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Kmart Hacks 2022: 9 Epic Luxe Looks For Less!

There’s no exaggeration in the truth when we say that most of us are die-hard Kmart fans. There’s practically NOTHING that they don’t sell. But what we love more a teeny-tiny more than a trip to our local Kmart is seeing how clever people can be with their Kmart hacks. We never cease to be surprised by these GENIUS budget-friendly decorating moves!

Kmart hacks that will blow your mind

Have your keys and a shopping list handy and be prepared to be inspired by these super cool Kmart hacks. I’m obsessed that someone looked at a wall planter and thought ‘yes, that would make an excellent wall lamp’, AND THEN MADE IT HAPPEN.

Obsessed, I tell you! via GIPHY

The best bit? These clever people make their Kmart hacks look super easy, once you see how. Heads up – there’s also often a trip to Bunnings to be had for adhesives or paint – so if you can time that with the Bunnings sausage sizzle being up and running, you can consider your day made.

Ready to be inspired? Check out these epic Kmart hacks below!

1. Wall lights from Kmart wall planters, oh my!

If Kmart sells out of their Speckled Hanging Wall Planter ($5.50), I frankly won’t be surprised.

This hack is of the life-changing, energy-saving kind. Flipped upside down with Anko LED Pods ($10 for two with remote) inserted and fixed to the wall with 3M sticky hook tabs, you have yourself a pair of bedside lights for around $30. Kayla NAILED IT, in her epic Instagram reel below:


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2. The designer-look DIY coffee table

Um. Excuse me? Anyone who has tried to buy a coffee table in recent times will know that you could be parting with $500 or $1500 for something similar.

Alas, this clever design guru knocked it up for around $200 using two Kmart Ribbed Side Tables ($42 each) and two pine timber panels ($59 each) from Bunnings. Holy Kmart hack coffee table Batman.

Kmart hacks 2022
Designer look coffee table at a fraction of the cost? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY. Source: Instagram / @emmarosedesign

3. Kmart hack: fruit stand edition

If you’re constantly on the lookout for styling pieces for your table, shelves, or kitchen bench, I LOVE this genius Kmart hack.

Perfect for decorating purposes, a fruit bowl or food stands for your next party, this fruit stand hack is simply a Kmart Sable Dinner Plate and bowl ($3.50 each) painted and glued together and sealed.

Kmart hacks 2022
So sweet! A Kmart hack that’s perfect for party dessert tables! Source: Instagram / @reno.onthebay (kmart hacks)

4. Personalised rainbow keepsake

Looking for a sweet baby shower gift or keepsake but on a bit of a budget? Check out this super cute makeover of the Kmart Wooden Rainbow ($13).

To create a gorgeous bespoke rainbow keepsake for a little one, you can paint the original pieces in paint colours to suit their nursery space and use a Cricut machine to make the text, as Michelle has on hers. If you don’t have a Cricut machine, ask around or outsource kmart hacks!

kmart hacks 2022
Bespoke birth keepsakes make for a special gift! Source: Instagram / @lookwhat_i_found

5. DIY textured canvas wall art

Forget spending hundreds of dollars on wall art, you can whip up your own textured canvases at just a fraction of the cost.

Keep your eye out for sale or clearance framed Kmart wood framed canvas or wall art for a real budget-friendly score. It doesn’t matter what the original art is, just if you’re happy with the frame and the size. Amy shows how some painter’s tape, joint compound, different-sized adhesive spreaders and paint can get your artistic muscle pumped! Watch it unfold here and in around 24 hours you’ll be hanging it on your wall!

Kmart hacks 2022
YOU CAN MAKE THIS WALL ART! Like, seriously, you can. Source: Instagram / @home.for.6

6. Stone-look bench seat

While we’re talking texture, stone look surfaces are still BIG in design trends and still very much spendy on the purse strings.

This clever lady Tiffany, took her old Kmart timber bench seat and Kmart 4-Pack Light Stone Decking Tiles ($26), together with grout and adhesive from Bunnings and performed MAGIC. No tools were required, it’s safe to say she hit the design brief out of the park! Talk about luxe looks for less – see how it was done!

Kmart hacks 2022
This stone top looks sensational. What is this Kmart hack sorcery? Source: Instagram /

7. Bread bin side table

Let’s not forget this out-of-this-world Kmart hack which saw two bread bins ($19) become a bread bin side table with a lick of paint and legs. YES, A SIDE TABLE. ( kmart hacks )

bread bin hack
We give you the bread bin side table. Source: Instagram

8. Have tea towels and have a dress!

Move over Cinderella, every seamstress ever couldn’t believe their eyes when we witnessed this lady turning a print she saw on a Kmart tea towel into an actual dinky-di wearable item by buying up a stack of the $1.50 finds and turning them into a Kmart tea towel dress. SERIOUSLY.

Kmart tea towel dress
$1.50 Kmart tea towels become a stunning, one-of-a-kind dress. Source: Selika Sookton

9. Kmart hacks, TikTok style

Hacks of every kind continue to blow up on TikTok and we’re not surprised with everyone of all ages hanging out there for tidbits of entertainment. If you love all things rattan or kmart hacks, you’re going to LOVE these TikTok hacks for your existing Kmart rattan pieces!

TikTok Kmart hacks
So many rattan hacks. SO MANY. Source: TikTok

Hopefully, we’ve inspired you about kmart hacks, lit the DIY fire within and you’ve let the family know to make NO PLANS this weekend as you’re all going to be busy with tools on deck (or no tools) in a Kmart hack working bee! SO MUCH FUN AWAITS!

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