Chocolate Free Easter Alternatives: Gift Ideas Other Than Chocolate!


Planning a chocolate free Easter isn’t easy – but it can be done… 

With Easter only a few weeks away, it’s now that time of year when chocolate seems to be everywhere! Before you know it your cupboards will be full of eggs, chocolate bunnies and Easter lollies in varying sizes and packaging. You’re about to witness chocolate overload!

But what happens if you don’t like or don’t want to eat chocolate? Maybe you’re allergic or you feel your children are just too young for it.  Or it could just be that you don’t want your kids collapsing in a sugar induced coma after the annual Easter egg hunt?

How do you avoid the chocolate fest yet still have it feel like Easter? No need to worry, we have it sorted. Don’t forget it’s other things like quality time spent together, an Easter road trip, developing your own family traditions or a shared Easter meal that makes a holiday special… not just chocolate. So even without the binge there’s plenty of ways to make it feel like Easter.

Here’s Mum Centrals Easter gift guide…. with not a chocolate in sight! 

Chocolate Free Easter? Get Crafty

With Easter now commercially a holiday in its own right, it’s easier than ever to find pretty much anything you can dream of with an Easter theme. There’s now a vast amount of Easter craft projects and ideas readily available in stores. Think stickers, foam eggs, fluffy bunny tails and multi-coloured pipe cleaners. You and your kids will have a blast getting your craft on making Easter cards, hats and baskets. Gifts made from the heart (even if crafted with love and not much skill by little people!) are always welcomed.

Crochet & knitting is another simple way to create a gift; think egg cosy, tea cosy, bookmarks etc.  You’ll find YouTube littered with easy to follow tutorials. Homemade craft projects make excellent, meaningful gifts so go get your craft on! Stuck for ideas? Check out Easter craft projects ideas list here! 

easter craft feature

Chocolate Free Easter? Get baking! 

I love baking…so does my daughter, especially when it comes to decorating! Ok so baking involves sugar but your home baked treats don’t have to be smothered in the cocoa stuff. You can adapt recipes to include whatever ingredients and sweeteners tickle your fancy. You could use selected Easter lollies to decorate or opt for colourful fresh fruit.


For the health conscious, switch caster for coconut sugar or rice malt syrup, white flour for wholemeal and milk for squeezed juice. Think outside the box and who knows what tasty delights you’ll create! Be it cupcakes, cookies or even an Easter Pavlova, baking is a family friendly gift idea that can cater for most dietary requirements. (If you’re tempted for some baking check out our Easter Cake Round Up right here!)


Chocolate Free Easter? Show me the pressies!

If you want to avoid the food thing altogether, there’s plenty in the shops right now to choose from when it comes to non-edible Easter gifts. Kids Pjs & t-shirts with festive prints, cuddly Easter soft toys and DVDs are sure to be winners with children of all ages.

Substitute mini chocolate eggs for Easter sticker books or replace a big chocolate egg with a lovely Easter storybook.  With varying prices, there’s an option for every budget- none of it involving chocolate. Winning! You can see Mum Central’s list if favourite Easter reading right here!  

easter books for kids

Chocolate Free Easter? Forget the theme entirely…

Just because its Easter doesn’t mean you have to give an Easter themed gift.  You could just forget the whole Easter thing entirely and go with something completely unseasonal. If there’s something your child’s be hankering for and you would really like Easter to be choc-free why not let the bunny bring that Lego or dolly? Who said the bunny isn’t more flexible than we traditionally imaged… right!?

Whatever you chose to do this year, your only limit is your imagination! Be it with or without chocolate, enjoy this festive time of year and have a safe and Happy Easter!

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