This Photographer’s 90s-Themed Photo Shoots Are Truly Wonderful


Be still our 90s pop hearts. We’ve found a baby photography series that will make all your nostalgic dreams come true.

Cute babies, clever sets and classic props that will transmit you straight back to your childhood and adolescence.

We’re talking The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mario Brothers, even UNO-themed photoshoots. It’s all here, folks! And we LOVE them!

Hello, baby! Hello, 90s

Thanks to American photographer Nikki Cee, our 90s dreams are now a reality in the form of itty bitty baby photography sweetness. The incredibly talented photographer is stepping out of the standard snuggly blanket box when it comes to newborn photography (and cake smashes) with her elaborate photosets. They are bright, bold, cute and colourful and have classic 90s pop written all over them.

Nikki Cee Baby photography cocacola

Ready to see for yourself? Let the trip down memory lane begin!

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Nikki Cee baby photography fresh prince of bel-air
Yo, home to Bel-Air (after a quick catnap. All this posing has me pooped!)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Nikki Cee Photography 90s inspired baby photography
Check out my half shell! Turtle power!


aladdin inspired baby photography, nikki cee photography
Hey, I’m a street rat, remember?

Dr Seuss

Dr Seuss newborn baby photoshoot, Nikki Cee Photography
When Mr Clicketty Cane plays his silly game. All the kids in the street, they like to do the same!

The Lion King

The Lion King baby photography, Nikki Cee Photography
Hakuna Matata, baby!

Cake Smashes too!

While the babies are beyond cute, what makes Nikki’s photos stand out is how clever and creative they are. We especially love these one-themed cake smashes!

Mario Brothers (one-up)

Super Mario Brothers Nikki Cee Photography 90s inspired baby photography

Bob Marley’s One Love

bob marley newborn photography

UNO (soo cute!)

Nikki Cee Photography 90s inspired baby photography

Next level newborn photography

Of course, Nikki delves outside of the 90s themes too. She’s also done more contemporary Game of Thrones photoshoots, as well as UP!, Minions and Boss Baby.

Boss Baby cake smash photography, nikki cee photography

Plus, she’s got plenty of other adorable non-pop-culture themes – babies huddled up in libraries, floating in a pool, blissed out in a bubble bath, bundled up in a bucket of paint, perched in a pumpkin or sleeping on a sandy beach.

nikki cee photography

Nikki, who admits she took up photography on a whim six years ago, tells PEOPLE, “I’ve always loved creating things … once I started finding props that I could put babies in, it opened up a new level of creativity.”

“I started finding little buckets, and little couches, and little chairs, beach chairs, all kinds of different things that no one would typically think to put a baby in. Every time I find something that a baby can fit in, I’ll buy it and figure it out later.”

Nikki Cee Photography baby photos

So clever, so creative and oh so cute!

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