If you’re up for a giggle (and who isn’t?!), take a look at these funny as heck images from this year’s Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards finalists. It’s the coolest wildlife photography you’ll see this year – with images that are surprisingly relatable!

A photography competition loved by all, there are 42 images that made finalist. Now the tough job is to cut them back to the ultimate winner …. who will take home the crown in the 2021 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. And boy, there are some belly laughs to be had, all in the name of raising awareness for environmental conservation and celebrating these wonderful critters.

This year’s finalists from all around the world include birds having a bad day, majestic mammals and a whole lot of awkwardness. You can see the whole gallery of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards finalist photos here, it’s a great one to show the kids!

10 fabulously funny and cheeky wildlife shots

1. My kid’s expression when he’s about to launch into the telling the longest story EVER

Five minutes and 36 distractions in… Make. It. Stop.

I was eating lunch and then Suzie lost her pencil… Source: Axel Bocker / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

2. When you just want to enjoy the great outdoors but the universe says no

Even a pigeon can’t get a break!

oh, C’MON. Source: John Speirs / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

3. Playing hide and seek with a toddler…

I mean, you’re so good at hiding, you’re practically INVISIBLE.

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards
Gosh, I give up! Where ARE you hiding?! Source: Pal Marchhart / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

4. When you wake up in a #mood

Everything is FINE.

Angry Bird, that you? Source: Andrew Mayes / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

5. When someone asks how homeschooling and lockdown parenting is going

You have to be kidding right?

We’re “coping”. JUST. Source: Chee Kee Teo / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

6. This guy is WISHING he stepped on Lego instead of this. Ouch!

Could it be worse? Probably not.

Lego, wire to the groin, same same. Source: Ken Jensen / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

7. Getting those TikTok moves just right

At this point, TikTok is what gets me through most weeks. I’m there for the laughs. And dancing videos. But mostly the laughs.

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards
She’s a savage, classy.. bougie.. ratchet. Source: Rick Elleson / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

8. When your comfort eating results in new curves

I only wear activewear now. True story.

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards
When the Covid curve hits different. Source: Patrick Dirlam /Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

9. Kids waiting at the door for you to come home from the supermarket be like…

There’s peace to be found on solo supermarket trips, but this is what waits for you at home. Awww.

Did you get something for ME? Source: Kevin Biskaborn / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

10. Is this a gummy baby smile or wishful thinking?

Is she smiling her first smile or is it just wind?

Nope, just wind. Source: Aditya Kshirsagar / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Last year’s Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards winner nailed it

And last year’s Awards winner, Australian photographer Mark Fitzpatrick, was the perfect pick for 2020 and pretty much sums up how many of us have felt throughout this year too!

A flip of the bird – or fin – sums it up. Source: Mark Fitzpatrick / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

There’s no stretching the truth about it. It’s been a REALLY rough couple of years and humankind definitely feels it. If these photos are anything to go by, our wildlife all over the world is too. Hang in there guys, we’ve got this. Things WILL get better!

One thing I do know for sure is, I’ll be looking at my local wildlife with a different set of eyes now, not that I’ll be seeing a TikToking bear any time soon…

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