Itty Bitty Crocs for Dogs are a Thing and #TAKEMYMONEY


It’s time for a pawesome treat for all dog lovers out there – someone has invented teeny tiny Crocs for puppy paws. Yep. Crocs for dogs.

2021 just got a little less awful.

crocs for dogs on Amazon
Source: Amazon

The adorable footwear is on sale through Amazon but at this stage, they are sold out because clearly, the entire world wants at least two pairs. They come in heaps of different colours and look like the classic ugly Croc we all know and love/hate. But super small!

crocs for dogs
Source: Instagram and Amazon

Paws at the ready!

Crocs for dogs are suitable for small dogs only. So apologies to all the Labs, German Shepherds and Dobermans out there- your big arse paws won’t cut it.

But if you’ve got a dainty dog, then you can make their designer footwear dreams come true.

SIDE NOTE: Check out what your dog’s breed says about you. 

crocs for dogs
Dainty dogs rejoice. Source: Instagram

Now, you would think that Crocs for dogs would be perfect for lounging around the backyard, strutting around the street or sniffing dogs’ butts at the local park. But nope.

Crocs for dogs are only suitable for photos. They aren’t suitable to wear daily or for any running activities.

mum central

But hey, if you love to stage adorable pet pics with your pup, then these Crocs for dogs may be worth it.

mum central
Source: Instagram

Even more rockin’ croc style

You may be surprised but this isn’t the first tie someone has decided to take the beloved Croc design and make it better. This talented lady bedazzles the bejesus out of Crocs to transform them into WEDDING CROCS.

Comfort and style, people. Here come the bridal Crocs!

mum central

You can also pair your Crocs with a Croc bag too, complete with ugly Croc charms. #NoThanks  

optari croc bag
Source: Supplied

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