27 ‘O’Dorable and Unique Baby Names Starting with O

Sure, we all know the common O baby names like Olivia, Oliver and Oscar. But what about Odin, Oakley and Odette? We are oh-so-excited about these adorable names starting with O.

Behold 27 unique choices that might tickle your fancy, especially if specifically looking for an O baby name to match a sibling or carry on a tradition.

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If you already have an Oscar or Ollie, you might want another O name to keep the trend going.  Source: Adobe Stock

O baby names are more popular than you may think. Vowel baby names, in general, are often featured on the top 100 baby name lists. In 2023, names starting with O were featured four times across the boys’ and girls’ top 100:

  • Olivia
  • Olive
  • Oliver
  • Oscar

Other common names starting with O include Owen, Otto, Octavia , Ozzy and Otis.

27 unique names starting with O 

Olympia – This name is quite popular among athletics (Usain Bolt and Serena Williams both have Olympias). It’s a lovely name for a little girl destined for greatness and doesn’t make the top 100 list (yet).

Odessa – Mythical, magical and mysterious, Odessa is an enchanting option.

Odette – An elegant choice, Odette is a touch regal with a hint of vintage. The feminine name means “wealthy”.

Oakley – For an earthy name, Oakley certainly fits the mould. A few other options here include Oaklynn, Oaken or even just Oak

October – Calendar names such as May, June and August are pretty common but how about October?

Odin – A poetic moniker, Odin is the ancient God of wisdom, poetry, and death.

Onyx – If you like gemstone names, then Onyx is a great find. The gemstone is meant to bring stability and self-control.

Opal – Another gemstone name, Opal translates to “precious stone”.

Orion – A star of a name, Orion is a great choice for any space buffs.

space baby names - names starting with O - Orion
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Oshianna – If you like long and elegant names, like Annabella or Lilianna, then Oshianna may be a perfect fit (pronounced Oceania).

Orla – A pretty pick for any princess, Orla means “golden princess”. Very fitting.

Orville – Old man names are coming back into style – just look at Oscar. Orville could be the next old-school O baby name that enters the top 100. Orville means “gold town”.

Orson – Another old-school option, Orson means “bear cub”.

Ovette – A combination of Yvette and Odette, Ovette is a name many haven’t heard of before. Cute yet classy with a vintage feel, Ovette could be a winner.

Olin – A Swedish name, Olin means “to inherit”.

Oren – Meaning “pine” or “ash”, Oren is a nature name for all earthy parents out there. Other spelling options include Orrin, Orin and Orren.

Ozias – This is one of the more unique Biblical names of today which means “salvation”.

Ophelia – A literary name, Ophelia means “help”.

Oona – This interesting name translates to “one” or “universal”. I’ve also seen it spelled Oonagh.

Orly – Meaning “one light”, this Hebrew name is popular in some countries and is usually given to girls born around Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights.

Oisín – Pronounced UH-SHEEN, this Irish name means “little deer”.

Odie – While Odie will forever be considered the dog from Garfield, I’ve seen it being used as a baby name too. Odie can make a nickname for the more boisterous Odysseus, which might be an option if you like heroic and strong names.

Ottilie – This cute moniker is a vibrant choice for a little fighter. It means “prosperous in battle”.

Oriana – Another really pretty name starting with O, Oriana means “sunrise” and “dawn” and might make a good choice for any Bub born in the early morning.

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