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7 Easy Dinner Recipes The Family Will Devour!

Life gets busy and before you know it we’re wasting money on ordering a takeaway to just get some food on the table and stop the cries of we’re hungry and what’s for dinner… But no more. Here are 7 easy dinner recipes you can get on the table in minimal time and with minimal fuss this week!

Nearly every family has one night of the week where things are just a little too hectic to want to worry about cooking a feast – and we’re all for a sanity-saving quick win here at Mum Central, so check out some of the yummy easy dinner recipe offerings below.

TIP: Most of the dishes below you can cook EXTRA of and get another night out of, or a leftovers lunch so you’re effectively cooking once and eating twice. You know what they say, work smarter, not harder!

1. Macaroni and cheese

Winner, winner, macaroni cheese dinner! Sure it’s not the most nutritious of meals, but it’s an easy one to make and it’s one that the kids won’t rebel against so you know they’re going to bed with a full tummy and not feeling hungry. So with that said, pick your dinnertime battles, mum!

macaroni and cheese recipe
An easy dinner recipe and one the kids won’t knock back – mac and cheese! Source: Bigstock

2. Porcupine meatballs

An oldie but a goodie, this porcupine meatballs recipe fits the bill. It’s delicious, belly-warming and perfect for cooler nights. PLUS it uses just 500g of mince and makes the most of cheaper pantry ingredients!

easy dinner recipe
Porcupine meatballs are great by themselves or serve with buttery spaghetti. Source: Mum Central

3. Air fryer crispy honey chicken

Want to know how to make one of your favourite family Chinese takeaway dishes at HOME and in the air fryer, no less? YES! The whole family will love this air fryer honey chicken recipe, especially the cook – it takes less than half an hour to get it on the table!

honey chicken recipe
Just like a takeaway but at a fraction of the cost, honey chicken! Source: Mum Central

4. Salmon and veg or salad

This a healthy and easy dinner recipe option, even if you just cook salmon in the frying pan as it is and throw a salad with it – it will be on the table in less than 15 minutes. You can’t even get a decent family takeaway order in that time!

how to cook salmon
Fish is 100% one of the fastest meals to get on the table, EVER. Source: Bigstock

5. Coconut chicken curry

If it’s an easy dinner recipe involving a mild curry that you’ve been looking for – and one that’s perfect for introducing to the kids and dipping naan bread into – this coconut chicken curry recipe is it! On the table in around half an hour, this is especially delicious when using flavour-packed chicken thighs.

coconut chicken curry recipe
For when you still want to put a little bit of effort in, choose a curry! Source: Supplied

6. Garlic bread pizza

It’s a pizza party Friday night and after a full day of mum or work duties, you have absolutely NO DESIRE to make pizza. You know… make the dough, knead it, prove it, punch it, shape it and so on. We’ve got your back with this delicious time-saving garlic bread pizza hack. It’s the ULTIMATE easy dinner recipe!

garlic bread pizza hack
So much of an easy dinner recipe, the kids could make it. Source: Mum Central

7. Baked chicken drumsticks

Everyone wins with chicken drumsticks. So here’s a fantastic way to amp up the flavour on this budget-friendly chicken cut, with next to no dishes at all. Chicken drumsticks for an easy dinner recipe win, just shake it, baby! Plus, you can get a 2kg bag of chicken drumsticks for just $8 at Woolies!

chicken drumstick recipe
Winner, winner, chicken drumstick dinner! Source: Mum Central

There you have it, a whole week of easy and relatively quick-to-get-on-the-table style dinners – and all so tasty, the family will want seconds! What’s your go-to easy dinner recipe that the whole family loves? Tell us about it in the comments below, we’d love to know!

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