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3 Epic Kmart Kitchen Makeovers From Just $35!

If a full-scale kitchen reno is completely out of the budget right now, take a look at the new Kmart vinyl and tile sheets – they can transform the look of your kitchen for next to nothing. Join us as we celebrate how three clever Aussie mums have updated their kitchen for a lot less using these clever adhesive Kmart kitchen hacks!

We are always seeing women sharing their fantastic Kmart makeovers in the Facebook group, Kmart Home Décor & Hacks Australia and I have to tell you, they’re IMPRESSIVE.


Kmart’s NEW Vinyl Adhesive Roll is made to be durable!

There were plenty of people in the past using Kmart book cover vinyl to cover surfaces but it wasn’t up to the task. That was, until now. Kmart has come to the reno party with a whole new range of durable, built-to-last vinyl adhesive!

Kmart themselves describe their Self Adhesive Film ($7 for 3m) for indoor use to “upgrade smooth walls, furniture or shelves with his self-adhesive film, which is oil and waterproof.” It’s also heatproof up to 70 degrees, is easy to install and just in case you have a caravan in dire need of a spruce up – apparently this is great for that!

Just a reminder though, you want the heavy-duty Self Adhesive Film reportedly found in the home and decor area, not the cheaper book vinyl or adhesive vinyl found in the stationery area.

Kmart kitchen makeover
Head to Kmart for your kitchen makeover needs! Source: Kmart

Jen’s Kmart kitchen terrazzo transformation!

Jen nailed the terrazzo look with her new look kitchen! For her Kmart kitchen makeover, she used the Kmart Self Adhesive Film in white terrazzo ($7) to give her benchtops a modern, fresh look. Jen didn’t stop there though, she also updated her overhead cupboards using black-coloured Self-adhesive Film. Very swish!

“Love the new Kmart Vinyl so much thicker than previous vinyl and now waterproof and heat proof… Total kitchen done for $35!”

Kmart kitchen makeovers
Source: Jen Hoban-Rodrigues

The comments came thick and fast from group members with nitty-gritty questions about prep and durability. Rest assured, Jen said that there was no prep required other than a good clean and wipe down of surfaces to make sure the adhesive film sticks properly.

And when it came to the tricky area of the kitchen sink, Jen laid it down and then trimmed it back with a Stanley knife like an absolute pro.

Kmart kitchen makeovers
Source: Jen Hoban-Rodrigues

When asked if the film is food safe, Jen replied that uses tempered glass cutting boards to protect the surface and prepare food and drinks so it’s not really an issue for her.

And when questioned about her adhesive film laying skills and dealing with those dreaded air bubbles we ALL know too well, Jen replied with:

“Very easy! Leave the paper on and slide it off as you go across, this vinyl is quite thick and has no bubbles at all.”

Wait a minute, no bubbles? Is THIS the vinyl I need for a back-to-school book covering? #sorcery

Di’s stunning stone splashback!

You could be forgiven for gasping out loud at Di’s jaw-dropping Kmart kitchen hack because frankly, she hit it out of the park. Di shared her post with the caption:

“Did my stove splashback with the Kmart paving stones… used two packs of stones, glued them on individually waited 24 hours, then grouted, left for 36hours to dry, then did two coats of sealer and silicone round the edges. Had been finished for a few weeks and wipes off quite easily with no food or oil residue.”

kmart kitchen makeover
Source: Di Taylor-Skamperle

You heard that right, Di used Kmart 4 Pack Light Stone Decking Tiles ($26), two coats of sealer, and a bag of grout to transform her stove area and boy, doesn’t it look SO GOOD?

For a seamless look, Di went the extra mile and didn’t lay the stone in sheets, choosing to take them off the plastic backing frame, individually glue them on, grout and then sealed and silicon the edge. And that extra mile certainly paid off, it looks great!

Kmart kitchen makeovers
Source: Di Taylor-Skamperle

Questions were quickly fired including does it feels like real stone? Di assures people it does, after all, it’s natural travertine stone and fire resistant. Hard to do? No, just time-consuming Di said in a comment.

“It’s gorgeous buttttt uhhhh elephant in the room. How are you going to keep it clean!?!”

The main concern of group members seemed to be cleaning. Di assured the masses, that she did apply “two coats of sealer over the top, they have been finished for a few weeks and oil splatter etc, wipe off easily with no residue.” So there, naysayers, it IS easy to clean!

Kmart kitchen makeovers
Source: Di Taylor-Skamperle

Di is a clever cookie, people were just as impressed with her stove top cover as they were with her stone tiling job.

“Okay, the backsplash looks lovely but where did you get your cooktop cover?! We need one of those!”

And we’re sorry to say that Di made it herself from her kitchen benchtop offcuts. But apparently, you can buy similar on eBay so check there!

Deepti’s marvellous marble Kmart kitchen hack

Deepti also gave her kitchen a glow-up using the Kmart Self Adhesive Film in white marble ($7) and it was as good as hitting the refresh button!

“Thank you all for inspiring me to do this!”

Kmart kitchen makeovers
Source: Deepti Desai Naik

Deepti carefully laid the adhesive film across the bench surface and butted each join up to the next (not overlapping). And when it came to her sink and stove top, she trimmed the excess with a Swiss Army Knife, as you do.

Kmart kitchen makeovers
Source: Deepti Desai Naik

Deepti has a ribbed/decorative kitchen benchtop edging which she highlighted by painting it with Dulux Aquanamel from Bunnings in black for a beautiful stark contrast to the adhesive film. Even the handles got a lick of paint for a modern makeover!

The BEST thing about a Kmart kitchen makeover? You’ve still got money left in the budget to buy some pretty new things to style up your new look heart of the home. #WINNING

Have you given anything a Kmart makeover or are you feeling inspired to do so? Tell us about it in the comments, we’d love to hear!

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