The Worst Kids’ TV Characters in the History of Ever

Go home, Elmo. 

And take all of your equally annoying friends with you.

TV is a godsend for parents. But some of the shows streamed to Netflix and played on ABCKIDS are seriously strange. While our children seem to love them, it’s hard not to cringe when some of these characters open their mouths.

So which TV shows have spawned the worst of the worst in television characters? Join us as we count down the television program characters that need to exit the small screen, STAT!


Most Annoying Kids' TV Characters Caillou the Worst Child Ever

Let’s start with the world’s most annoying bald-headed preschooler – Caillou. If your kids haven’t gotten into Caillou, then thank the TV gods. He is pretty much the cartoon equivalent of Joffrey on GoT. The. Absolute. Worst.

And it’s not just me who can’t stand him. There are Facebook pages where parents can share their disdain of Caillou and all he represents – pure whinging awfulness.

Norman from Fireman Sam

Most Annoying Kids' TV Characters Norman Fireman Sam

Next, we come across Norman Price, the redheaded little boy who ruins EVERYTHING. Seriously, in the show’s  impressive 30 year history of accidents, I reckon Norman has caused EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. But, you have to give him credit – without his daily screw-ups, Pontypandy wouldn’t even need a fire department.

Pontipines and Wottingers

Most Annoying Kids' TV Characters In the Night Garden

From Pontypandy to Pontipines, our next stop is the crazy world of In the Night Garden where you will find all sorts of characters that were clearly created after a really bad acid trip.

But the strangest have to be the little red and blue families. They don’t have legs, but they do have 8 gazillion children each and make weird mouse-scurrying sounds whenever they dance around their front yards.


Most Annoying Kids' TV Characters Hiccup from Dragons

Moving away from the toddler programs, let’s delve into the world of Berk. The Dragons series is pretty awesome. But the lead character, Hiccup, brings a whole lotta UGH to the show (and the movies too).

Toothless deserves so much better!


Most Annoying Kids' TV Characters SpongeBob

We couldn’t make a list of the most awful kids’ TV characters and not include SpongeBob. He’s a walking, talking ocean sponge. Enough said.

Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba

Most Annoying Kids' TV Characters Brobee Yo Gabba Gabba

Otherwise known as Whinging Green Monster, Brobee’s pure existence is to complain about everything. Oh, and flail those creepy arms around.

Peppa Pig

mum central

Peppa‘s probably one of the most popular TV characters in the world, but she’s also a snarky know-it-all. She has plenty of awful characters to contend with though – like her equally-whingy brother, George and that fitness-freak Potato person they watch on the telly.


ALL the weird bugs in Larva

Most Annoying Kids' TV Characters Larva

What in God’s name is this show even about? And how did it manage to creep into our Netflix line-up?

The Little Princess

Most Annoying Kids' TV Characters Little Princess

We get it. She WANTS a lot of things. And she’s a princess. So she’ll probably get it.

Yep. The Little Princess is just what the television world needs – another spoiled, demanding little brat.

Scrapboy in Dirtgirlworld

kids' tv characters Scrapboy

Those eyebrows. That hair. Make it go away. The entire cast is pretty annoying, to be honest, but, hey, kids seem to dig it.

And don’t even get me started on the live spinoff Get Grubby

Elmo from Sesame Street


annoying children's tv characters

Of course, annoying kids’ characters isn’t a new thing. There were plenty of annoying characters to come out of our favourite kiddy shows too (Pee-Wee Herman and Urkel ring a bell). And, of course, Elmo.

Elmo is a prime example of what happens when a character tries to out-do the show he comes from… Kind of like Kim Kardashian. But in Sesame Street.

So there you have it mums and dads. Which godawful kids’ TV characters are we missing? Let us know in the comments below! And be sure to have a look at our post on the Peppa Pig episode that was banned from Australia. 

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    Peppa for sure she reminds me of a kid who was 9 at YMCA when i worked there whiney / gimme everything now / bossy and wouldnt take responsibilty for anything and did tantys when she was told off

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