Most of us have one, maybe two Christmas trees in our homes. The extra festive folk? Maybe three or four trees. But not the Jeromin family.

This extra cheerful couple from Germany has just smashed the world record for the most elaborate Christmas display with a whopping 444 trees scattered around their flat.

world record christmas
Guys, that’s a whole lotta trees! Source: Facebook

444 trees and 10,000 decorations. And wait til you see the set-up!

Thomas, 55 and his wife, are no strangers to Christmas decorations. They’ve gone all out nine times in the past but this year, well, this year WINS!

Source: Facebook

World record for Christmas trees

In fact, a spokesman for Germany’s Rekord Institute, which catalogues amazing global feats like the Guinness World Records, said that “Family Jeromin is really the world leader here”.


christmas tree house
Source: Facebook

The couple said they took on the massive festive task months ago and love living among the trees. Both the inside and the outside of their home is decorated and plenty of trees feature themed decorations.

From the photos shared on Facebook, we can see a few fan faves including Storm Troopers and Minions.

The couple’s home isn’t huge but that doesn’t stop them from literally decking every single speck of hall! Even the bathroom contains several large trees, all decorated in a different theme.

Source: Facebook

And check out the forest of festive fun in Thomas’ office!

Source: Facebook

Sure, it may be next-to-impossible to walk without tripping on a bauble or 9,999, but, hey, it’s only for a few short weeks.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Looking for more festive fun? Check out this woman’s yearly tree efforts – rather than take down the Christmas tree every January 1st, she simply redecorates it with a theme to match the month – Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Halloween, even an adorable Back to School theme!

Check them out here. 

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