Woman Booted Off Plane for Refusing to Sit Beside Baby

Let’s face it – flying isn’t the most comfortable way to get around. But it’s quick. And thus, we put up with the crowded spaces, the unpleasant smells and the possibility of sitting beside a mother with an infant.

Well, most of us do, at least.

A woman in America decided she wasn’t have a bar of it, throwing an adult tantrum in the airplane aisle after being seated next to a baby. Her actions got her booted from the flight and suspended from her job.

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The kerfuffle occurred on an Endeavour Air flight from New York’s JFK airport to Syracuse’s Hancock Airport, which it must be noted, is a ONE HOUR flight. As the woman, who has been identified as Susan Peirez, approached her seat, she realised she was placed beside 19-year-old mum, Marissa Rundell and her eight-month-old son, Mason.

‘I’m not sitting next to a crying baby’

Susan allegedly started swearing and yelling at the young mum, announcing she wasn’t going to sit beside a crying baby. Marissa promptly replied with, “He’s not going to cry the whole time.” But Susan really wasn’t interested.

woman booted off plane for refusing to sit next to baby
Image via Marissa Rundell Facebook

She then threatened the airline attendant for not letting her switch seats, claiming “you may not have a job tomorrow”.

The flight attendant promptly told her to get off the flight.

Despite Susan apologising and promising to behave, the airline attendant stuck to her guns. A very disgruntled Susan finally left the aircraft after 10 minutes of back-and-forth with the flight crew.

No flight for you

Marissa shared a video of the drama unfolding to her Facebook page, thanking the airline for not letting the woman get away with bullying.

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“This lady thought she was going to be rude to me and Mason. Now she has no way home today,” Marissa wrote. “Thank you to the lovely Delta flight attendant for not letting this women bully us.”

And other parents have also chimed in, poo-pooing he traveller’s claim that she was “just really stressed out”.

Endeavour Air, which is part of Delta Air Lines, has apologised to the other customers on the flight and issued a brief statement.

“We ask that customers embrace civility and respect one another when flying Delta,” said Delta spokesman Michael Thomas. “This customer’s behaviour toward a fellow customer was not in keeping with those standards.”

Woman suspended over tantrum

But it gets worse for the unhappy flyer. After news of the situation reached her workforce, the NY State Council of the Arts, Susan was suspended for her behaviour.

“State employees are and must be held to the highest standard both professionally and personally. We were notified of this situation and have commenced an investigation. This employee has been removed from the office and placed on leave until further notice and until the inquiry is resolved,” Director of Public Information Ronni Reich told Spectrum on Thursday.

Oh, the drama!

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