23+ Barbie-Inspired Baby Names

It’s officially Barbie’s World and we’re just living in it. Well, not quite, but you know what we mean – Barbiecore is officially here, and what better way to celebrate the arrival of the new Barbie movie than with a Barbie-inspired baby names round-up?

It’s time to think pink ( and blue) – check out these Barbie baby names that are loaded with Kenergy and Barbietude. 

Barbie-inspired baby names
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Barbie-inspired baby names straight out of Barbieverse

1. Barbie/Barbara – Let’s start with the most obvious contender – Barbara, which is old school AF but also destined for greatness. I have a feeling Barb is coming back strong this year! 

2. Kenneth – Next we have Kenneth, or Just Ken to his mates. Kenneth brings some serious Kenergy to the baby name table and means “born of fire” and “handsome”. 

3. Midge – You might be too young to remember Midge but she’s Barbie’s orange-haired friend. The name is as retro chic as they come and means “pearl”. Are we destined for a generation of little Midgies? Perhaps! 

4. Ruth – Another name straight from Grandma’s knitting group, Ruth is the name of Barbie’s creator, Ruth Handler. The name means “compassionate friend”. 

5. Millie Millie is actually quite popular now on its own or as a nickname for the more vintage option of Millicent. Barbie’s middle name is Millicent so that’s where the connection is. Millie means “strong in work”. Barbie vibes for sure! 

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Barbie Baby is ready to party! Source: Fancy Props

6. Skipper – One of Barbie’s little sisters’ names, Skipper is quirky and cute for any gender and means “captain”. 

7. Stacie – In Barbie Land, Stacie is the athletic little sister of Barbie. In real-world land, Stacie means “resurrection” and “fruitful” and was a popular name in the 80s and 90s. Could it be back for a “resurrection”?  

8. Chelsea – Another 80s classic, Chelsea is another one of Barbie’s little sisters. Chelsea means “chalk landing place” which makes absolutely zero sense in terms of why Barbie’s sister would be named this, but hey, Barbie baby names don’t follow the same rules as real-world names. 

9. Krissy – The smallest of the Barbie sisters is Krissy, who was introduced in the late 1900s. Krissy tends to be short for Christina or Kristina but it works on its own too. 

10. Tommy – Yes, ladies and gents, Barbie’s parents were SUPER BUSY and procreated not only five girls but also a little boy named Tommy. Barbie’s younger brother’s name means “twin”. 

11. Francie Francie is a little bit fancy. The name comes from the character Francie Fairchild and she’s Barbie’s cousin from the 60s. If Francie is a bit too bold for your taste, you could always go with Frankie which is in the top 100 baby names for girls. 

12. Christie – We’re moving onto Barbie BFFS but still finding our baby name inspo straight outta the 80s and 90s with Christie. Christie made her BFF debut in 1968 and the name hasn’t really seen much popularity lately. 

13. Teresa – Teresa is another Barbie BFF. The name means “summer”. 

14. Summer – Not to be confused with another one of Barbie’s friend, actually named Summer. 

15. Racquelle – If your daughters watch the various Barbie TV series, then you’ll know Raquelle. She’s the overly vain, overly jealous frenemy of Barbie and she’s a queen in her own right. The name actually means “innocent” which is extra ironic in Barbie Land but it’s nice in the real world. 

16. Daisy – Daisy is another one of Barbie’s friends on one of the spinoff TV series. This is a really cute nature name that’s rising in popularity. 

17. Allan – We HAD to include Allan in the naming festivities because it’s as old as it gets. Allan is Ken’s best friend and the name means “handsome” and “cheerful”. 

18. Ryan – Ryan is Raquelle’s twin brother who is also obsessed with Barbie and often gives Ken a hard time. This popular name means “little king” and, while it’s not nearly as trendy as it was 30 years ago, we still hear it often. 

19. Brad – Brad is another Barbie mate who is the boyfriend of Christie. The name definitely fits the Barbie mould to a tea and means “broad”. 

20. Blaine – This is a fun one as many people don’t know Blaine is actually a Barbie-inspired baby name. Blaine is the name of Barbie’s Australian surfer boyfriend when she and Ken took a break. 

21. Lilli – This is the name that actually stated it all (well, sort of). You see, Ruth Handles actually designed Barbie from a German doll named Bild Lilli. Lilli is a popular variation of the name Lily and means “God is abundance.”

22. Malibu – You wouldn’t be the first to name your baby Malibu. Influencer Trisha Paytas did the same thing earlier this year and matched her Barbie baby name with a super pink Barbie-themed nursery too. She goes by Mali for short which is better than Bu. 

23. Kendell – So Kendell isn’t a character in any Barbie movies or TV series, but it DOES have the name Ken in it and dell is pretty darned close to doll. Kendell. Kendoll. I’m dead. 

Non-Barbie baby names that still give out serious Barbie baby name vibes

These names aren’t part of the whole Barbiecore universe but they still feature the vintage cool feel and that’s why we’re including them. 

  • Peggie
  • Maisy
  • Maggie
  • Elsie
  • Lottie 
  • Kit
  • Mae
  • Alfie 
  • Maude
  • Dixie
  • Bea
  • Vincent (Vinnie)
  • Miles
  • Ted
  • Theodore
  • Minnie 

Check out our full list of vintage and retro baby names. 

Additional Barbieverse fun finds

Barbie-inspired baby names are fun but even if you’re not welcoming a newborn into the world anytime soon, you can still get your Barbie on with these Barbie-themed stories. 

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