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8 Tasty Vegetable Recipes to Cook for Veggie-Resistant Kids!

If you’ve been having issues with the kids resisting vegetables at the dinner table you can rest assured you’re very much not alone. Tempting as it is to ditch the veggies altogether, now is not the time to give up. Instead, it’s time to LEVEL UP. It can be really easy to make vegetables enticing and delicious once you know-how – here are eight vegetable recipes for the week ahead!

The success is in the selling…

It’s true. If you hype up a vegetable enough over the dinner table your child’s FOMO (fear of missing out) will definitely prevail, practically forcing them to at least try the vegetable you’re advocating so hard for. So listen up, you more often than not only get ONE chance at getting that fork to the mouth – so make sure it’s delicious! Check out the vegetable recipes below to get you started!

picky eater, dinner plate, food refusal
We eat with all of our senses – make veggies look great, smell great and taste great to encourage kids’ to give them a try! Source: Bigstock

8 vegetable recipes that make vegetables delicious for all

1. Air fryer popcorn cauliflower

If there was such a thing as cauliflower nuggets, this air fryer popcorn cauliflower recipe is surely it. Crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle, they’re perfect for dipping into a sauce!

popcorn cauliflower recipe
If cauliflower could be nuggets… Source: Mum Central

2. Baked zucchini chips

Just like a chip but BETTER. This baked zucchini chips recipe is not only awesome for using up those zucchinis you buy in good faith every week but never get around to using, but it’s brilliant for getting that little extra bit of veg into the bellies of your family.

zucchini chips
Zucchini chips – the ‘healthier’ chip of choice! Source: Mum Central

3. Baked potato

Make the vegetable the carrier of a whole lot of delicious topping ingredients, and no one will bat an eyelid that they’re eating a spud. The humble baked potato really is a vegetable superhero!

baked potato recipe
GENIUS. Make the vegetable the vehicle for tasty toppings. Source: Bigstock

4. Cauliflower fried rice

Cauliflower can do and be MANY things, including rice! This delicious fried rice recipe contains five types of vegetables so hits a true dinnertime home run! YUM!

fried rice recipe, vegetable recipes
Cauliflower really can be anything it wants to be. Source: Supplied

5. Potato wedges

If your kids love chips, chances are they’ll love these hand-cut seasoned potato wedges too!

Potato wedges recipe, vegetable recipes
The easiest of all the vegetable recipes ever – hand-cut potato wedges! Source: Mum’s Pantry

6. Baked sweet potato fries

And while we’re talking chips, let’s not forget sweet potato fries! Sweet potato turns into a caramelised sweet starch when baked, making for quite morish fries indeed. We defy anyone not to gulp these veggies down with gusto!

Sweet potato fries recipe
My personal favourite of all vegetable recipes, sweet potato fries – sooooo good! Source: Mum’s Pantry

7. Vegetable bake

If every attempt at getting vegetables past pursed lips fails, a creamy cheesy sauce is always a winner. A vegetable bake is an excellent way to use up leftover vegetables rolling around your fridge crisper at the end of the week. A winning vegetable recipe, this is the ultimate side dish for everything from Sunday roast to BBQ sausages. Too easy!

vegetable recipes
An excellent choice for limiting food waste is a vegetable bake. Everyone says cheese! Source: Mum’s Pantry

8. Smashed cheesy garlic sweet potatoes

BONUS NIGHT! It couldn’t be a vegetable recipe collection without including this recipe for easy peasy smashed cheesy garlic sweet potatoes. Trust me when I say, you have to try these at least once!

sweet potato recipe
Rosemary, garlic and cheese make for potato perfection! Source: Mum Central

There you have it folks, a vegetable recipe for every night of the week! No boring boiling or steaming, just flavour packed vegetable dishes treated and served with love. Who WOULDN’T want to eat these?!

Do you have issues with eating vegetables in your home or some favourite veggie recipes to share? Drop a comment below and tell us your concern or let us know your favourite veggie dish, you might just inspire me to cook it and share it with our Mum Central readers in a recipe post!

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