Woolworths Launches New Olympic Collectable Stickers. Here’s How to Get Your Hands on Them

It’s about to get a whole lot sportier in our households as the countdown to the Tokyo Summer Olympics is officially on. This year Woolworths is bringing the Olympics to us in the form of new Woolworths Olympics sticker packs featuring past and present Olympians and Paralympians.

Woolworths olympic collectables
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Kids are going to get a kick out of these new Woolworths Olympic stickers. Just look at how cool these stickers are!

The action begins on 7 July 2020 in-store and online, ahead of the official Olympic start on 23 July 2020. 

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New Woolworths Olympic sticker collectables: How it works

Like all Woolworths’ collectables, these are free to collect. You just need to spend $20 in-store or online to get an Olympic sticker pack. Do a $300 food shop and you’ll get 15 of them.

Customers can collect a bonus sticker pack when they purchase a participating product (capped at three per purchase).

You can also pick up an Aussie Heroes Collector Case for $3.00, while supplies last.

Green and gold fever  

There are 68 Australian Olympic and Paralympic heroes to collect in total including:

  • Saya Sakakibara, BMX
  • Michael Klim, swimming
  • Susie O’Neil, swimming
  • Samantha Stosur, tennis
  • Cathy Freeman, athletics
  • Ji Wallace, gymnastics
  • Anna Mears, cycling
  • Jeff Horn, boxing
Woolworths olympic collectables
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And so many more too, from several different sports – basketball, judo, handball, hockey, rugby, diving, fencing, surfing, sailing. Our Olympic team is going to SMASH it this year!

Some of the Aussie heroes even come in a GOLD sticker pack, adding another element of excitement for kids who love discovering the rare collectables.

Each Woolworths Aussie Heroes collectable features information on the athlete – including their birthdate, accomplishments, and even their favourite fruit or vegetable, inspiring kids to explore healthier foods from a younger age to reach their full potential.

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Show your support

Woolworths’ collections are ALWAYS a huge hit, from the Discovery Gardens, Disney+ Ooshies, Pixar Dominoes, to their Animal Encounter Cards (remember those – my kids still have their albums hidden in their toy boxes).

We predict the new Olympic Sticker Collection will be a big hit too! And what a great way to get kids interested in sport and supporting our Aussie Olympic and Paralympic heroes!

All the fun starts on 7 July 2020. You can also further support our Paralympic team by rounding up your purchase on self-checkouts or make a donation of any amount on our serviced checkouts.

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