It’s official … you’re having a BABY! Don’t panic if you can’t sleep a wink and pregnancy has turned your brain to mush – you’re not alone!

We’ve got your back mum, with this MEGA list of ALL the baby essentials you need … all you need to do is print and then hit the shops!

When talking baby essentials, there’s the stuff you truly need to have to care for a baby and then there’s the stuff that makes parenting easier. Yet cutting through the clutter (read: the well-meant but often overwhelming advice people give you about what you do and don’t need) can be mind-blowing.

To help ease the pressure and make prepping for baby’s arrival a cinch, we’ve created the ultimate Baby Essentials Checklist. Simply download by clicking on the link below. Also, we’ve gathered together some of our favourite mum and baby items to share with you.


It’s the ultimate guide to keep in your handbag or stick to the fridge. A thorough Baby Essentials Checklist to print out and check off is a must-have. You may already have a few things stashed in the nursery – tick them off and get cracking on the rest!



Our 20+ Favourite Mum & Baby Items

There are cots, prams and sleepsuits to consider, not to mention all the nitty-gritty items like thermometers, baby wipes and breast pumps.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone. Read on to discover our favourite mum and baby essentials, take advantage of the awesome offers we have for you and shop directly from our guide.

1. Rear-Facing Capsule

You want to know your baby is safe when travelling in the car and it’s a bonus if it’s a seat you can easily take in and out of the car. This is why a car capsule is essential – there’s no need to wake your sleeping baby to remove them from the vehicle!

mother baby in car, baby capsule
Cybex Cloud Q Capsule

Just imagine yourself with this brand spanking new Cloud Q Capsule from Cybex. Yes, if you win you’ll be the first mum in Australia to own one! Talk about lucky. This super-smart rear-facing capsule that can be easily converted to a near-flat recline position (carry cot) outside of the car. This allows your little one to travel in it for longer and makes mum’s life a whole lot easier! It features a ground-breaking ergonomic design, height-adjustable headrest (allowing the car seat to grow with your child), 3-position carry handle and large retractable UPF50+ sun canopy. It even has a removable newborn inlay for premature and very small babies. Clever huh?

Suitable from birth to approximately 13 kgs, the Cloud Q comes equipped with Telescopic Linear Side-impact Protection to minimise impact in the event of a collision. That’s some serious protection and peace of mind that your baby is in the best hands when you’re behind the wheel.

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2. A Pram for Big Adventures

At some point, you’re going to brave leaving the house to explore the great outdoors and yep, you guessed it – you’ll need a sweet ride of a pram!

When choosing your pram, think about the activities you’ll likely be doing and where you’ll be taking your pram. Buying a giant jogger pram for the inner-city café scene could be a giant, hard-to-manoeuvre pain in the proverbial. Just saying!

baccani pram

OUR PICK: Baccani Pletora Pram

We all love a little bit of luxe at an affordable price, right? The Baccani Pletora Pram comes in four sophisticated colours, but best of all we love the uber-chic leather handlebar and belly bar! Other key features include the puncture-proof airless tyres, adjustable handlebar, HUGE (12kg) deep-sided shopping basket, extended canopy to protect baby in all weather conditions, easy-to-access storage pouch for baby wipes, milk bottles and the likes and fully reversible seat with three reclining positions. Plus, the lightweight (7.3kg) frame can be easily folded and the car seat compatibility means the capsule can be swapped from the pram to the car. #tooeasy

This little beauty even has an Afterpay option, so you can get it now and pay later. #bonus

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3. Sleeping Essentials

Every mum wants her baby to have the very best sleep ever. Yet, half the trouble with encouraging sleep is getting the temperature conditions JUST RIGHT for sleeping. Babies kick off blankets and move around, which disturbs their sleep and how do you even know if it’s too hot or too cold in the nursery?!

Groegg, swaddle, baby, baby essentials

OUR PICK: Gro Swaddle Grobag and Groegg2 

From safe sleep experts The Gro Company, the new 2in1 Swaddle and Newborn Grobag is the only bedding you’ll need for your newborn baby. The fabric is beautifully soft and stretchy and the design allows you to swaddle your baby’s arms in or out with ease. No origami-like folding required. Phew! The long zip at the bottom of the Grobag makes nappy changes easy peasy. While the unique design (wider at the bottom) creates space for a hip-healthy natural leg position (froggy legs) and is recognised by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute for promoting healthy hip development. Available in two fabric weights, Light and Cosy, it’s perfect for differing seasons and room temperatures.

Talking of which, if you want to monitor baby’s room temperature the Groegg2 is ideal. Easy to interpret at a single glance, a yellow glow suggests a comfortable temperature to sleep in, a blue glow indicates it’s too cold and a red glow suggests it’s too warm. Easy! It even provides a gentle night light too.

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4. Personalised Blankets

A personalised blanket is a great way to welcome a newborn into the world. You can use it in the pram to keep your little one feeling snuggly, in the cot or take it with you on the go – to keep your baby warm and cosy wherever you are. baby, moses basket, bassinet, blanket

OUR PICK: Personalised Namely Co Blanket

A beautiful blanket and functional keepsake to boot, Namely Co Personalised Name Blankets are made from 100% pure organic cotton knit, so you just know it’s going to feel brilliantly soft. A blanket emblazoned with your bub’s name makes for a comforter that will be adored by your little one for many, many years to come. Available in a rainbow of colours and custom-ordered designs, this super sweet blanket is perfect for the cot or pram and makes a beautiful unique gift.

BONUS OFFER:  Get 10% off using the discount code ‘mumcentral‘ at checkout!

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5. Baby Monitor

We all love to watch our baby sleep, but time waits for no mum – things must be done while they sleep. Keeping a watchful eye over your precious baby while he or she sleeps is made easy with the help of a baby monitor. Plus it eliminates the risk of waking them up with the dreaded nursery creep. (Darn those creaky floorboards!)

OUR PICK: Project Nursery Video Baby Monitor System

This high-tech video baby monitor with a digital zoom camera includes ALL the bells-and-whistles features you need at an affordable price. Awesome value for money, Project Nursery’s Video Baby Monitor includes a huge 10.9cm LCD Parent Unit with up to 8-hour battery life, a digital zoom camera, room-temperature sensor, motion, and sound detection alerts, night vision and can be paired with up to four cameras. As if that’s not enough, this baby monitor features two-way communication so you can sweet talk your baby from the sofa and it even soothes baby to sleep with three already loaded lullabies, white noise and wave sounds. Sweet!

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6. Nursery Night Light

Aside from furniture, there are a few other essential items that can transform your nursery into a relaxing haven for a sound night’s sleep (well that’s the plan, anyway). A night light is our go-to for creating a soothing slumber zone. Plus, when it comes to night feeds or nappy changes, a gentle light can make doing these things so much easier.

playette music cube

OUR PICK: Playette Star Glow Cube

A nightlight with a difference, the Playette Star Glow Cube delivers big on both design and function. The night light will soothe your baby to sleep with two natural sounds, plus 10 lullabies on its playlist. The soft glow lighting creates the perfect ambiance while the stars projected on the wall and ceiling can help settle baby. This clever light even turns itself off after 15 minutes, which means there’s no need to creep back into the nursery and risk waking your sleeping baby. It’s also completely portable and compact, making it perfect for travel! GENIUS.

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7. Baby Rocker

A baby essential through and through, you might be surprised just how many times a baby rocker will save the day! Great for visiting friends or when you need a rest from holding your bub, a baby rocker safely supports your little angel freeing up your arms and lap and allowing them to see what’s going on around them!

Calmo baby rocker

OUR PICK: Childcare Calmo Rocker

Compact and comfy, the Calmo Rocker is perfect for both play and rest. Suitable from birth, the multiple reclining positions, rocker or stationary mode, a plush padded seat and safety harness ensure baby is comfortable and safe at all times. The removable toy bar contains three toys for baby to play with and grab while the large fold-back canopy is awesome for blocking distractions and encouraging a well-earned nap.

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8. Play Mat

Your bub will love having a kick around on the floor just as much as they love to be snuggled with a fun play mat. A cool activity gym play mat is great for your baby’s development as well as being an all-in-one entertainment stop!

Skip Hop Activity Gym, baby on floor

OUR PICK: Skip Hop Tropical Paradise Activity Gym & Soother

Every day can be a tropical holiday with this cute-as-a-button activity gym! Perfect for at home or on the go, lush leaves, adorable animals and soothing sounds turn playtime into an outdoor adventure. Featuring beautiful tropical artwork and a mesh canopy, this engaging activity gym also offers 2-in-1 versatility with a detachable sloth soother that easily attaches to carriers and prams for outings with baby. The comfy, lightly padded play mat includes a soft leaf pillow for tummy time fun, plus a super cute monkey with a banana teething toy, a toucan chime, and a crinkle leopard. It’s a jungle holiday IN YOUR PLAYROOM!

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9. Digital Thermometer

Being able to gently take your baby’s temperature and get the most accurate result is essential, particularly in the middle of the night when you fear your baby has a fever. So it’s worth selecting an excellent thermometer which you can trust and will last you many years.

baby, thermometer

OUR PICK: Braun 7 ThermoScan Ear Thermometer

It can be really scary to discover your baby is burning up, particularly when we know fever in babies can be quite serious. Having a trusty thermometer in your medicine cabinet can help address any fever fears you might have and put your mind at ease.

Braun is Australia’s number one ear thermometer brand and our choice for the most accurate temperature read. Our favourite is the Braun 7 Thermoscan Ear Thermometer. It features AgeSmart™ technology which, thanks to the colour-coded display, takes ALL the guesswork out of interpreting a thermometer reading. Plus, it has a pre-warmed tip, night light, and fast temperature readings, all of which make this thermometer our number one pick!

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10. Cute Baby Clothes

Buying adorable, teeny weeny clothing for your baby is some of the most fun a pregnant, nauseous, tired and completely-over-it mama can have.

It’s easy to go overboard, and you WILL likely need more than you think you will – particularly if you have a baby who has milky burps, explosive poonamis or if you’re simply tired as hell and plan on doing the laundry only once a week.

OUR PICK:  Best & Less Baby Clothes and Essentials Range 

Hooley dooley mamas, you get adorable value for money at Best & Less.  Wardrobe essentials include singlets (3 for $5), bodysuits (from $2.50), onesies ($8.00), leggings (from $4), tees (from $3), socks and mittens (from $5).

TIP: We recommend shopping for the basics and then building on those according to the season. Summer babes will need a sun hat and lighter, breathable layers, while winter bambinos require warmer hats and snug layers. Kick-off your collection with a Best & Less Baby Starter Pack (just $20 and includes a onesie, bodysuit, hat and bib!).

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11. Support for Mums During Pregnancy and Postpartum Recovery

Mums do a great job of making sure our baby’s needs are catered for, but we’re not so good at addressing our own needs. From swollen boobs to belly bumps, our body has worked overtime during pregnancy and post-birth so it’s important to support all those changes with the right gear.

pregnancy and post-natal recovery shorts

OUR PICK: SRC Health Compression garments 

Give your body ALL the support it needs during pregnancy and post-birth with SRC Compression garments. We love that SRC products have been designed by women, in consultation with an obstetrician, so you just know they’re going to give you exactly what you need. The SRC Health Pregnancy shorts and leggings are nothing short of amazing. They are the ultimate wardrobe staple for relieving lower backaches, pelvic pain, mild varicose veins and all the discomfort that sciatica brings. And for post-birth, look to the SRC Health Recovery range to help support abdominal muscle separation, stitch tears, perineal trauma and C-section wounds. What’s more, SRC products have been endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association!

BONUS OFFER:  Use code ‘SRCMUMBUB‘ to receive a free Bubbaversary Keepsake Diary with Milestone Cards valued at $24.95 with every Pregnancy or Recovery compression garment purchase!

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12. Breast Pump

A breast pump is a super handy baby essential item to have. Mums express milk for all sorts of reasons – to increase flow, so that the babysitter can feed the baby while mum gets some well-deserved ‘me time’, or even just to share that special bond when feeding. Whatever the reason, a breast pump is a must.

OUR PICK: Tommee Tippee Electric Breast Pump Set

Mums can pump and express at the touch of a button with this fantastic electric breast pump from Tommee Tippee! Massaging motions mimic your baby feeding, making ‘let down’ a breeze as well as helping to express more milk. Convenient for travel or while on-the-go, the electric pump can also be used with batteries. PLUS, the Tommee Tippee electric pump consists of only three parts to clean and assemble. Simple!

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13. Nursing Bras and Accessories

You’re going to want all the support in the world when it comes to your milk-laden boobs! It’s no lie that new mums can be a hot mess, literally. There’s sweat and endless leaking in the early days, so make sure you have a few nursing bras on rotation to wash, dry and wear!

nursing bras, baby essentials

OUR PICKS: Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra

Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra is the perfect every day, at home, on-the-go, anytime nursing bra. The luxuriously soft fabric moulds to your changing shape so that you can wear it throughout pregnancy and nursing. The seamless, wire-free design is super comfortable, while the removable foam inserts assist with breast shape and discretion. It also features one-handed Bravado ‘B’ nursing clips and full drop away bra cup for maximum skin-to-skin contact when feeding baby. When the breast pump calls, check out the Bravado Clip and Pump Hands-Free Nursing Bra Accessory ($44.95). The ultimate pumping accessory, this gem attaches to your bra easily and frees up your hands in minutes. You can even pump one side and breastfeed on the other. So cool!

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14. Bottles and Steriliser

Bottle-feeding requires a bit of planning. You’ll need bottles, teats suitable for a newborn and, of course, a sterilising kit! Look for baby bottles with teats designed especially for young babies – the shape should mimic a breast nipple, be flexible. Also, keep an eye out for bottle designs that prevent the milk from flowing too quickly … nobody wants a burpy baby!

steriliser, bottles, baby essentials

OUR PICK: Tommee Tippee Essentials Starter Set

No one knows baby bottles quite like Tommee Tippee; they’ve perfected the design! If you’re just starting bottle feeding, the Essentials Starter Set should be your go-to as it contains EVERYTHING you need to feed your baby! It contains an electric steam steriliser (no chemicals requires and sterilises 6 bottles in just 5 minutes!), a food and bottle warmer, 8 Closer to Nature baby bottles, a thermal travel bag, bottle and teat brush, teat tongs AND a dummy. Talk about kicking bottle-feeding goals!

Foam Alive

15. A Machine to Make Bottles for You!

Too hot, too cold, fussing about filling and boiling the kettle in the night and waking up others – making up baby bottles (particularly when sleep-deprived) can be a hassle. If only there was a machine to do it all for you!

Perfect prep baby bottle maker

OUR PICK: Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Day and Night Machine 

The Perfect Prep Day and Night Machine makes bottle-feeding an absolute DREAM, no matter what time of the day or night it is. Like a personal bottle-making butler, it preps the perfect bottle (temperature and volume) in just 2 minutes.

It also has sleep-friendly features such as a gentle night light to make nighttime feeds clear and simple and a digital display for step-by-step instructions. Not only does the Perfect Prep Day and Night Machine prepare the perfect bottle at the right temperature every time, but it also does it all silently so no-one else stirs in the night!

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16. Baby High Chair

When your baby hits the milestone of moving onto solid food, you’re going to need a high chair! Not only for the purpose of weaning, but a high chair is also brilliant for bringing a baby to table height to join in on family mealtimes.

baby essentials, high chair

OUR PICK: Kidsmill UP! Highchair

Serious eye candy, this highchair is compact, ergonomic and grows with your child. The Up! Highchair is suitable from newborn to 90kg but, thanks to a handy ‘newborn frame’ attachment (sold separately but included in this amazing prize haul), the chair is suitable for babies from zero months up. Simply clip the Newborn Set to the Highchair and your precious bub can join the fam bam at the dinner table from the day you bring it home! Plus, the slimline design nestles nicely under the table, just as a dining chair does and, thanks to those rear wheels, isn’t at all cumbersome to move in and out. The UP! Highchair transforms into a regular dining or desk chair by simply adjusting the back and footrest. We think the UP! is one smart (and damn fine looking) high chair!

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17. Baby Wipes

Coming in handy and rescuing the day on many occasions, baby wipes are most definitely a baby essential! To protect baby’s delicate skin, look for baby wipes specially formulated for sensitive skin and free from harsh chemicals and fragrances. Trust us, stock up on baby wipes, as they’re sure to get you out of a few messy situations!

Thankyou baby wipes

OUR PICK: Thankyou Baby Wipes

Fragrance-free, thick, soft and made using natural ingredients, Thankyou Baby Wipes are hypoallergenic and super gentle on baby’s skin. If that wasn’t enough, these wipes also make you feel good. Because each pack of wipes sold helps fund safe births and healthcare for mums and bubs in need. It’s nice to know that by picking up a packet of Thankyou wipes you’re helping other mums too. Buy them directly from the brand or pop them in your trolley at Woolworths supermarkets. Grab a pack for your bag, the car and the change table.

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18. An Odour-Trapping Nappy Bin

Okay, so not really an essential but definitely a ‘nice to have’ – particularly given that nappies DO sometimes really stink. What’s more, running to the outside bin isn’t always an option, so an indoor solution for binning nappies can be a godsend!

baby, nappy bin


The UBBI Nappy Pail is specially designed for nappy disposal. It keeps the nursery smelling fresh as a daisy through the use of steel, rubber gasket seals and a sliding lid. It also features a handy child safety lock for curious hands AND doesn’t require any special bags – an ordinary bin liner will do. Curious about capacity? This sleek nursery addition can hold approximately 58 newborn nappies!

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19. A Gorgeous Nappy Bag

A nappy bag is a must. You’ll be agog at just how much you need to take ‘just in case’ when heading out with bub and you can only stuff so much into your handbag! Keep your nappy bag loaded with nappies, wipes, a spare dummy and a spare set of clothes. This way, if you need to leave the house in a hurry, you can grab and go knowing you have all the baby essentials at hand.

nappy bag, back pack, baby essentials

OUR PICK: Petunia Pickle Bottom Little Mermaid Ace Backpack

There’s SO much to love about the Ace Backpack. The fun, whimsical, limited-edition print features Disney’s Little Mermaid Ariel on an easy-to-clean faux leather. The backpack itself is neat and compact, making it easy (and comfortable) to carry, but don’t be fooled – it delivers BIG on internal space. An extra-wide opening allows you to find anything you need easily and large external pockets mean you’ll locate that snack, dummy or your phone in just seconds. Full of extras, this bag includes a wipes case, changing pad and handy D-rings that attach the bag to any pram. PLUS, it comes with a bonus co-ordinating clam print pouch – perfect for keeping all of mum’s things together!

20. Teething Toys

Once baby reaches the uncomfortable teething phase (usually around three or four months) you’ll be glad of a couple of teething toys. Be prepared and stock up on a few items that your little cherub can chomp on and chew to help soothe their inflamed gums.

baby teether toys

OUR PICK: Malarkey Munch Mitt & Munch Cube 

A teething baby will naturally put EVERYTHING in its mouth, so why not make it something that will feel amazing against those erupting gums! The Munch Mitt is a clever teething toy that’s literally within arm’s reach (on baby’s hand). Covered in bumpy textured silicone and crinkly to listen to, it’s a joy for little mouths to gnaw at. Also featuring a textured silicone outer, the Munch Cube combines a delicious teether toy with a brilliant rattle. Shake, chew and roll – these toys will soothe sore gums while keeping baby entertained at the same time!

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21. Easy to Wear Newborn Baby Carrier

You’ll love to hold your baby close to you day in, day out and without a doubt, your bub will love to be nestled close. But there are days when two free arms and a set of hands would sure come in handy. Good news, a baby carrier is perfect for cuddling AND freeing up arms and hands!

pognae baby carrier newborn essentials

OUR PICK: Pognae Step One Wrap Baby Carrier

A genius design which blends a baby wrap with a baby carrier, the Step One Wrap is sure to be one of the comfiest and innovative baby carriers to hit the market. The one-size-fits-all carrier is lightweight (weighing only 300g!) and can carry newborn babies (inward-facing) right up to tots weighing 20kg (forward-facing). The easy-to-wear, adjustable fit makes this the perfect baby carrier for every parent! We also love that all Pognae carriers are acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as “hip-healthy” products.

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22. Baby Skin and Bath Essentials

Baby skin is much more sensitive and delicate than adult skin. So it’s important to protect it from the day he or she is born. It needs to be well moisturised and safeguarded against dryness, skin irritation, chaffing and rashes. To assist you in caring for your baby’s skin, look for products designed especially for them – they’ll be free of excessive ingredients and much more gentle.

baby skincare products

OUR PICK: Cetaphil Baby range 

Here at Mum Central, we adore Cetaphil Baby products. They have been specially formulated for healthy baby skin development and include key ingredients and botanicals to support and protect infants’ skin.

Cetaphil Baby has EVERYTHING you need to nourish and care for your baby’s delicate skin in and out of the bath. Plus the products are mineral oil-free, soap-free, hypoallergenic and paraben-free. Look out for Cetaphil Baby Moisturising Bath & Wash ($8.65), Shampoo ($7.65), Massage Oil ($7.65), Daily Lotion ($10.70) and Gentle Wash & Shampoo (from $8.65).

Even better, you can find selected Cetaphil Baby products at Woolworths supermarkets. Or why not pick up the entire range at Chemist Warehouse.


South Australian mum and self proclaimed foodie, Lexi can most days be found in the kitchen, apron tied firm and armed with a whisk or wooden spoon!

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