My House is the Teen Hangout House and I Wouldn’t Want it Any Other Way

I’m the mum whose house is always full of teenagers. It’s not as bad as you might think. Truthfully, I love it. 

When my kids were pre-teens, they were hardly ever home. They were always playing outside with friends, or at their friends’ houses. It started to feel like they just came home to eat and sleep.

Now that they are teenagers, my house has become the designated teen hangout house. It’s full of teens most afternoons, weekends, and school holidays. It’s full of loud noises and weird smells. It’s full of dirty plates, unmatched shoes, random articles of clothing that aren’t my teens’ and, of course, endless requests for snacks. 

Despite being a hardcore introvert who isn’t the biggest fan of people in general, I love knowing my house is the teen hangout house. Sure, it’s messy and loud, but when my house is full of teens and young adults, I don’t mind. 

The joys of running the ‘teen hangout house’ 

If you do have teens, then here’s why having the teen hangout house is a huge plus: 

Your presence in their lives

Not only do you get to know the kids your kids hang out with, but you get to know your own kids differently. You have a chance to build strong relationships with your own kids, but also be a surrogate parent to your kids’ friends. 

You know where your kids are and other parents can rest easy

 There is so much that can go wrong when kids are traipsing all over town. It’s not the 80s anymore when street lights were a sign to go home. When everyone is at your house, they are safe.

You can be a safe person for their friends

Sometimes, the kids our kids hang out with don’t have the best home life. There could be abuse happening, parents arguing all the time, problems with a sibling, or the teen doesn’t feel like they’re understood. While you’re not taking the place of their parent, they know if they need a break, you are a safe person to be around. Which can be such a transformative thing for them.

You’ll be part of making some great memories

 So many things happen when everyone is gathered at your house. Someone might fall in love, or experience a heartbreak, or do something really embarrassing, but short-lived. These are the memories your kids, and their friends, will remember for years to come. They will associate your home with a feeling of fun and camaraderie.

Teen hangout house
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The sound of teens having fun, is one of the best sounds

 We might feel like we lose our kids around their tween years when hormones take our sweet babies and replace them with aliens. But the adage is true when people say they will come back to you.

The late teen years are when the sweet kid you remember starts to peek through again. Sure, they might eat you out of the house and home. They might set up camp in your living room. They might stockpile all your dishes.

But they also fill your house with laughter. And knowing your kids are happy and enjoy being around you is the best feeling.

How do you turn your house into the place to be?

Plenty of food, support and space. Here are the four key ingredients to a happy teen hangout house. 


Full bellies equal happy people. Feeding people is something I got from my grandmother and if you’re in my house at dinner time, you’re getting fed. 


If you have the room, a designated teen space is the key to having a house full of them. It could be an unused room with some second-hand furniture, a shed out the back they can decorate to their heart’s content, or a second living room if your house has one that can be made ‘their space’.

Be Welcoming

Teens have an inherent ability to know if you dislike them. Being friendly and welcoming shows them you want them in your house and makes them feel more comfortable about coming back.

No Pressure

The older our teens get, the more pressure they face from school, part-time jobs and burgeoning adulthood. When they’re all gathered at your house, let them relax and not worry about grades, jobs or their future. Let them chill in the moment.

Our teens are teens for a finite amount of time. As much as I can’t wait to get to know them as adults, I also cherish the time I have with them now. If that means my house is full of kids half the time, that my house is the designated teen hangout house for half the kids at their school, and they all feel safe at my house, I’m more than okay with that.

Who else has the pleasure of running the ‘teen hangout house’? Let us know in the comments below and join our Mums of Teens and Tweens Facebook Group! 

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