Love chicken but tired of the same old, same old? It’s a great budget-friendly meat and it’s so versatile. There’s the wings, the legs, the breasts and the thighs – SO many options. So, if you have a freezer full of chicken, here’s 20 rather delicious recipes to get you started, perfect for your next lot of meal planning!

What’s your (chicken) flavour?

Let’s break down the chicken parts for a minute, just in case you’ve been scared to step out of your comfort zone when shopping:

  • Breast meat: An easy frontrunner. No bones, all-white meat, a fantastic versatile, all-rounder which kids love because it’s colourless and lends itself to different flavours. The only drawback is if overcooked, can be dry.
  • Thigh meat: The darker chicken meat, this is where all the flavour is at. Those who turn their nose up at thigh meat, clearly don’t know what they’re missing. Flavoursome and moist. Beat thighs flat with a tenderizer for even cooking.
  • Wings: Cheap and cheerful, these are fantastic for chicken nibbly snacks. Buffalo-style or marinated are so very good. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.
  • Drumsticks: These are SURELY the unsung hero of the humble chook – and so cheap, often around $5 kg at the supermarket. Winning!

20 ways to wow your family with chicken…

1. Air fryer DIY popcorn chicken

air fryer popcorn chicken recipe

C’mon now, you’ll surely be awarded best mum of the year if you whip these DIY popcorn chicken morsels up in the air fryer. Colonel Sanders, look out!

2. Easy BBQ Hawaiian chicken kebabs

BBQ Hawaiian Chicken Kebabs recipe

Chicken on a stick but LOADED with veggies and sweet pineapple. BBQ Hawaiian chicken kebabs are a hit with the whole family and AWESOME value for money (compared to buying them per stick at the deli).

3. Garlic and lemon chicken drumsticks

It’s the perfect dinner prep – marinate drumsticks in a zip-lock bag in the morning and let it do it’s thing in the fridge all day before whacking on a tray to bake for dinner. It doesn’t get much easier than garlic and lemon chicken drumsticks. You can even do them in the air fryer!

4. Chicken and vegetable sausage rolls

chicken sausage rolls recipe

An excellent beef alternative, chicken and vegetable sausage rolls are brilliant for kids’ lunches and parties (and VERY sneaky with the veggies). Don’t forget the sauce!

5. Mustard chicken and potato bake

chicken recipes

Who doesn’t love a one-pot wonder? Mustard, chicken and potatoes are a match made in heaven with this delicious mustard chicken and potato bake.

6. Slow cooker honey chicken

slow cooker honey chicken recipe

Save money on takeaway with this slow cooker honey chicken recipe. Double it if feeding a crowd, it’s an absolute delight with steamed greens!

7. Stir fry chicken rice noodles

easy chicken noodles recipe

One of my family favourites, this stir fry chicken rice noodles recipe literally takes all of 15 minutes maximum to get on the table. It’s as tasty as what it is speedy to make!

8. Sticky honey soy chicken drumsticks

YES, you know the ones, those beautifully sticky, sweet honey soy chicken drumsticks. ALWAYS a winner and well worth the basting.

9. Cheesy chicken traybake dinner

chicken recipes

One tray and one saucepan is all that’s required to get this cheesy chicken traybake dinner on the table. The cheese sauce is magical on green veggies, perfect for kids who can be fussy about greenery.

10. Basil pesto chicken dinner

chicken recipes

If you adore basil as much as I do, this basil pesto chicken dinner will be ticking ALL the delicious boxes.

11. Baked Hawaiian chicken breast rice and pineapple

Baked Hawaiian Chicken with Rice & Pineapple

You either love hot pineapple or you don’t. If your feet are planted in the YES, I DO camp, this baked Hawaiian chicken breast and pineapple is a taste sensation. Like summer landed in your mouth.

12. Easy chicken pot pies

easy chicken recipes

Pie makers at the ready, try this chicken pot pie recipe on for size (extra pastry required for a pie maker)! No pie maker, no matter – you can spoon the filling into individual ramekins or just make one big dish. Easy peasy.

13. Chicken and corn quesadilla

Mexican quesadillas should be a food group in their own right. Prepare this delicious chicken and corn quesadilla filling in advance and let the sandwich press do all the work. Olé!

14. Slow cooker satay chicken

Get the slow cooker out and dust it off, it’s time for slow cooker satay chicken. Using pantry staples, this satay chicken dinner is a sure-fire winner. PLUS if you’re too lazy for sticks, you can just heap it on top of a bowl of rice. #stillwinning

15. One-pot chicken risotto

An excellent choice for toddlers who love to man their own bowl and spoon, one-pot chicken risotto is SUPER easy with a few cheat ingredients and requires practically ZERO stirrings. It’s also fab for a Thermos lunch the next day.

16. Low carb cashew chicken

Want something quick and waistline-friendly? Give this delicious low carb cashew chicken a crack. Holy yumminess!

17. Slow cooker French onion chicken hack

slow cooker chicken

Don’t underestimate the power of a packet of French onion soup guys. This slow cooker chicken dinner hack is the bomb!

18. The perfect crispy skin roast chicken

roast chicken recipe

Up your roast chicken dinner game with the perfect crispy skin. It just takes a little extra care for MAXIMUM flavour.

19. Air fried marinated chicken wings

Perfect for a footy lunch or party finger food, these marinated chicken wings come up an absolute treat in the air fryer.

20. Winning ways with a supermarket BBQ chicken

And then sometimes you just really can’t be bothered and want something different. Heres 12 fabulous things you can do with a supermarket BBQ chicken. Take the night off, you deserve it!

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