Y’know all the important stuff for mums.

But you know what else is, sadly, really important to many mums? Cleaning products. So we’ve done our fair share of those reviews too.

Last year we reviewed the BISSELL Bolt Ion cordless vacuum … and that’s when everyone learnt just how much I hate vacuuming. Of course, having a super-cool unit took the edge off the sheer dreariness of it all. Although not completely.

But the universe seems hell-bent on curing me of my complete contempt of housework by sending me the latest in fandangled cleaning apparatus.

Hello BISSELL Bolt Ion Lift-Off!

So this unit looks the business. I hate to say it but… I actually WANTED to give it a go. So I made myself a coffee and took a break until the feeling passed and then called my husband Mark inside.

“Look what I just got” I announced with a sweeping gesture I learnt from years of watching Wheel of Fortune. And I let the cha cha lime* do its magic.

Marriage TIP: having high-tech gadgets in the household will almost guarantee chore buy-in by the spouse.

“Is this the same as the other vacuum cleaner? It looks different. Better.” he says. And I knew I had him.

He’s sort of right. Except it’s not so much better as just different.

BOLT ION LIFT-OFF combines the best of a powerful, upright vacuum and a lightweight, portable cordless vacuum. It’s the detachable canister which sets this unit apart from the rest though. The Lift-Off® Technology™, makes it super easy to clean stairs, furniture, cars and never touched hard-to-reach areas.

And to prove both my points [ie my marriage tip and the hard to reach places] Mark IMMEDIATELY set to work.

“This will be perfect on the stairs!” He says, quickly working out how to detach the barrel from the unit and attaching the brush accessory. We’ve got gorgeous dark timber trimmings throughout the house and dusting the stairs is a nightmare. But look at hubby go!

There is something wildly attractive about seeing your man vacuuming the house isn’t there?

After he did the WHOLE staircase [swoon!] he started thinking about where else he could use his our new gadget. I know you know where we’re heading… the car.

I regret now, not recording him vacuuming the car because his enthusiasm was hilarious. “How good is this hon? Look how easily I can reach the corners! And the suction is really good. This is awesome.”

The detachable barrel in the BISSELL Bolt Ion Lift Off means you can take it on the go meaning it’s not cumbersome and there’s no need for plug in power given the battery pack will give you 45 minutes of solid vacuuming! What a winner!

Key Features:

  • Lithium-Ion Battery delivers up to 45 minutes run time from a single charge
  • Lift Off® Canister – get to stairs, corners or even your car with ease
  • Multi-Surface cleaning – brush and power controls
  • Includes swivel steering for easy navigation around furniture
  • Super quick 2 hr battery charge
  • Light weight – only 5kg
  • Quick release hose and wand
  • Dual cyclone technology
  • Washable pre-motor filter
  • Removable battery with separate charger

Swivel steering makes quick cleanups [my favourite kind] so easy with amazing navigation around furniture and in tight corners. But even though quick cleanups are a necessary evil of family life, so too are high traffic areas requiring more than a ‘run-over’. We have a tiled family space which this unit makes light work of but we also have two boys who live life hard in the carpeted areas. The Power Mode switch easily took the unit from a light cleaner to a high-powered vacuum cleaner which left my carpets and rugs pretty-much spotless. The PowerBrush really helps to pick up all the debris and watching it whirl around in the dirt container is sadly satisfying.

It has the same incredibly convenient flat-drop position that we loved in the BISSELL Bolt Ion cordless vacuum so we can get right under furniture with ease and it’s slim profile means easy and compact storage in the broom cupboard. #win

I also love how light it is. I’m sure this contributes to the manoeuvrability but it also means taking it up the stairs is not a cumbersome proposition.

The battery life of up to 45 minutes is really impressive. We’ve only charged it once so far and have done a stack of sucking in between. The quick-release hose and wand offer extendable cleaning without the hassle. Emptying it is a breeze too!

*model pictured is in ‘cha cha lime’

In the time that I’ve had it at home, I’ve hardly used it myself. Mark has put it through its paces and my boys have vacuumed the floors at least twice each over the weekend. Those results are just insane right?

The Bissell Bolt Ion Lift Off is RRP $499 and is available at selected Harvey Norman, Joyce Mayne, Domayne  and selected Betta Electrical stores

DIVIDERMums-Choice-Logo-250So there you have it! Everyone from hubby through to the kids loved the BISSELL Bolt Ion Lift Off!

They’ve certainly earned themselves our Mum’s Choice Thumbs Up Award!  



Thanks to our friends at BISSELL, one lucky reader will get their hands on their very own BISSELL Bolt Ion Lift Off, RRP $499.

Simply complete the entry form below, comment on the blog as per the instructions and you’re in the running to win!


Win a BISSELL Bolt Ion Lift Off Vacuum Valued at $499



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  1. rachel sinclair Reply

    this would be amazing, between the animals and all my kids im constantly battling a war against crumbs!

  2. This would make life easier for when the kids decide to run through the house with muddy football boots on!!!!

  3. Heather Hopley Reply

    Do I dare dream of having a machine that don’t make vacuuming a painful (literally as i have back problems) task? To be able to effectively clean my carpets with ease, thanks to Bissell, would be a dream come true.

  4. Ingrid Hirvonen-Burgess Reply

    I’d love a vacuum that works well and doesn’t constantly fall apart while using it.

  5. Julianne Samandari Reply

    I am in desperate need of a new vacuum. I have recently had major surgery and my current vacuum is too heavy for me to even lift in and out of the cupboard.

  6. Love to win this CORDLESS vac! I can’t be bothered plugging it in every time! This would be quick, easy and portable to use each time !

  7. Paula Harris Reply

    It’s like a cyclone in my house….2 teens, a toddler and 2 cats – I need some

  8. I would LOVE to win this Vacuum for my partner son and My first home we are about to move into! We have spent the pass 3yrs living with my inlaws while saving for our 1st home and we are yet to buy a vacuum, so this would be perfect for our little dream home! Goodluck everyone 🙂

  9. don’t have a vacuum & I need 1 to do the rug in the lounge room also to do our car

  10. Dianne Childs Reply

    I’d love to win the Bissell Bolt Ion Lift Off because it’s super-effective and would cut my vacuuming time in half!

  11. With hardfloors throughout, a smaller vacuum (that also takes up less space) is the perfect fit in this household

  12. Carol Mason Reply

    No tripping over the cord,powerful suction & looks light & easy to use sounds pretty good for this old bird!

  13. Would make vacuuming easy and quick , not having to lug around a heavy vacuum and be able to clean those hard to reach places.

  14. wow, it sounds fabulous, especially with all the dirt that blows into the apartment across the harbour. thanks mum central and bissell hope I’m the lucky winner!

  15. Jenny Woods Reply

    Would love to win the Bissell Bolt Ion vacuum cleaner because my current one is so heavy & cumbersome & the new powerful, upright vacuum that is lightweight, portable & cordless would be wonderful to use.

  16. Cecilia Warrick Reply

    Having back and neck problems I would love something light to use, my current one is difficult to lug up and down staircases.

  17. Helen Hamilton Reply

    I would love to win this as being in a wheelchair with very weak wrists it sounds like a might be able to use it, to help out a little more around the house.

  18. Amanda Nawer Reply

    Could really Bissell around after the kids endlessly and no excuse as its cordless

  19. To clean my home from top to bottom with less bending and stretching, the first time around.

  20. Brianna Taylor Reply

    My poor old Hoover Ive had since we first moved into our home is sadly not doing a great job anymore…Its time for a replacement!

  21. I don’t own a vacuum it was broken when i moved 1 year ago and since then i have been getting down on my hands and knees with a dust pan and brush. My back is stuffed. So having this vacuum would seriously change my life in a massive way. I would finally be able to clean my carpets properly

  22. Being pregnant with my second I am really attracted to the light weight feature. I also love that it can get the hard to reach areas easily, maybe i could actually clean those “never touched” areas lol.

  23. Would make life easier by not having to continually needing to change powerpoints just to get the whole house vacumed

  24. This would be handy for all the messes my daughter makes from food to arts and crafts and just maybe get rid of the glitter once and for all

  25. such a much easier way to perform what for me is usually a back breaking and painful chore

  26. Sarah McKenzie Reply

    With a cat, 2 kids under 6 and a gardener living in the house, I need to vacuum every single day! This vacuum looks amazing and like it would be fun to use!!

  27. No cords that won’t reach where I want to go….Bissell bliss!

  28. I would LOVE a Bissell Bolt Ion Lift Off! My old Electrolux was originally owned by my Grandma and is a bit of a Frankenstein nowadays with parts from different vacuum cleaners taped onto it to keep it going!

  29. Xzavia Green Reply

    No cord!!! I can’t even get past the other awesome features. Geez my hubby would be happy as I’d actually clean my car hahahaaa.
    Life would be that bit easier 🙂

  30. I like that the Bissell Bolt Ion Lift off is so lightweight, has a lift off canister and has such a long battery life. Definitely convenient for cleaning up after two little ones!

  31. Sarah Belcher Reply

    I love your blog and if love to win the vacuum as its such a chore but you and your hubby make it sound so much easier and quicker with the Bissel Bolt Iron Lift!

  32. Diane Heriot Reply

    With a new vacuum cleaner I could vacuum on the stairs, downstairs and upstairs too and it will actually look cleaner, pick up everything yahoo!

  33. The Bissell Bolt Ion Lift Off! would make my life so much easier, my current vacuum “suckless” (as its known) needs replacing and having a new light weight vacuum may get the kids interested in doing my vacuuming (here’s hoping)

  34. Sarah Kennedy Reply

    My hubby and I would LOVE to win this Bissell Vacuum! We sadly have half a vac taped onto another half a vac, which is pretty much in survival mode. I don’t know how long it can hold on, with three small kids who seem to think the floor is where most everything goes, from crumbled shapes to collected sand plies, our dear old vaccy is getting pretty choky and spluttery now! Please, put vaccy to rest in a peaceful retirement, not a harsh overworked death! Let new swanky Bissell become a new and loved member of our family! Think of vaccy! 😉

  35. Juanita Thorn Reply

    My major PLUS is that this vacuum does not have a cord ….every single time I do the vacuuming at home….I pull chairs over, or the cord gets caught around something or I just pull too far and the cord comes out completely and the vacuum shuts off – very annoying when you have a chronically sore back and are trying to get the job done quickly.

  36. humptydumpedme Reply

    I’d really love to own one of these awesome vacuums because I have three cats and three dogs plus 4 kids and two grandsons living in my house and a lot of cleaning but my old vacuum doesn’t do much and it’s missing a wheel plus I have a peg on the cord to prevent it from retracting

  37. Keri Smith Reply

    I have a bad back so a vacuum like this would really make my life so much easier

  38. This would be great to use quick and easy to use definately need it with three kids and a dog

  39. Suzanne Blommaert-Botha Reply

    My Henry Vacuum Cleaner is just under 12 years old and is ready to retire. We have got a very small house and even though the Henry has been a good old faithful friend, he needs his rest and was just too big for our small house. The Bissell Vacuum looks like he would be the perfect addition to our large family in our small house.

  40. Karina Lee Reply

    I need a vacuum cleaner that sucks…literally. There’s too much hair on our carpet and our current vacuum cleaner isn’t powerful enough to suck them all up!

  41. Gervase Dsylva Reply

    Any vacuum that makes vacuuming easier is a winner in my opinion.

  42. Nicole Strachan Reply

    I would love something that makes vacuuming stairs easier.

  43. Be great to have a quality brand named vacuum that actually sucks the dirt and cleans the carpet. Would also be really beneficial for my allergy prone son.

  44. Being cordless I could actually get to more places in my house, not to mention actually clean out my car!!!!! With my 2 year old, husband and dog all about the house, I’m sure having this vacuum cleaner would help keep my house and car cleaner and fresher. Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  45. Trish Leonard Reply

    I loathe vacuuming because my vacuum is so heavy and I hate bending down to move the plug from room to room. I suffer from a nurses back, so this light, cordless Bissell Bolt would make cleaning much easier.

  46. Leonie Walker-Rackebrandt Reply

    I would love to try one as I have 5 kids that are always bringing dirt into the house and it’s hard to get around some of the furniture with a big vacuum and always having to change the plugs

  47. Lyndsey Brown Reply

    I would love to have one as living on a cattle station with kids my house and vehicles are constantly full of dust, this would make cleaning so much easier on me!

  48. Traci Hampson Reply

    Our vac is on its last legs… 10 years old and struggles to lift the dust anymore. It’s a pure workout for our backs! We would love this gorgeous vac, to save our backs and give us more time to spend together 🙂

  49. 78DaysofSummer Reply

    living in a highset home with 15 steps up and down a lightweight vac as this would be fantastic as with it being cordless!

  50. I would love to say GOODBYE to my bashed up, tapped up, low suctioned Wertheim 4808 and say HELLO to an amazing lightweight, cordless, powerful suction BISSELL Bolt Ion Lift Off Vacuum! How my life would become so much easier to clean up after 2 messy toddlers, 2 dogs and a partner. Powerful to suck up anything they throw at me, fuss free!!

  51. Julesybaby Reply

    For those of us who aren’t so vain this is the kind of bolt ons we really want!

  52. Maree Gray Reply

    Love that there is no cord – this will make cleaning our cars a breeze!

  53. TanyaCrerar Reply

    I should vacc three times a day but as it’s such a chore I’m lucky to do it three times a week. With the Bissell Bolt Ion Lift Off my floors would always be clean.

  54. I’d love to have a vacuum that really sucks, so when I ask my teenage daughters to vacuum and they say “this sucks” I can answer with “It does really, really well!”

  55. Lara Haynes Stewart Reply

    I need this i love how there is no cord makes life so much easier, & all rooms are carpeted so this would be great

  56. Jennifer B. Reply

    Need something small, strong and effective to clean all that dog hair in my wee little flat… The Bissell Bolt replaces my dead vac and beautifully solves all that!!!

  57. Ketrina N Paul Stowers Reply

    Def need one of these, no cords and no more 9mth old crawling around chasing the vacuum cords :). Would be great for our tiles and wooden floors.

  58. Eamond Tomaszewski Reply

    we have recently moved into a place with white carpet and 2 kids a dog and a cat please please please

  59. Melinda Bolitho Reply

    Being a Mum isn’t always fun!
    It’s messy & dirty and living life on the run
    Super quick cleaning makes life easy (fo shizzle 😉
    Sweeping’s a bore when you’ve got Bissell!
    Even my husband will take one look and be sold!
    Lugging around a heavy machine is a thing of the past – 5kg is half of my 18th old!
    Lift off is a revolution, a 2-in-1 powerful cleaning solution!

  60. My goal this year is to level up my parenting game and make my kids do all the vacuuming! I reckon I might just manage it with this nifty looking gadget. It’s light enough that even my smallest child can use it!

  61. Kate Slack Reply

    My current cordless is dying a slow death it has been quite good but never really lived up to my expectations (I only got about 10 mins out of it every time I fully charged it). The Bissell Bolt Ion sounds like the best thing ever and if it gets the family involved in cleaning it must be!

  62. Helga Grenkowitz Reply

    I always trip over the cable; and I have to plug in and unplug the cable for every room I want to clean. I currently have a barrel vacuum cleaner. I would love to own the BISSELL Bolt Ion Lift-Off because it is an upright model; so I don’t have to bend over all the time; especially if you have back problems.

  63. Two words can sum everything up: ‘children’, and ‘time’. I think everyone already understands the rest!

  64. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    I have two daughters with long hair and a hairy pet . Our Aldi vacuum cleaner is very noisy and my kids hate me to use it. This latest revolutionary BISSELL VACUUM has perfect solution for everyone. It is a great prize to make my house healthier and happier.

  65. This would be perfect to clean up those everyday messes my six youngsters make instead of dragging out the big vacuum. Exactly what I need for the car too, such a mission vacuuming the car at the moment. The Bissell Bolt Ion lift off would be my everyday life & sanity saver…

  66. 2 kids, 1 long haired dachshund and a cement quarry 1km away is a recipe for a dusty and dirty house! My 15 year old vacuum cleaner is struggling to cope 🙁

  67. Kate Zwiersen Reply

    My Dyson has just broken after a few years 🙁 I would love to try the Bissell and see if it can keep up with the crumbs my 4yo and 5yo make!

  68. Liz Padlan Reply

    I’d love to win this with 3 females with long long hair in the house as well as 2 cats (1 long haired Persian), we need an excellent vacuum cleaner that can handle the job!!!

  69. Kim Kilgour Reply

    Cords on vacuum cleaners are never long enough & with 2, nearly three young children, a dog & a cat, things can get quite tangled, I would love to be able to reduce some of my daily stress by owning a Bissell Bolt Ion Lift Off Vacuum!!!

  70. My current vacuum is a hole in the wall, 13 years old and has hardly any suction at all! The hose is so long and always gets kinks in it, the vacuum head is falling to bits! I desperately need a new helper around the house, something that’s powerful and quiet like a mouse. The Bissell bolt ion lift off is the I need in my life, this little beauty will help with my strife ☺️☺️☺️

  71. I dont think mine picks up the dirt anymore. It has lost some suction and I can feel dirt stil under foot. A new vacuum would be heaven to my carpets and me.

  72. Lynne Lillington Reply

    It’s lightweight which is perfect for me, It’s cordless so I can reach spaces with ease.

  73. Dawn Taylor Reply

    My husband has to do all the housework now, a good vacuum would make things easier for him.

  74. Call me crazy, but I love vacuuming, truly! And lucky for me, I have 4 little ones and one big one (ha,ha!) that create lots of mess inside the house and car for me to vac up. I would love, love, love the Bissell Bolt and winning this would mean that I could finally end my relationship with my current, underperforming vacuum cleaner!

  75. Lara Hainsworth Reply

    This bad boy looks like a sucking machine. Living on a busy main road my house gets full of dust and the dog just loves to leave me surprise hair tumble weeds – this is why I’m in desperate need of a Bissell Bolt Ion Lift Off.

  76. Get rid of kitty’s hair completely and leave a clean carpet for kids to play on. So a vacuum with strong suction is very important to me.

  77. domandlauren Reply

    I need to fall in love with vacuuming cause I really don’t do it enough! I hope a shiny machine would make me vacuum more often!

  78. Nicole Woods Reply

    Surely this is a trick question…? What’s not to want?! The portability, lightweight body and ability to get into all those pesky nooks and crannies. Sounds like heaven to me.

  79. Michelle Halusko Tsimouris Reply

    Hassle- free, cordless & gutsy enough to do even the dirtiest of jobs. I’m sold!

  80. Light weight cordless its that impressive you won’t be able to get it out of my hands

  81. i hate vacuuming because the vacuums never do what i buy them for i have had 4 vacuums in 3 years.


  83. Julie Hodsman Reply

    Our current vacuum is quite heavy. Would love something lighter.

  84. Emma Myers Reply

    A new vac is always good. I’ve got 2 cats 2 dogs 2 kids and a husband….. Hence a good vacuum is essential

  85. Samantha Hanton Reply

    We’ve just moved cross country into a home across two levels COVERED in cream carpet! I need all the help I can get…and my ten year old Dyson just isn’t cutting through the fluff!

  86. Katherine Bamford Reply

    Oh my, living in a home with more exciting things to do than continuously cleaning, the ease of the Bissell Bolt Ion would mean the kids and I can enjoy the fun of the holidays…and probably take it in turns vacuuming the floors 😉

  87. Michelle Green Reply

    I’ve got 3 cats, 2 dogs, 2 teenagers, 1 12yo and a tradie for a husband. It’s fair to say my floors are in need of constant vacuuming. Would love a vacuum that’s easy to zip around the house with on a daily basis so its not such a massive task that I dread. I love the portability, suction power and ease of use of the Bissel Bolt Ion Lift Off.

  88. Emma Bournes Reply

    We just cant afford a “GOOD VACUUM” so the cheap and crapy ones we go through a far bit for the time we have them. I use to love to vacuum untill our really good 1 blow up now i hate doing it, with a growing family this is a MUST in my house hold.

  89. Connie Christensen Reply

    i have a few injuries id love a lightweight vacuume to make things a bit easier

  90. WE have a very heavy bulky vacuum we bought 6 years ago and this appears to be a very welcome change

  91. Dayna Rowe Reply

    Our current vacuum cleaner is broken and I have been borrowing one from my mum. This Bissell Bolt Ion looks perfect for our needs as we have 2 young boys and a dog and are constantly haven’t to tidy up after them. We need a simple solution and this looks to be it!

  92. If it means my master 4 will love using it yippee I really hate vacuuming myself and dragging a heavy machine around and the cord getting tangled makes me like it even less

  93. Debrah Bassett Reply

    this looks great i want a vac that is light weight and easy to carry would lie to try it

  94. Kat Rogers Reply

    we have a second hand Vacume that really has no suction, living in remote NT where it is really dusty this amazing BISSELL Bolt Ion Lift Off would certainly be a welcome addition to the family

  95. Karen McKinnon Reply

    I would love to win this for the beach house… cleaning the carpet there is a nightmare so this would be a absolute dream.

  96. Kara Healey Reply

    I really need a cordless vacuum as my baby is crawling around everywhere now so it’s really hard to clean around her and her older brother! Plus hoping this vacuum might inspire my hubby too!

  97. antoniaodwyer Reply

    At my age with a tribe of grandchildren I need a cordless vacuum that is lighter and easier to use.

  98. I’d love this as I have a really bad back & a child with asthma. Add 3 beautiful cats and I really need a power head

  99. Belinda Smith Reply

    I didn’t realise how much I needed a cordless vac until I had a baby! Now she’s an active toddler, the Bissell Bolt Ion Lift Off would be a godsend for all the mess she makes!!

  100. If this machine could convince my husband’s ‘Ion’-clad grip to let go of his iPhone and help him ‘Lift-off’ the couch and help with chores, I’ll ‘Bolt’ to the shops and buy 2 of them!

  101. Michelle Hay-Chapman Reply

    This would make cleaning a breeze especially vaccuming the car out after a day at the beach where most of it comes home with you

  102. Cindy Nickels Reply

    Sounds and looks so much easier than the ten-tonne Tess of a vac I currently use!

  103. I would love a BISSELL Bolt, it sounds like a Superhero who will get you floors clean quick smart!

  104. Jude Little Reply

    With two very messy girls and little time to clean, I would love the Bissell Bolt because it would get the job done and leave time for, well, other types of cleaning :). And then time with the girls.

  105. Natasha Page Reply

    This would be perfect for a quick clean up after the kids. And especially for the car! Sounds Amazing!

  106. I would love to win this for quick frequent vacuuming with a baby who likes to pick up every little thing we need our floor to be super clean all the time

  107. Kristy Winters Reply

    Cleaning up,after four kids is hectic with this they would want to help,clean up as well…..wouldn’t they ????

  108. Vanessa Maguire Reply

    I want to win the bissell lift off because it’s functionality will be perfect for my very small unit, and again next year when we have a bigger house.

  109. Linda Hynson Reply

    how awesome for the cars at home-lightweight and great power!!

  110. I’d like to win the BISSELL Bolt Ion Lift Off Vacuum to replace my non working vacuum and this would be great to encourage my kids to clean their own rooms. I’d also love being able to vacuum the car without having to find an extension cord long enough to reach.

  111. Isabelle Hershman Reply

    That’s one vacuum that hubby wouldn’t need to go to the dog house for!!

  112. I’d love to be able to just whizz around the house & get the job done quickly without having to worry about where the nearest power point is, if the cord will reach & tripping over the cord

  113. having 2 messy 4 and 5 year olds this would be perfect to spot clean as the messes happen

  114. Alicia Green Reply

    Because my current one is 11 years old and i have 2 dogs and a baby to look after there is lots of mess!

  115. I would love a Bissell Bolt Ion Lift Off! Without a driveway on our property, it’s a real nightmare running extension leads onto the street to vacuum the car!

  116. . how great, small enough to take anywhere and powerful to do the job, just what ive been waiting for

  117. Adele Brown Reply

    Anything which makes a mum’s life easier is always a guaranteed hit.

  118. Rebecca Foster Reply

    This great vacuum cleaner would be perfect for my back, no more back pain. Of course it would clean like a dream too.

  119. I would love to win the Bissell Bolt Ion LIft Off because it has so many wonderful features & my old clunky vac just makes life difficult.

  120. Scott Crumlin Reply

    FREE TO MOVE. No hassle with ANNOYING cords! POWERFUL suction that gets the job done!!!

  121. Charlie Harrison Reply

    Oh boy these look amazing, they have covered everything in this design. Light, portable, and easy on the back.

  122. If my cars are clean, I am sooooo happy. I need clean carpets, and dash vents etc, so a good vacumm is a must.

  123. Kodie McMullen Reply

    My current vacuum is so heavy and has a short cord, would love something light and quick to move around

  124. Nikki Cashion Reply

    would love a lightweight vacuum due to having Sweets Syndrome mine is so heavy to cart around.

  125. Jody Smith Reply

    The Bissell Bolt would fit in with my family and perfectly in our small flat. It looks fun,
    encouraging even my husband to pick it up an give it a whirl.

  126. Would love to be able vacuum with ease without cords getting in the way & light enough for me with a walking disability to be able use

  127. I have soooo many kids (okay so five, but it often seems like more), vacuuming being easier would help!

  128. Lauren Ciantar Reply

    I would love a Bissell because my vacuum cleaner is making strange noises and I think it is trying to tell me something!

  129. Robyn Smithwick Reply

    I have 3 Bissell carpet sweepers in the house and they are fabulous for between vacuums! However my dear old Jag vac is making very weird moans and groans and is ready to go to vac heaven! I would love this Bissell vac as hubby might give me a hand like Mark does!

  130. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Win a Bissell Vacuum is going to make my cleaning job much easier and happier.

  131. Barbara Fehmel Reply

    I have an Angora Rabbit who thinks she should live inside the house, her fur sheds everywhere I can see it floating, even onto the artificial flowers in the lounge. When I brush her [daily] I have to wear a mask. This Vacuum would be marvellous for cleaning chairs, flowers, velvet curtains and everything. Liked, shared and commented.

  132. i would be able to clean up properly after my 3 kids have gone wild 🙂

  133. Karen Thornby Reply

    I hate vacuuming. Every time I vacuum I turn around and the kids have messed it up again. My vacuum works really well, but is heavy, doesn’t move around easily and constantly either rolling over or the hose twists itself. And it wasn’t cheap! Which is why I would like to win the Bissell Bolt Ion Lift Off. Any vacuum that makes vacuuming easier sounds like a great to me!

  134. Vanessa Ahern Reply

    I would love to win the BISSELL Bolt Ion Lift-Off as I am tired of chipping paint off my walls in our small villa while dragging around my heavy vacuum which constantly knocks into the walls as I go around corners.

  135. My current cleaner is too heavy, the HEPA filter inconviently clogs up quickly, and I have to trail the cord around. I would love a cordless one which cleans in tiny tight areas and is also suitable for use in cleaning motor vehicles of any style.

  136. My cheapo vacuum is holding together with sticky tape, and with pets and tiny kids I think I need something a little better

  137. I have been told some fabulous things about this vacuum and I would love to see if they are true! I am really needing a more portable vacuum cleaner?

  138. Nicole Williams Reply

    This would be so much easier to use, would love to try it

  139. Sarah Phillips Reply

    I’d love to win this vacuum, maybe then I’d clean our staircase on a regular basis. It’s so awkward to clean with our current vacuum – so I just don’t. A Bissell Bolt Ion Lift Off would make it so much easier to maintain.

  140. Margaret Ann Davies Reply

    Hi What a awesome vacuum cleaner, I would love to win this. This vacuum cleaner has so much going for it, it would be so easy to use being light weigh, easy to keep clean & does everything and that just mentioning a few great things. who would not love it I know my hubby would lol 🙂

  141. This would make life easier to vaccum my stairs, they up and around and I find my traditional vacuum quite dangerous using it on the stairs- i could see it falling one day

  142. Lucia Saal Reply

    I would love this to vacuum the stairs. I’m always dragging my upright on the steps and it fall, I fall, and I can’t get to the edges. This would be perfect! Thanks for the opportunity

  143. viviennedobin Reply

    I’d love to win the BISSELL Bolt Ion Lift-Off vacuum cleaner as it sounds so awesome it should help me the dreaded dog hair. I have to vacuum every 3 days to keep my carpets free of dog hair, not a very pleasant task currently but with the Bissell it sounds like all vacuuming would be a breeze.

  144. Mary Gunawan Reply

    Cleaning the stairs will be a breeze, my old Hoover makes me sneeze. No more plugging and unplugging to manoeuvre around each room. Being so light it will be easy on my back.

  145. I’m a lean mean cleaning machine, unfortunately I have yet to discover a vacuum cleaner to keep up with me, my family members call me the “The Cleaner” and “The Dust Terminator” but unfortunately “The Hoover-icer”, I have broken so many vacuum cleaner… worked them to death… Could this be my match?

  146. i have to fight to get my vacuum in and out of the cupboard it’s so heavy i pull it along it bangs into everything,the stress to get it in and out everyday i feel like i’ve fought rounds with Muhammad ali!but my son has allergies so vacuuming everyday is a must. the bissell being light weight , so easy to manouver i can get under the furniture in a jiffy!No more fighting with hoover,and no more bags that are wiffy!

  147. My current cleaner is so old it hardly cleans at all and this one sounds fantastic

  148. Julie Hearn Reply

    I have a wrought iron spiral staircase up to a loft. Anything that makes it easier to get up there would be awesome.
    The kids live up there & it gets grotty because it’s so hard to get up there with our vacuum cleaner!

  149. Marwa Yates Reply

    My vacuum cleaner very old and would love to have new one please

  150. Loving how portable vacuums are getting – I’ve had my old vacuum for almost 5 years & it was second hand in the first place so amazing it’s still going – I need to start saving for an upgrade. I’ve got two girls under 3 so a LOT of vacuuming happens here!

  151. Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    Wow, how amazingly wonderful for a little bit OCD mum, this would be perfect to help me keep on top of the cleaning..with toddlers, dogs, birds and a cat this would be heaven sent

  152. Jennalee Izzard Reply

    I would love to win a Bissell Bolt Ion Lift off because it would make my everyday life much easier. The Bissell Bolt is light weight and the swivel head and slim would make getting under and around furniture easy without any heavy lifting. Being able to see the filter means I know when I need to empty it. The upright flat position will take pressure off other parts of my body too. The battery life is great abd charging isnt an issue. The Bissell Bot Ion Lift off has all the features I need with a busy life with kids,pets, work. It’s user friendly and compact and convenient.

  153. I would love to win this vacuum cleaner as it would mean that I would be able to clean my car – I never seem to find the time to get to the servo.

  154. April Bell Reply

    I have a dyson but would love to try this brand as it seem’s like a great product and has many great features

  155. Milly Kiely Reply

    I would LOVE this vacuum! As a busy mum of 2 this would fit my lifestyle perfectly! The battery life is like no other on the market! I can’t use a normal pull along vac after 2 knee operations last year so this would be perfect!

  156. Alicia Cathrene Kimberley Reply

    I would Love this ! No cords and light weight my dodgy shoulder would handle vacuuming again!

  157. Lauren Barnes Reply

    I shall grab vacuum and play radio tunes, it will making RNB Friday’s and cleaning day super entertaining.

  158. I would love to win this as I have a ducted system that doesn’t have very good suction, is awkward to use and is a pain to drag the long hose around.

  159. I would be so delighted to win the BISSELL Bolt Ion Lift Off Vacuum. The features sound amazing and much better cleaning than the older vacuum I own.

  160. The cordless vac would be so handy for those after snack clean ups, and would make clean the car super easy. Anything that makes my life easier is Welcome in our home.

  161. Teresa Clark Reply

    My poor vacuum is on her last legs, she is 12 years old and held together by duct tape, she is heavy to lug around and has a very short cord so i have to use an extensions cord with her. she is not really a fan of sucking up sand/dirt etc unless i have already swept it into a pile (she has gotten lazy in her old age) 🙂

  162. Mel Cochrane-Finlay Reply

    It looks amazing – lightweight, long battery life & goes everywhere.

  163. My old cordless vacuum is just about dead and with my arthritis I find a full size corded vacuum to difficult to use and anything heavy makes my back sore for days. This sounds like a wonderful vacuum and I particularly like the fact that it has a removable battery, which may mean that it would be replaceable, unlike my current one which you have to replace the whole unit when the battery goes.

  164. Sarahmary92 Reply

    I get so frustrated vacuuming the same bit of floor over and over again trying to get our old vaccum to suck! We have a dog that sheds, A LOT, so I find myself vacuuming at least twice a day. I’d love a new vacuum so I didn’t have to get dismayed at the thought of cleaning up. The battery life of 45 minutes would be perfect, and the power switch mode would really come in handy for the lounge room and bedroom carpets. The Bissell sounds like the way to go.

  165. Tracey Ibbott Reply

    I’ve been very disappointed with my last 2 ‘compact’ vacuums that I have bought. Despite being very expensive, they’ve had poor suction & low battery life. Sick of it. So I’m looking for a superior product. So this is the one!!!!

  166. I’d love to win a BISSELL Bolt Ion Lift Off Vacuum because although my vacuum has been good, it’s getting really old an in need of replacing.

  167. Vicki Smith Reply

    My vacuum is soo old, I commented earlier it couldn’t lift skin off milk, it is useless, would love to win this BISSEL Bolt Ion Lift Off vacuum

  168. Lydia Young Reply

    I’m a busy mum of 3 active boys plus a dog. The floors never seem to stay clean and I need help! This would be awesome!!! And it looks small enough that even my older boys would love to help!

  169. Deborah Bolam Reply

    I so need this my vaccum went kaboom this morning this vac looks ideal for us espically with the stairs and the dog

  170. I’m on the last bag I’m ever likely to find for my 20 year old Sanyo. It’s done me well but time to put it out to pasture and upgrade.

  171. kerry_parker Reply

    My current vacuum hardly sucks at all, I have to sweep the carpets dragging all the crap to the corner where I can attempt to vacuum it in one hit.

  172. My vacuum broke yesterday. With 4 kids, 2 cats and a dog I can’t go more than 2 days without vacuuming. Guess it will be the broom again.

  173. Samara Cassidy Reply

    We need a new vacuum becuase we live in a very dusty environment and our old vacuum needs help keeping up.

  174. Leanne Campbell Reply

    Being a grandmother who cares for her young grandchildren while their mums work I need to keep my floors clean as I have indoor cats that leave hair everywhere & as I am disabled (& on morphine for acute cute) a regular vacuum is getting too hard for me to use regularly as it leaves me in more pain so this vacuum sounds like my life would become a whole lot easier as it is upright & so light & then I can do more for my grandchildren when they are here as I won’t be feeling so much pain I will be able to play more.

  175. My Dyson HEPA Filter constantly blocks up and the vacuum clean stops sucking, not as advertised. I use it weekly to clean 2 bedrooms – the rest of the house is vinyl which I sweep and wash.

  176. Carmen Soto Reply

    wow…cordless vaccuum … where have you been all my life.
    totally necessary for that messy 2yo at home

  177. My current Vacuum is short on battery power and Is too bulky to use in the car

  178. I need it!!I love it!!!Can I have it?!
    I have 2 boys…3 if you count DH.
    I would certainly appreciate this.
    My floors & car would like to thank you in advance.

  179. Dorothy Kezich Reply

    B issell Bolt

    I on vacuums have

    S uperior

    S uction power giving

    E nthusiasm to the user, being

    L ightweight and incorporating a

    L ift off canister is a big plus

    B attery delivers 45 min from single charge

    O bviously my family and i

    L ove the cyclonic technology and

    T otal portability of the appliance. A benefit to the abled and disabled users

  180. Anastasia Xynos Reply

    The swivel head sound amazing to get into those little nooks and crannies that always pile up with dust!

  181. Tricia Lyn Reply

    wowee!! i wish i was like the Bissell bolt ion lift off!! Wish i only weighed 5kg. Wish i was high powered. Wish my batteries would take only 2hrs to recharge! Wish i could get to the stairs, corners or car with ease!! The bissell bolt ion lift off is everything i wish to be!

  182. Linda Luczak Reply

    What’s not to like about the Bissell Bolt Ion Lift Off Vacuum? So convenient, economical, super powered, latest technology…a busy mum’s best friend.

  183. Neva Beaumont Reply

    Living with a toddler my house is in turmoil,
    Everything is filthy and covered in soil!
    A powerful BISSELL Bolt Ion Lift Off Vacuum Cleaner,
    Gives me the force to get back in the arena!
    Dirt will be banished and floors free of toys,
    This nifty side-kick will reinstate my poise!

  184. Wow – The Bissell Bolt must have finally though of us total mum’s when they packed this vacuum full of features. I think it even looks a bit like a power tool as to attract the dads to want to use it!!

  185. Looks like a great Vac & be nice to finally take to the old one with a hammer for all it’s uselessness.

  186. This Bissell Bolt Ion Lift Off Vacuum is just what I need to get to those nasty hard to reach corners and I don’t need a separate car vacuum any longer!

  187. It reads like a dream vacuum cleaner AND to tackle the stairs with ease, they seriously are a pain in the backside to vac with our current big bulky, orange, vintage one.

  188. Tara Nikelis Reply

    I would love a vacuum cleaner that can be taken outside with ease and which doesn’t overheat, making vacuuming cars take three times as long.

  189. A little bit of Bissell Bolt Ion Lift Off Vacuum would go a long way,

    Making this parent yell yippee and yay,

    Super sucking, cool looking, tough on kids messes,

    dreaded dust bunnies you suck,

    now to win one with luck.

    I’ll be beating of my hoard, wanting to ‘play’ with my new toy,

    okay…I’m kidding, I’ll try and keep it real…..

    with the Bissell Bolt Ion Lift Off Vacuum, vacuuming will be a joy!

  190. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    As a mum with loads household work everyday. Bissell vacuum is truly amazing tool to make my life easier and faster. I would start knitting my wool sweater this year.

  191. Caroline White Reply

    Light weight and and Cyclonic. and easily to Manuver around. and will make it easier to clean.

  192. Lyndal Griffiths Reply

    My vacumn no longer sucks anything up, so now vacuming just plain SUCKS!

  193. Paige Yang Reply

    I need a cordless vacuum because there’re many places my old vacuum can’t reach. But most cordless vacuums are without strong suction or only can work for less than 10 mins. I’d love to try this powerful cordless vacuum.

  194. julia sheedy Reply

    Having 4 indoor cats…and always taking in rescue animals (from bush firers, hit by cars, miss treated, dumped, abused ) and looking after them…my house is always having to be vacuumed several times a day….and a normal every day vacuum just doesn’t keep up the demands of keeping my house in spotless condition…having a vac like this would make my job easier…cut down on vacuum time( gets more up in one vac ) and make sure my place was clean not only for me and my family…but also for those animals we help.

  195. Julie Helgeson Reply

    My old vacuum cleaner needs upgrading and is so heavy and hard to drag around. Need something lightweight and easier to use.

  196. I really need one of these vacuum cleaners! My 10 month old crawls around and tries to find dog fluff on the floor to put in her mouth so I have to vacuum everyday. The Bissell will make things so much easier!

  197. Bianca Hensman Reply

    I have tiles everywhere, 3 kids, a cat, a dog and a husband who brings half the beach home with every surf! I need something lightweight that I can run over the floors to get my house looking nice again.

  198. Rachael Hussein Reply

    This review is fantastic, I read every bit of it (I often skim over the words!), and I’m very impressed with this vacuum cleaner. It sounds like it’s all I’ll ever need.

  199. Jennifer Nichol Reply

    I need this Bissell vacuum- it turns vacuuming into an easy, enjoyable experience, instead of a mundane chore with my 10 year old vacuum that I lug around with effort and reluctance. The Bissell Bolt Ion Lift Off sounds like my dream machine!!! Hooray for Bissell!

  200. I actually like vacuuming, providing it’s light and does the job first time and quickly. The Bissell Bolt Ion Lift Off sounds impressive and I’d love to give my house a thorough going over with one.

  201. Sam Minshull Reply

    This is just a want this is truly a need in my and my families life! we have kids that cant sit still and to cute doggies that come inside! I need a vacuum that can do all I need the first time around and go where I need it to go with such ease and performance! oh this would be a life changing event to win this! thank you!

  202. Natalie Walchshofer Reply

    Would love a vacuum as great as this for the same reasons as everyone else. A house with 3 young kiddos and a old old vacuum. A Bissell Bolt would be greatly valued and appreciated in this house!

  203. I love its versatility because unlike me, who is short and overweight and finds cleaning a chore, it is not vertically and horizontally challenged!

  204. stressless Reply

    Would love this as it is able to just about tackle every problem. Looks so light and simple to use, not to mention a suction head that actually works, would make cleaning a joy rather than the task it is at the moment with the equipment I am currently using!

  205. I absolutely love the simple fact that it’s cordless and easily moved in and out of rooms throughout the house. Mine’s old and almost in tatters, I’d love a new vacuum.

  206. Nicole Gurney Reply

    with my two young kids I need something light weight and easy to get out and clean up those little messes the kids make without having to pull out the big value with the cord. This would be very convenient for my family. And would love the ability to easily use in the car too to get those crumbs the kids always leave 🙂

  207. So I don’t have to go over the same spot 50 times to pick up a little piece of paper because the suction is nearly gone in my old baby 🙁

  208. Donna Joy Leysley Reply

    the fact that is is portable and lightweight is awesome.. with 2 kids running around the house it would make life so much easier

  209. The Bissell Bolt Ion Lift Off sounds like its easy to use and actually gets the job done without much effort. Thats a big plus for me!

  210. Susan Banyard Reply

    With young kids in my home something portable and lightweight to clean up their mess in every nook and cranny will make my life so much easier. Bissell Bolt has defiantly thought about family’s.

  211. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Bissell Vacuum has my attention after I read the review from MUMCENTRAL COM .AU. It is a excellent cleaning tool for my small hands . Thank you. Good luck everyone.

  212. Jessica Maloney Reply

    Certain little kid started dance school competing, so a certain house is covered in sequins, glitter and other costume aspects!

  213. My stairs are the neglected cleaning area. I walk up them and pick up bits of paper, cat fluff, and what ever else there is simply because I don’t enjoy trying to negotiate my vacuum up and down and around the corner. Bissell bolt Ion lift off would make the stairs clean again not only on the surface but deep down too where I can’t pick up the dirt by hand.

  214. So I can get around the house quicker without the 3 kids getting caught up in the vacumm cord and under my feet.

  215. A have a really fit and active little girl and this means a lot of creative rubbish, dirt and all sorts of things 24/7 on the floor. Having a vacuum without a cord would make things so much easier and the 2 hour quick charge would mean I can clean the car shortly after the whole house and when I am finished I can restart the house again 🙂

  216. Christine Dean Reply

    As a mother with 2 boys who love sand pits and 2 pets that love to shed fur I could definitely use the help around the house!

  217. With two young boys, a hairy Labrador dog and a tradie husband who comes home covered in dirt/sand, my house is crying out for some tender care!

  218. Claire Thrower Reply

    With two kids and a puppy feel like i am constantly vaccuming, i think the kids would find the Bolt fun and easy to use (may as well get them working) love to spot clean when needed without having to pull out heavy vac.

  219. If you can tempt and win over your MOTH, then there’s hope for me 🙂

  220. Kay Finnis Reply

    Wow – I like the idea of having no cord to wrangle with & the lightweight & detachable cylinder (what I really like even more is the fact you got hubby to actually ENJOY vacuuming!! 😉 )

  221. Would love a cordless Bissell…safer way to vacuum especially when there’s an active toddler about, no tempting cord to play with or bite on! Plus it means no annoying stop, start and replug to move around the house.

  222. Amanda Tudosa Reply

    This would b amazing and easy to clean everywhere, especially the neglected nooks of the house

  223. Candice Gilchrist Reply

    I NEEEEEEED this for my car and apartment, I live on the second floor so taking my vacuum cleaner down is not only a pain, there are no power points in the carport so I have to take 2 extension cords down there to make it reach. Plus I could easily detach the cylinder and dump it out down there, because that’s where the bins are! Inside, I love to craft which makes SO MUCH MESS! Being able to whip out this spunky little number would be SO much easier than getting out big Bertha (As she would forever be called)

  224. Cords! I have a strong dislike for cords! I prefer to get broom out then deal with cords! 2 messy kids a hair shedding dog calls for a Bissell! My house would be forever sparkling!

  225. Alysha Davidson Reply

    Our current vacuum cleaner is some cheap obscure brand that we bought for 10 bucks when we got married. It drives me crazy but so did the monstrously heavy Kirby that someone gave us too. I would love an actual vacuum cleaner that is effective, but other things always end up being more important! This Bissell business looks like a dream in comparison!

  226. I have a Labrador, a newborn and a toddler – fluff and mess everywhere! Need I say more.

  227. I would love this for keeping the rugs clean between miss 3’s snack time and master 1’s play time!

  228. Kelly-Marie Rowe Reply

    I have a supposedly non-shedding dog that sheds everywhere and would love to suck away all those annoying little white hairs

  229. Andieharrie Reply

    sucking up the dust and hair,
    Removing dirt from everywhere.
    Light and easy to use after every meal
    bissell bolt ion vacuum is the real easy to clean deal

  230. I hate vacuuming. Anything to make it easier and less time consuming would be so appreciated.

  231. Christine Care Reply

    I’m an absolute clean freak and living where I am there’s so much dust due to construction so the Bissell Bolt would make my life so much easier.

  232. Jokes aside I don’t anyone who vacuums more than I do, my husband teases that I have one constantly attached, but my love a clean home, and having high ceilings and a long haired cat, compels me to! i would love a better vacuum as I’ve yet to find one that I think wonderful, and I’ve tried many! This Bissell Bolt Ion looks like a beauty and I would LOVE to own it, use, make my home clean as with it!

  233. Rita Maguire Reply

    Hubby has diabetes and wears ‘bootees’ to bed because of bad circulation. They contain duck feathers which escape and the bedroom looks like a nest in the mornings! A Bissel would make the daily clean so much easier!

  234. I have 3 vacuums. One is huge and heavy and very hard to move around the house and as I now age it is becoming a struggle. It is always in the way and no cupboard is big enough to house it. The second is smaller and useless. It has little suction and can only be used for the car when it’s not very dirty. The third is a hand held rechargeable that cost a lot and lasts about 5 minutes after a days charging, never holds charge and it’s got just enough suction to lift bread crumbs from a table cloth without hardly lifting the table cloth. I would love to be rid of all three and free up a heap of space. I would love just one that was multi use and light and easy and worked. The bonus of the Bissell is it looks great too.

  235. My dog used to be my little vacuum cleaner, picking up bits of food that would accidentally fall on the floor in the kitchen. Sadly she’s not with us any more, and I find myself in need of an actual vacuum cleaner that can get the job done.

  236. Tess Eames Reply

    Because with a cat, a dog, a Maltese man and a Spanish woman it is practically impossible to find a powerful vacuum to keep our home not looking like the floor of a hair salon!!

  237. I would love to win the BISSELL Bolt Ion Lift Off Vacuum as it would be fantastic to use and the one I have is ancient and the suction is terrible

  238. Would love this BISSELL Bolt Ion Lift Off Vacuum, as with a name as good as that, I could be Superwoman charging around the house.

  239. Christopher King Reply

    Bissell’s Bolt Ion Lift Off vacuum would be ideal for upholstered couches and chairs. My two short-haired dogs and two fluffball cats have no respect for my furniture. That said, neither do my two long-haired teenagers! Bissell to the rescue!

  240. In my older age, my back is not as good as it used to be so the super light Bissell Bolt Ion Lift Off would be a great asset to my house work, also as I have very hairy animals, the super suction would be fab for getting that fur off everything.

  241. Having a brand new vacuum in my new apartment would be amazing, especially one without a cord that I could do the entire place in one go!

  242. Our vacuum cleaner frequently “dies” mid vacuum, so we have to plan ahead if we have guests coming… Love hearing that the kids are excited to use it!

  243. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Bissell vacuum has powerful suction to remove dust for bringing healthier and happier life .

  244. Belinda Bee Reply

    A BISSELL Bolt Ion Lift Off Vacuum would make vacuuming so much easier! With 9 in our house I feel chained to my corded, cumbersome, heavy ”if it hits my ankle one more time I’m going to…..” vac! Family and pets mess won’t stop anytime soon but dealing with it all easily, quickly and conveniently makes this monotonous chore dare I say …enjoyable 🙂

  245. My kids don’t know the meaning of eating at the table so there are always cheerios, sultanas and goodness knows what else EVERYWHERE! As a busy, working mum I don’t always have time to pull the big vacuum out so would love this handy alternative! Maybe I could even get the kids to help!

  246. Leanne Fisher Reply

    Will get my house looking clean and pick all the dog hair as dogs are part of the family, that makes mess along with the rest of the family

  247. Would be interesting to see a head to head comparison between this and the Dyson V6. I have a long hair cat and my Dyson really struggles sometimes.

  248. Jan O'Bree Reply

    Lugging my humongous heavy as lead vacuum around is not my idea of fun! The Bissell Bolt Ion lift off would be the solution! Lovely and lightweight ( saving my back pain ), efficient and great to get into those hard to reach places. No more cobwebs hitting me in the face! A winner! And my husband would be excited to have a compact Vac to clean his car!

  249. I would really like a Bissell Bolt Ion lift off, I’ve been hinting at one for a while now. I just can’t keep getting out the heavy vacuum for little bits. If I sweep the kitchen and bathroom the dust just flies around sparkling in the sun. My car needs a Bissell Bolt Ion lift off.

  250. My vacuume died 2 days ago. All my appliances seem to be coming to the end of their lifespan….. MY dryer 3 months ago, my vacuume 2 days ago. My washing machine requires CPR at each wash and my fridge sounds like a chicken…. lol Thanks for the opportunity

  251. a new cordless vacuum cleaner would be amazing as i just moved to a double story house and have an extremely hard time lugging around a heavy vacuum while trying to clean the stairs

  252. Karen Stevens Reply

    Would love to WIN Bissell Bolt Ion Lift Off as it would save my back and make it so easy to vac

  253. This would be amazing. Both my son and I suffer severe allergies so this would keep our carpets free from allergens.

  254. Nicole Armstrong Reply

    My current vaccuum is terrible!! I desperately need a knew one to make my house cleaner in less time and less effort.

  255. lovelyloves Reply

    I would love for my home to be sparkly clean. I can then sleep better.

  256. chrisbabe1971 Reply

    We have an older version ducted vacuum system. It does a great job but is a bit bulky. It would be great to have something a little smaller. No more procrastination, no more excuses.

  257. Having just moved house with no vacuum cleaner, we desperately need one to clean the old musky carpet and lino floors.

  258. Elisabeth Martins Reply

    Four cats ‘a’ purring,
    Four times the furring.
    Oh, why’d I become a foster carer?
    this is going to be a terror.

  259. Johanne Gavin Reply

    Absolutely would do more vaccuming with this lol such a great vac to zip around the house with and have more wine time lol

  260. Becky Palmer Reply

    I simply can no longer trust, my Hoover to vacuum or dust, the only time its handy, is when the dog gets randy, he uses it to satisfy his lust!

  261. My wishes would come true and in this case a vacumm that would solve my pet hair problems that is makingme NUTS!!!

  262. A renovation in process, dirt and mess being dragged through the house, lazy people who don’t wipe their feet or remove their boots. I’m losing my cool.

  263. Jasmine Stanford Reply

    I have a messy man, rambunctious 7 year old, 3 indoor cats including one long haired cat, and 3 rabbits who come inside. Need I say more?

  264. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Bissell has perfect cleaning solution for everyone. It is a great prize to bring heathier and dust free environment for my family.

  265. 6 months without a vacuum and sweeping on carpet only goes so far, it’s time for some heavy duty suction.

  266. Fiona Rowlands Reply

    I’d love to win this handy little vacuum as mine is ten years old and the suction isn’t working very well, it wouldn’t even suck up a piece of fluff!!

  267. I’d love to win it because we don’t have anything really manoeuvrable and it’s impossible to do the car!

  268. Joanne sampson Reply

    To clean my car it has so much sand it hard to get spots

  269. Blake Abrahams Reply

    My current vacuum is hopeless. The cord doesn’t go back in its self and it doesn’t even pick up small bits of paper. It’s like I am wiping it’s bum and feeding it when vacuuming!!

  270. amandagorton Reply

    Vacuuming the floor is a back-breaking chore, but a Bissell lightweight machine would make me eager to clean!

  271. Sharon Markwell Reply

    My vacuum carked it yesterday, literally fell apart on me. The Bissell Bolt Ion Lift Off is my type of product – sleek and light.

  272. Bex Selkirk Reply

    Having a cat and a dog I vacuum everyday usually wearing my son as he doesn’t like it. This would be awesome and easier than trying to lug my vacuum up n doen the stairs im always worried im gonna trip and squish bub!

  273. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Bissell Vacuum is a leading manufacturer with smarter technologies for making cleaning jobs easier and faster. This is why I need this Bissell Vacuum to help me .Thank you. Good Luck everyone.

  274. Melissa Kagie Reply

    5 humans, 2 messy dogs, 2 hairy cats and 6 cheeky budgies sharing one household…. need I say more!

  275. Our house is crazy with kids, cats, dogs (including a 69kg Bloodhound!). We need Bisells help!

  276. My current vacuum cleaner is getting old and ‘tyred’ – hubby needs a new machine.

  277. Terence Kwong Reply

    maybe if i win this, my wife will stop nagging me about vacuuming

  278. Something that strong enough to suck up my babies my cat and dog would be top on my winners list for sure.

  279. From cleaning out the family taxi and too every corner of the house.The Bidsell bolt Ion lift would just make my life so much easier.

  280. Ju Machado Goldswain Reply

    I’m crazy about cleaning, but nowadays with a 9 months baby, ans her sleeping routines I need to do the vacuum fast before her next nap and The Bissell Bolt Ion would make my life much easier and the job quicker.

  281. The Bissell Bolt Ion Lift Off will make cleaning an ease on the body and mind
    Protecting our family from asthma, dust and allergens that can be left behind
    Ingenious mastery; one of kind and diversely entwined
    Brings cleanliness and reliability to beautifully remind!.

  282. I hate cleaning but maybe this new contraption might make me more enthusiastic, I’m sure the hubby would be pleased

  283. A cat with a dense coat, a toddler who leaves a mess wherever he goes and a Dad who loves crumby biscuits… I’d love a Bissel.

  284. Nadine Cameron Reply

    I would love to win the Bissell Bolt Ion Lift Off so my hubby can take over the dreaded chore of vacuuming…it worked for Belinda…

  285. Rebekah Rade Reply

    I have 4 vacuum cleaners and not one of them works, this would be a godsend!

  286. Sacha Pech Reply

    Because dragging a clunky ‘beetle’ around that bangs into skirting boards, making marks and no doubt un-cords itself from plug drives me insane.

  287. looking for a real vaccum cleaner which does the job and not an overpriced one selling just because of its brand name

  288. Karyn Reimann Reply

    Bissell is my only hope to suck all the dog hair out of my carpet… Thanks for the chance to win a powerful, flexible vacuum

  289. I need to win this, it’s got to be the only thing better at picking up dirt than my 10 month old boy…

  290. Owning an Aussie bulldog that is part of the furniture or is it the furniture has part of him, everywhere. So in desperate need to get rid of his hair

  291. Hair and fur everywhere,
    It’s on the couch, floor and mat,
    A Bissel Bolt will take care of that,
    But what about the source,
    It’s not the dog or the cat,
    It’s hubby’s back!

  292. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Bissell Vacuum has perfect cleaning solutions to remove dusty with revolutionary technologies. I really need this Bissell to make our little house and car clean and beautiful every day.

  293. jaime farrands Reply

    Kids and pets are always so messy. I need somethi ng i can grab quickly and just have at hand

  294. Catherina Knerr Reply

    I am yet to find a vacuum cleaner, that deserves to be called a vacuum cleaner! My almost two year old is constantly coming to me with bits of things he picks up after I have cleaned! Ugh!

  295. Margi Wombok Reply

    I want to win this for my mum who desperately needs a better vacuum cleaner than the 6 year old one she has… With kids, birds and a dog, she really needs a vacuum that can handle the tough stuff while not taking a toll on her arthritis!

  296. I would love to win this so I could give my house a proper clean.

  297. Kerry Eaton Reply

    This would be perfect for cleaning up after the kids and cleaning the car out.

  298. Cleaning the car with our vacuum cleaner sucks! (pardon the pun). This would be awesome!

  299. lorexstevex Reply

    Two new puppies = an urgent need for one new vacuum cleaner!

  300. kim brooks Reply

    Kim sounds like an amazing device, and l love a clean house this would be great for my carpet nightmare stairs!!

  301. Renee Powell Reply

    3 children and a 7 year old vacuum cleaner = constant dirty floors!! I would love to win this as it is easy to use (kids can even use it!!) and would make my floors look amazing 🙂

  302. Louise Patterson Reply

    My old vacuum cleaner isn’t doing a great job. I’d be able to whiz through the vacuuming with a Bissell Bolt!

  303. I’m 20years old with 2 kids, girl 2years old, boy 2months old, I have 2 dogs, 2 rabbits & a chicken. My dogs are always in door & their hair drives me insane… My daughter is addicted to corn & there’s always pieces of corn everywhere I go this would be amazing to win, it would come to great use & also it’s better than me trying to fork out to buy a new one

  304. I would love to be able to vacuum my car so easily. I have three boys so my car is constantly filthy. It would be awesome inside the house too, I love that the kids could use it. Old Queenslander style homes get pretty dusty so anything that makes the job easier would be amazing.

  305. Bring on the bissell bolt.
    With a white boarder collie who is ridiculously spoilt and 3 male teenage mess makers this would be “bissell bolt to the rescue”

  306. Kylie Kissick Reply

    I have 2 young children and I would love the bissell Bolt ion lift off vacuum. It would make cleaning up all the mess that my children leave behind in the car a breeze. No more lugging out my big vaccum

  307. Corinne Punch Reply

    What a great vacuum cleaner! I love the Lift Off Canister for the ease of carrying around to get into all those dusty nooks and crannies (especially the car!) and it’s only 5kg! After carting my toddler around, this’ll be like carrying nothing!

  308. Heidi Drager Reply

    White tiles, 2 kids a dog that sheds like crazy, all the windows are always open because we have no air conditioning, construction site next door and I have long dark hair. The battle is never ending and I don’t have the right weapons!

  309. This would make vacuuming so much more efficient. There’d be more time to spend with the ones who really count – my children. Besides I’d love to test this on my husband. They love their sports and after school activities!

  310. Sally Mann Reply

    My house and car need a good vacuum. With a 3yr old and 8 month old (who is nearly walling already!) The mess can be unbearable

  311. Kirstin Trehan Reply

    I love that it is light weight, easy to move up and around stairs

  312. Belinda Belinda Reply

    Our current vacuum literally falls apart! One time when I went to take the filter outside, it just let the dust and dirt out everywhere just before I took it outside – more vacuuming for me! (Yay?)

  313. Would love this vac as it’s lightweight and portable whilst still having great suction power. Would make cleaning a breeze and much easier on my back and shoulders!

  314. I’ve never actually owned a vacuum that does the job! They suck, but not well, and I spend far too much time going over and over the same areas. I’d love to win this as it would save me so much time and trouble, time I could spend with my kids rather than cleaning the floor!

  315. love to own this carpet cleaner as it looks great so light and great suction need it have back problems need something that is light and compact i have a cat who sheds hair everywhere this would be good

  316. i just moves in to a new house and this vacuum will be a good addition to have.

  317. Clare De Celis Reply

    My old vacuum One thing you want to “suck” and it totally doesn’t! Its frustrating…. I need a new sucker!

  318. We have so much hassle with vacuuming the stairs. We bought an extra light one, but it isn’t cordless, so half way down the stairs we have to switch from the Power Point at the top, to the Power Point at the bottom. This sounds ideal!

  319. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Bissell Vacuum has perfect cleaning solutions for my household cleaning jobs easier and faster. Love to have Bissell Vacuum in my daily life.

  320. Kayleen Henschel Reply

    My carpet is 30 years old, this vacuum would make them look like new!

  321. Gina Decapia Reply

    So hubby can have his own for all the difficult jobs (as they’re all his! ;P) without having to lug around a monstrosity of an upright that I refuse to give up.

  322. Milly Howells Reply

    Because my mum could do with a vacuum that is less cumbersome and heavy to zip around her little home after my kids have hit it like a tornado!

  323. sars_angelchik Reply

    I could really do with a new vacuum- the power head on mine no longer works and it has exposed wires but I can’t afford a new one! It also has the tendency to fall apart when I am using it which will often frighten my baby.

  324. For cleaning the car, I’ve bought good brand dust busters and they just don’t work!

  325. Donna Anne Lyons Reply

    So convenient and cleaning the car and hard to reach areas would be a breeze!

  326. Kim Miller Reply

    I would love to win this vacuum cleaner, it would come in so handy as my current vacuum cleaner blew up last week.

  327. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Bissell Vacuum can do amazing cleaning jobs with revolutionary technologies. It would make big difference in my life.

  328. Because I’m lazy, don’t like lifting weights but like a nice, clean house to live in….

  329. Emma Elizabeth Reply

    My partner and I both have allergies and sinus issues so it is imperative we vaccuum daily. Now that our vaccuum is 3.5 years old and losing its suction it sometimes becomes twice daily. It would be great to only need to vacuum once and have peace of mind with Bissell. We occassionally borrow a Bissell carpet cleaner from my Nan and it is a breath of fresh air.

  330. My kids are starting to adopt the dust bunnies at my place as pets. Help!!!

  331. cloughmachine Reply

    our dog has no cables to attack and play with whilst vacuuming , great (especially seeing he is the one leaving the mess)

  332. This would be amazing to keep our place and car clean after our two kids leave a billion crumbs and constant mess everywhere!

  333. Jessica Yeo Reply

    Oooooh. So fancy! I have a Hoover that’s more gaffa tape than vacuum at this stage. It’s sooooooo heavy.

  334. Sarah Hatton Reply

    my two cat create fur tumble weeds and my kids deposit left over crumble all over the house – it sucks, so I need a great vac that also sucks!

  335. Belinda Smetioukh Reply

    Because my current vacuum cleaner is older than my 6 year old dog, and just as lazy!

  336. The Product says it all ” Lift Off ” Yep, I need a vacuum that does that… Smiling / Dreaming ** Taadaaa – all spick and span, woohoo no more allergies. ** Have a great day 🙂

  337. Ellie Aitken Reply

    Great to see such innovation in the Bissell Bolt Ion Lift Vacuum This is the answer to all my prays I am struggling with the old one so a Bissell Ion would be a blessing

  338. Charl Lowther Reply

    The vacuuming will be a breeze, It will clean the stairs with ease, Lightweight, so portable, no more tangled cords, Let’s go!

  339. My current vacuum cleaner sux because it doesn’t suck! I’d love a new vacuum especially one that I can clean the whole house with without unplugging and finding a new power point every couple of rooms!

  340. I myself detest housework unless the bottle of red has been aired and the music is turned up loud. I could do that with the new Bissell Bolt Ion Lift Off Vacuum, but why not sit back and watch the partner clean up (he is a Star Wars fan and the Bissell Bolt looks like it is from a galaxy far far away, so he will grab it before I even get a chance to poor the wine!). If I myself HAVE to vacuum then I don’t think I would mind as it looks like a breeze to use!

  341. three kids and a tradie hubby , need i say more!!! would be so handy for the family to clean the car and the house 🙂 belinda b

  342. Our house seems to collect dust in a matter of minutes, so a good vacuum would be amazing!

  343. Tamlyn Carman Reply

    I’m a guilty of still using a Broom, would love a vacuum!

  344. I have owned a lot of different vacuum cleaners over the years and different brands that I have been very unhappy with. I have been contemplating buying a new one just recently so to win this Bissell Bolt Ion Lift Off Vacuum Cleaner would be wonderful

  345. Lisa Hardy Reply

    With a house full of boys all the dirt and rocks this would be awesome my floors would look cleans and be safe for my kids

  346. I vacuum more often than Kim Kardashian takes selfies… A good quality vacuum cleaner would be life changing!

  347. Elizabeth Kaminski Reply

    Oh wow – we have a vacuum which works quite well however the battery life is non existent and the dust compartment is just too small – I have to empty it 3 times just to vacuum the lounge!! This would be just amazing and such a huge time saver!!

  348. melinda nardella Reply

    The Bissell Bolt Ion Lift Off looks like something my husband can not break! He has broken my last two vacuums. Of course, I hear, I didn’t do anything just vacuumed the floor. I end up vacuuming through clunk, clunk. Wish me luck for future vacuums..

  349. Living in a small one bedroom unit I think the Bissell Bolt Ion lift off would be fantastic getting atound the furniture.

  350. Tamara Lamb Reply

    This would be great for cleaning out the car after 3 boys have trashed it in less than 3 days, as well as the house!

  351. This would be amazing to clean up after 2 rowdy kids 1 dog and a rabbit!!

  352. Sam Alexander Sargent Reply

    I would like to win the BISSELL Bolt Ion Lift Off Vacuum so that it can be my cleaning buddy for my car. 🙂

  353. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Bissell Vacuum has my perfect cleaning solutions for my desperate house wife’s jobs. This is why I need this amazing Bissell Vacuum.

  354. amy skewes Reply

    I would love to be able to just vacuum once and the job be done, not over and over again

  355. The revolutionary Bissell Powerhead sucks that hard I bet it would slow down a category 5 Tornado. I need this POWER for everyday cleaning!

  356. The revolutionary Bissell Powerhead sucks that hard I bet it would slow down a category 5 Tornado. I need this POWER for everyday cleaning!!

  357. Faye Hannam Reply

    I can IMAGINE very clean cars when I think about this little beauty.I HATE cleaning the car and I just know I could encourage MY DEARLY BELOVED to try this out and he’d love it so much, he’d clean my car too… lol

  358. I’m currently stuck using my partners bulky old work vacuum, it is a night mare to use!
    it would be absolutely amazing to win this cordless vacuum! I would be forever grateful!

  359. Jessica Thomas Reply

    This vaccum would make life so much easier & the house so much cleaner am always dragging out the big old heavy vacuum to just suck up a few crumbs!!

  360. Crystal Adams Reply

    I’m always looking for ways to keep my home healthy and safe for my kids

  361. This sounds like just the vacuum cleaner I need! Great job on making vacuuming sound like fun!
    Michelle Louise

  362. mie jensen Reply

    It would make everything so much easier. And it wouldnt be big and bulky.

  363. It would be easier to go here to there and would be lighter for the people me included who have a bad back to pick up. No tripping on cords.

  364. Love it! Would make looking after a cat and a toddler much easier!

  365. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Bissell Vacuum would make my cleaning ritual easier and faster . This is why I need this Bissell Vacuum in my life.

  366. Linda Wallace Reply

    Bissell in my life would make vacuuming so much easier and not so much a chore.

  367. It would just make everything easier! Not having a cord to get tangled in or a big heavy vacuum to lug around the house. Plus a 45 minute time limit to get it all done – what’s not to love!?

  368. Wendy Compergirl D'Arcy Reply

    I don’t like struggling with stairs this would make it a breeze

  369. Christina Lungo Reply

    My parents are getting old and they own a broken vacuum that doesnt work great. Would love for them to have a perfect Bissell Vacuum.

  370. Kathie Winn Reply

    No cords to constantly plug in and out of every room. And it would be perfect to do a quick clean up in the kitchen after eating etc. Would love it!!

  371. I’d love to win this Bissell Vacuum because I am desperately in need a new cleaner that is light but with great suction that is multi functional.

  372. I have a steamer with a lift out and it’s so handy, I use it to steam our mattresses and couches. With 3 females in the house with long hair a powerhead is a must. My daughters shed more hair than Chewbaca. Lift out looks great for my couches and my quick ” cheat ” vacuums.

  373. when my husband mows (he always does it after i vacuum the house) and brings in a trail of grass through the house i can follow him with my new bissell!

  374. Katie Beck Reply

    With 4 kids I am forever vacuuming! To have something I can easily grab to pick up all the little leftovers before youngest crawling Bub gets it would be heavenly

  375. Ange Fletcher Reply

    We were given a Dyson for an anniversary present 6 years ago and it just died!! I have been researching replacements and this sounds perfect

  376. Jennifer Robertson Reply

    With swivel steering for easy navigation around furniture the Bissell Bolt Ion Cordless Vacuum sounds like the dance partner I’ve always wanted.

  377. Kerry Turner Reply

    Love a powerful Bissell vacuum as the kids love taking our doggy in the car but my shopvac isnt up to the task of cleaning up afterwards.

  378. 4 kids. 1 husband. 4 tonnes of feralness only a power charged Bissell can handle. My Nilfisk is dying under the pressure!

  379. Living in a small apt and currently having a vaccuum that you have to wash the filters for after only half a room. I will be the ultimate tester for a small vaccum that is as portable as it.

  380. Sharon Tunnah Reply

    I have heart disease and other health problems so I can’t clean, my partner works all the time, we have 2 long haired German shepherds and a grand daughter who likes to make a lot of mess. My daughter drives me everywhere, cooks and as well as cleans for all of us which includes the cars which our 4wd is for the dogs. She is such an amazing single mum and has no time to herself to do what she wants. I think the Bissell Bolt would be so helpful for her and maybe it will help her clean faster for time for herself!

  381. Tanya Neff Reply

    with 5 kids a Vacuum is a necessity! with a light and efficient Vacuum like the Bissell would make every day life that much easier.

  382. my car is a mess (thanks to my adorable messy children) and located away from our house which means i cant vacuum it easily so it hardly gets done, this would be amazing for the car as well as for all those little vacuum jobs in the house where a big vacuum is a pain to pull out and run.

  383. Bec D'owney Reply

    My awkward house! Downstairs kitchen, upstairs hallways, tricky stairs, filthy cars, dusty bathrooms… this would help make my scene of the GRIME be a SWEEPING success! It has WATT I need – portable, powerful and light, so I can make a CLEAN getaway!

  384. Tracy Andreatta Reply

    My daughter keeps borrowing mine , she’s due for her first baby and her and her partner have just moved into their own place . They don’t have a vacuum cleaner and this would suit their needs and satisfy my daughters OCD nesting .

  385. Tess Howard Reply

    Often find bunnies made of dust,
    I gaze at Bissell with lust
    Would never ever lose its ‘suck’
    A Bolt Ion Lift is a must!

  386. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Bissell Vacuum is cordless vacuum with powerful suction. I really love Bissell Vacuum review by MUMCENTRAL . It would make my household work easier and very happy.

  387. My vacuum cleaner blew up recently and I really need a more portable one with strong suction cleaning. This Bissel Bolt Ion Lift Off Vacuum would be perfect.

  388. If I can get my Husband to vacuum, the BISSELL Bolt Ion Lift Off would be the perfect miracle worker!

  389. Eva Kiraly Reply

    I’d love to vacuum and know that the carpet is clean, it just seems pointless, when the vacuum isn’t really working!

  390. jazminbree Reply

    After having an old Kmart vacuum cleaner that haggardly moves around the house and crumbles in a heap after the (small) lounge room is done… I don’t think I’d know what to do with a new one!

  391. Lauren Mahalia Reply

    I would love to have a vacuum that actually worked made my house clean and didn’t just push the dirt around cordless makes it safe with my bubbas around and lightweight weight makes it easy on my back

  392. Veronica Shine Reply

    My 3 month old baby and I are about to move into our freshly renovated house. I’m going to need an awesome vacuum cleaner to ensure I keep the brand new carpet and floors in tip top shape 🙂

  393. One thing I love is that it is cordless, so my little ones won’t trip over any cords laying around while I clean the house. I love how in 45 minutes, I can clean everything, no dust or anything messy. My old, generic branded vacuum that I bought 4 years ago is starting to have its days.

  394. Hubby: Where’s your Mum?
    Son: Upstairs with Bissell.
    Hubby: Who?
    Son: She’s in love I think. Can finally clean up all your mess she said.

  395. Narelle Abbie Reply

    my current vacuum is taped together and leaves bits of plastic all over the house as it’s falling apart!

  396. Kelly Ryan Reply

    I love that the Bissell Bolt Ion Lift Off is lightweight and portable…perfect for this mama with a bad back that needs to be able to get into the nooks and crannies!

  397. A Bissell Bolt Ion Lift Off would be lightweight, does not require a engineering degree to operate and best of all, can get at those tight corners and would be brilliant to use in my car!

  398. I have stairs and find the old fashion pull behind to be dangerous on stairs

  399. Cass Rochelle Reply

    Between my cats, my dogs and these dustbunnies that keep showing up, I think the Bissell Bolt would be the most loved thing in my house!

  400. Patricia Harkin Reply

    My current vacuum cleaner sucks, too…but in bad way! It has the power to lift bowling balls but is hopeless at lifting dust.

  401. Karla Oleinikoff Reply

    With stairs, 2 cars (extremely dirty…oops!) four kiddies and a hubby, I think I’d give this vacuum a challenge, but one I’d be extremely happy to lose!

  402. Vija Leitis Reply

    You can get into all the nooks with its detachable feature and use it anywhere a clean up job is required

  403. Kathy Chaudhry Reply

    I would love to win this as this MUM’s hoovering life seems to be CENTRAL to every waking hour at the moment – with 4 kiddies and a messy husband!

  404. Melly Legiman Reply

    A BISSELL Bolt Ion Lift Off Vacuum would provide a chore-fire way to keep my house spick and span. I need a stairway to (dust-free) heaven!

  405. Ash McMorrow Reply

    Especially love it for cleaning the car. Having to find an extension cord and trying to lift my bulky vacuum up to clean it puts me off hence why my car looks like a rubbish tip.

  406. Shannon Lucas Reply

    Would LOVE to win this, I am so sick of my husbands excuse that he cant vacuum the car because we have no power point outside – this would solve that problem lol

  407. As I vacumm daily, both house and sometimes the car it would be much easier walking from inside to outside searching for leads for the outside power point

  408. Laura Scriven Reply

    Had my Dyson for 12 years,
    It deserves a big cheers!
    But the plastic clips have had it’s day!
    And the handle falls out in every way.

  409. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Bissell Vacuum is going to change my headache for cleaning dusty household work. I can successfully to remove dust or dirty things without long cord. Thank you. Happy Chinese New Year Everyone.

  410. Indika Wijayasekera Reply

    I need a Bissell Vacuum because I love its key features including battery life up to 45 mins, it comes with removable battery with separate charger. This is the perfect solution to remove cat hair from my house and create a child safe environment.

  411. This would be very handy for around home, but also in the caravan.

  412. Teresa Hogg Reply

    it would be handy for me as I have wreaked all my muscles in my foot it would be so simple for my kids to use

  413. Heather Pitkeathly Reply

    This would be a fantastic addition to our family between the fluffy cat and the tornado toddler ‘mummy’ would love to win a Bissell Bolt Ion Lift Off .

  414. Lyndel Marshall Rowe Reply

    the Bissel bolt ion lift off vacuum cleaner would be perfect for my car and to be able to use it for 45min without cords would be amazing

  415. Mum Knows Best Reply

    Why wouldn’t I want one? Its a fantastic little machine so compact & versatile would be prefect for the fur babies, the kids little or big messes around the house, oh & definitely ideal for the car with all it’s Key Features like:
    Lithium-Ion Battery delivers up to 45 minutes run time from a single charge
    Lift Off® Canister – get to stairs, corners or even your car with ease
    Multi-Surface cleaning – brush and power controls
    Includes swivel steering for easy navigation around furniture
    Super quick 2 hr battery charge
    Light weight – only 5kg
    Quick release hose and wand
    Dual cyclone technology
    Washable pre-motor filter
    Removable battery with separate charger
    Very well suited to my life style would be a great addition

  416. I know this will be the magic machine … I won’t have a chance to use it between the hubby and the kids, might teach the dog to use it too. And my father in law loves cleaning gadgets, can see them visiting us more often haha … Best of all, it will make my life a lot easier especially now that I’ve enrolled at uni!!

  417. Lift off!! Vacuuming would be a blast with this Bissell, no more dragging, snagging and back breaking.

  418. I’ve been wanting a Dyson stick vacuum forever as I hate vacuuming the stairs with my DC23. I’m now so glad I haven’t bought the Dyson yet. The Bissell Bolt sounds so much better, especially with 45 mins battery life which is far better than Dyson stick at only 20 mins!!

  419. The BISSELL Bolt Ion Lift Off Vacuum cleaner looks like the most practical and easy to use vacuum cleaner I have ever seen. Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. It also has great suction power. My house will be cleaner than it has ever been.

  420. Jamee-lee Lance Reply

    I accidentally broke our vacuum cleaner so now I’m sweeping daily to keep our corgi’s dog hairs from taking over the house. The broom mostly just poofs the hairs into the air, and with a newborn in my arms it’s just too hard! If I won the Bissell bolt then maybe I could convince hubby to do a quick scoot around the house with it when he gets home, he refuses to sweep!

  421. Lauren Anastasiou Reply

    I am not a great fan of housework, and sometimes the sheer effort involved in coaxing my electric vacuum cleaner out of its lair, pulling out the cord and plugging it in, even before I have to drag that heavy monster all around the house, is enough to convince me that I can get away with a quick sweep. In the best interests of my family, me, and tidy floors everywhere, please send me a BISSELL Bolt Ion Lift Off Vacuum, so that I can let sleeping monsters lie!

  422. My poor old vacuum is on it’s last legs. It has served me well over the last 20 years but is now ready for a bit like me!

  423. Rachelle Coker Reply

    I’m forever following my 9 month old around with the vacuum now that he’s into everything!

  424. My vacuum is an upright, heavy, 10 year old machine that is useless for the car and useless for my back and shoulder injuries. This Bissell Bolt Ion Lift Off Vacuum sounds like my saviour in suction! What a fantastic machine for people like myself who need light but powerful. Just perfect.

  425. Julie Ford Reply

    the old thing that sucks in my house is trying to use our vaccum it can’t handle the constant battle with our four kids

  426. Claire Brennan Reply

    My old dyson upright has really seen better days. After two messy boys (who are still messy) I need something that can cope with the mess they create. With the bissel bolt my house would look clean in a flash.

  427. Sheena Grey Reply

    I would love this vacuum cleaner my one doesn’t have much suction and i am forever cleaning it out & cleaning the filter

  428. Natalie Stoute Reply

    Well I was sold on the name before I even read your review! Bissell Bolt Ion Lift Off! Sounds like a superhero weapon! Going with that, this device looks super awesome!

    45 minutes – that will do my entire little home easy, lift off canister – perfect for the crumb filled corners of my car, multi-surface cleaning is great as we have carpet and fake floorboards lol, swivel steering for vacuuming around furniture (or shoving toys into corners….yes!), two hour battery charge is great as I’m impatient, only 5kg is excellent as I’m weak, quick release hose and wand – again this is great as I’m impatient, dual cyclone technology will surely eliminate the incessant cat fur, the washable filter will save money and the removable batter with separate charger makes life easy!

  429. Marianne Bakulic Reply

    Bissell Bolt ion Lift off vacuum cleaner is CORDLESS? We’ve never had much cordless stuff before – and the Bissell would mainly be for my own mother; the place would get super cleaned galore!!!

  430. With 4 kids and a dog, this vacuum would be ideal for helping keep my house spotless!

  431. I’d love to win so I can hold women’s meetings and show them this amazing male cleaning hypnosis tool… I mean vacuum cleaner. I want to shower other women this vacuum cleaner…

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