Kmart’s New Textured Face Sculpture is Making A Solid First Impression!


Once you see it, you can’t NOT see it. Kmart’s new season home décor has landed and it’s a timely reminder to have your contraception in check.

Emma, a member of Facebook group Kmart Inspired Homes provided all the LOLs recently when she made the comparison, snapped the above pic and posted the hilarious caption:

“Not sure about you guys, but all I can see when I look at this new Kmart product is a Mirena IUD.”

Erm. Yep. #awks

Kmart textured face sculpture
The $10 Kmart Textured Face Sculpture in question. Source: Kmart

Kmart: where art is questionable

There’s no mistaking it. Kmart’s Textured Face Sculpture ($10) is a doppelganger for a Mirena IUD (a hormonal intrauterine device used for long-term birth control). It’s said that art is subjective and if you don’t see it yourself, well, ok. I’m just saying that if you’re buying your gynaecologist a gift, this could be a great paperweight for their office.

mum central
Inspiration comes from EVERYWHERE, guys. Source: Bigstock

Oops, they did it again

It’s not the first time we’ve been left scratching our heads, stifled giggles or snorting in disbelief by Kmart. Long time readers will remember earlier last year when our favourite retailer sold the Dream Winter Castle playset, featuring a the stiffly horned *cough* unicorn, guarding the palace gate. #CueHystericalLaughter.

kmart unicorn x-rated toy shopping fail
Source: Facebook

The nether-regions scarf

It’s not just Kmart making slips in judgment either. Top shelf designer Fendi debuted an epic fail scarf. We were speechless at the ‘The Touch of Fur Shawl’ which was more than a touch reminiscent of a vulva with a tuft of pubic hair. You’re welcome. That will be $1300 thanks.

Fendi Vulva Scarf

Aaaaah art. It’s subjective they say, right? Don’t forget you can pick up a Mirena Textured Face Sculpture at Kmart for just $10!

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