Mums Go Wild for Shower Cleaning Hack Using 3 Simple Kitchen Items

You know what’s NOT fun? Cleaning your shower. There’s the gunky soap scum and dirty tile grout and little patches of mould that take WAY too much effort to scrub.

I mean, come on, Saturdays are for watching Netflix and napping. Not douching your shower with bleach in an attempt to make it shine for three hours before one of the kids muddies it up again.

But one clever mum has discovered a fantastic way to avoid the expensive cleaners, the bleach and the endless scrubbing too. The best part is, this shower cleaning hack is so simple, even the kids can do it. And they will be doing it once I implement this shower cleaning hack into my life!

She shared her simple trick on TikTok and we had to share it with all of you as well. Because anything that makes cleaning easier should be seen by the world!

Never deep clean your shower again 

Jeannie, who is known as alittleaboutalot on TikTok, explains that all you need to keep the bathroom forever fresh are three kitchen staples:

  • A dish scrubber that comes with a handle – they are called Dishmatics and you can get them at Woolies for $4.00
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Vinegar

In the now-viral video, Jeannie explains,

I have one of these in each of our showers [a dish scrubber with liquid inside] and baths — it’s half-dishwashing liquid and half-vinegar, and I leave it right in here [in the shower caddy].”

Oh, Jeannie. You clever little chicken!

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Instead of spending your Saturday morning scrubbing the shower until your knuckles hurt, take a minute or two after your shower to give it a little wipe. It stays forever fresh and clean.

Genius you guys!!! I’m buying one for my shower, one for the kids’ shower, and one for the bathtub.

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