Behind the Scenes on a Woolworths Fresh Food Kids Discovery Tour. 100% Thumbs Up!

Imagine an interactive tour that introduces your kids to a platter of new fruits and veggies, teaches them about the process of growing these foods and lets them have a little fun in the produce aisle?

This is now a thing, thanks to Woolworths and their all new Fresh Food Kids Discovery Tours.

These fun and free tours are such a cool way to get your kids to try new fruits and veggies they normally wouldn’t try (and without having to buy them first!).

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A rainbow of produce! We got to discover a whole host of fruit and veggies on the Fresh Food Kids Discovery Tours.


Taste Testing with Woolworths Discovery Tours

Woolies have heaps of initiatives aimed at helping our kids make healthy food choices but their Discovery Tours are definitely one of the tastiest ideas they’ve brought to the table. My boys (aged 7 and 9) and I got to go on a personal Discovery Tour earlier this week with some of their school buddies and boy oh boy, did we discover a platter full of cool produce!

Super keen to try the baby cucumbers, the kids were all in on this one.

But what is a Discovery Tour exactly?

Well, essentially it’s like taking a trip around the produce section of your local Woolworths. But without a grocery cart, a list of items you need and your suddenly-starving kids who MUST have a snack by aisle two.

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The Discovery Tour is a great way for kids to learn in a hands-on environment while tasting produce as they go.

Instead, you get to explore (and try) a wide range of fruits and veggies that you probably stroll past every week and are too hesitant to buy.

The Woolworths Discovery Tour also explores some of the more popular fruits, but in fun new ways. Plus, there’s the chance to go behind the scenes and check out what really happens ‘behind those big doors at your local Woolies. 

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Some behind the scenes touring included a quick stop in the milk chiller…

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Behind the Scenes on a Woolworths Fresh Food Kids Discovery Tour

Woolworths FREE Fresh Food Kids Discovery Tours are a perfect way to teach kids all about fruit and veg AND hopefully inspire them to try something other than apples, oranges and bananas. Check out what the kids thought and how you can book your own Discovery Tour:

Posted by Mum Central on Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Step inside the Woolworths Discovery Tour.  If they know it, they may just eat it (well, fingers crossed at least)

The goal of Woolworths Discovery Tours is to not only inspire our kids to eat more fruit and veg, but also to make it easier for parents to convince their kids to eat more fruit and veg. Plus, being familiar with the different types of produce will hopefully make kids less likely to scrunch their noses up at it and appreciate so much more what it does for their bodies.

mum centralAlmost 95% of Australian children struggle to meet their recommended intake of fruit and vegetables. Isn’t that a bit nuts? And I can safely say my kids most likely fall into this 95%. Most days at least.

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it was smiles all round as the kids were armed with their goodie bags and ready to head home.

The Woolworths Discovery Tours are currently free in participating stores and will be continuing in 2019. They are suitable for kids from Early Learning Centres (aged 3+) all the way up to year 6 and many schools and ELC’s are now organising tours for their students, which is so great to see!

Group sizes require a minimum number of 10 students and hold a maximum of 30. Also, homeschoolers are welcome for groups of 10 or more and parents can even get involved by booking their own tour through a participating Woolies.  Click on the button below to find out more and to book your Discovery Tour now!mum central

To learn more about the program, head to the Woolworths Fresh Food Kids Discovery Tours.


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