Episode 2: Kmart Hacks 2022 – Quick, Simple and Cheap!

If you needed an excuse to hit up Kmart this weekend, let these super clever queens of DIY hacks be it. It boggles my mind how clever you all are transforming the simplest of products into epic masterpieces. GENIUS. Join us as we bring you episode 2 of Kmart Hacks 2022!

Kmart Hacks 2022 – meet our episode 2 contenders! 

Look, I thought I had already found some of the best DIY hacks that Kmart enthusiasts had to offer with Kmart hacks 2022: 9 epic luxe looks for less! As it turns out, 2022 is providing a whole lot more skilled women than I expected. So with that said, I know you won’t mind one bit that I’m back with more.

Glue gun and paintbrush at the ready? Let’s take a look at the latest offerings of DIY hacks from Kmart lovers!


Here are 6 DIY hacks you’re going to want to add to your to-do list

1. Drill-free door stopper hanging rail

This Kmart hack blows my MIND. Kmart doorstoppers are actually a renter’s dream with this epic DIY hack. Take two Kmart wooden door stoppers ($2.25 each), some Command picture hanging strips ($6.50) and a piece of dowel from Bunnings and you have yourself an instant hanging rod for around $13.50. Swoon!

2. Flipping houses, dollhouse style!

With the current state of the economy and building industry as they are, undertaking a home renovation is perhaps not the wisest decision right now.

Renos on a much smaller scale however are totally achievable, no tradies necessary!  You can do a stunning job making over the Kmart 21-piece Mansion Dollhouse ($99). The ultimate project for special little people for Christmas (or yourself), secure your dollhouse STAT.

kmart hacks 2022 doll house
Not going to lie, I would absolutely try doing this for myself. No small kids required. Source: Instagram @_prettyliving

3. Custom candle holders

Have you been looking for a set of candleholders and just can’t find the right shape or colour to suit the rest of your décor. Try this instead – problem solved.

Creating these candleholders is as easy as glueing a stack of Kmart Anko 3 Pack DIY Ceramic Vases ($5) together and painting with Kmart Chalk Paint ($7) for a gorgeous candle holder look.

kmart hacks 2022 diy candleholders
A perfectly priced DIY hack for adding candles to every tabletop! Source: Instagram @lookwhat_i_found

4. Granite-look side table

If you desperately want a granite-look side table but don’t want to splash a whole lot of cash, this DIY hack is for YOU.

Using a couple of the Kmart 28cm Textured Pots ($11) along with some super glue, a pot saucer and paint from Bunnings, this clever lady really did create a luxe look for much less!

kmart hacks 2022 terazzo planter
The ultimate smoke and mirrors DIY hack – they’ll never know! Source: Instagram @lookwhat_i_found

5. Luxe serving tray

If Drake were a serving tray, this would be him. Adding some bling to a Kmart Acacia Oval Tray ($10, currently unavailable online) and turning it into a glamorous raised tray is a pretty sweet and luxe-looking DIY hack.

The top handles are from Mitre 10 and the legs are actually Kmart Brushed Brass Handles ($7.50 a pair). So clever! It would be the perfect partner to a set of brass cheese knives.

kmart hacks 2022 luxe serving tray
Really gorgeous and makes for a brilliant gift too! Source: Instagram @lookwhat_i_found

6. DIY Hack designer coffee table

Can you DIY hack your way to a designer-look coffee table? Yes, ma’am you certainly can.

The Kmart Archer Coffee Table isn’t currently available, but keep your eye on Facebook Marketplace because you just never know your luck! Combined with a trip to Bunnings, you’re just timber, liquid nails, a new timber top and a sander (plus a few more extras) away from a stunning coffee table.

kmart hacks designer coffee table
SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY. Source: Instagram @anastasias.abode

With any luck, we’ve lit your inner DIY hack flame and inspired you into action. All that’s left to do is find your car keys and hit up Kmart! I’LL SEE YOU THERE!

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