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The Annie Baby Monitor App Turns Any Phone Into a Quality Baby Monitor

Imagine a world where you could monitor your baby 24/7, from anywhere in the world, without the need to purchase a baby monitor. Well, hold onto your hats mamas, because we’re going to turn your everyday devices into reliable baby monitors!

Introducing the Annie Baby Monitor, an extraordinary app that transforms your everyday devices, like your trusty phone, iPad, Macbook or Apple Watch, into a reliable baby monitor! There’s no need to spend a fortune on fancy equipment or deal with confusing setups. With Annie Baby Monitor, all it takes are two devices and the Annie Baby Monitor app! And guess what?

Thanks to our awesome discount offer, you can install the app on as many devices as you’d like for just $30.00 USD!

Annie Baby Monitor app
The baby monitor for busy parents on the go is here – meet the Annie Baby Monitor app. Source: Supplied

It’s a 2-in-1 Baby Monitor and White Noise Machine app 

If you already have a few different devices lying around the house – iPads, tablets, phones, etc, then the Annie Baby Monitor app is an ideal option.

Even if you already have a traditional monitor, we recommend the Annie Baby Monitor download – you’ll be blown away by the quality and ease of it all!

The Annie Baby monitor app can transform any device into both a video and audio monitor, allowing you to see and hear bub through your device. It also doubles as a lullaby and white noise machine and comes with all the features you’d expect from a tangible baby monitor including two-way talk, night vision, and zoom capabilities. 

unique features of Annie Baby Monitor App
Annie Baby Monitor does it all from your device. Source: Supplied

How the Annie Baby Monitor app works is actually quite simple

You’ll need at least two different devices – for example, a tablet and a phone, or an old phone and your newer phone. There’s an Annie Baby Monitor for iOS as well as for Android devices. Just check the App Store. You can also use ONVIF cameras, Homekit cameras and IP cameras.

You’ll also need the Annie Baby monitor app paired on both phones which is actually simple to do. Just enter a code on both devices and that’s about it.

Leave one device in your baby’s room and it will automatically detect motions and sounds. It utilises cameras with high resolution video feeds so you can see and hear your baby in real-time.

Annie baby monitor app
Two devices, one app, clear remote viewing wherever. Source: Supplied

Once you have the first device prepared in your baby’s room, all you need to do is open the Annie Baby Monitor app on your phone, and viola, instant baby viewing!

Use with any device, anywhere – As long as you have two devices (or you have one and your partner has one) and an internet connection (data or WiFi). You are ready to monitor your baby with Annie Baby Monitor. No matter where you are, as long as there’s the internet, you can see your little one. No need to worry about the app draining the battery either as it only takes 4% of your battery every hour.

New baby tracker feature – Another really cool feature of the Baby Monitor app is the new baby tracker featureThis new feature allows parents to track all the baby’s activities and treasure developmental milestonesExisting subscribers can access this feature at no extra cost. For new users, there are two options available – a baby monitor or a baby tracker. Or an all-in-one subscription can be purchased at a discounted price.

Annie Baby Monitor App
Source: Supplied

Night vision and motion detection – Thanks to infrared night vision technology, you’ll have a perfect view of baby, even in the darkness. The app is able to effortlessly detect motion as well as sound so you’ll be alerted the second your little one starts to stir.

White noise machine and two-way talk – Plus, you can choose to play white noise or lullabies through the device and access two-way talk communication to gently soothe your little one to sleep or remind your toddler to lie back down (all through your phone).

It’s especially handy if you’re not at home with your baby. You could be at work or away on a girl’s trip night but still want to be able to comfort your little one to sleep.

That’s the beauty of remote viewing. And that’s just the start of it.  

annie baby monitor plays lullabies and white noise
Source: Supplied

The powers of remote viewing baby monitors 

No matter what type of baby monitor you’re after, we always recommend remote viewing. The ability to connect to your little one no matter where you are is absolutely priceless and something that will make the newborn/infant/toddler phase so much easier.

Peace of mind no matter where you are – You could be in the other room, napping on the couch. Or you could be across the globe at a business conference. No matter where you are, being able to easily see what your little one is doing allows you to rest easy and know that your baby is safe and not in any danger.

An easier transition back to work – Remote viewing is especially ideal when you are out of the house and have a nanny or babysitter watching Bub. You can easily check-in and get your fix of baby cuteness throughout the day, hopefully helping to reduce any anxieties.

For FIFO workers, it’s also ideal as you can log in to check on your little one, say goodnight through two-way talk, and check that Bub is sleeping soundly throughout the night. Being able to see your little one, even if you’re not physically there can be really helpful especially when you are missing those baby cuddles.

Peace of mind for tots too – It can also make the transition a bit easier for older infants and toddlers who may be aware that mummy is leaving for a little bit. You may be out of the house, but you’re only an app away and they can see you through two-way if they get scared or need a song before nap time.

Helps with self-settling – The white noise and lullaby machine is absolutely priceless for helping soothe little ones to sleep but the remote viewing two-way is also a lifesaver when your little one is older and trying to stay in their bed.

Watch them from a different room and gently remind them to lay their heads back down. If you are going the self-settling route, this option is so much more calming than the cry-it-out option. 

Great for grandparents and extended family – Not only great for parents, but the Annie Baby Monitor app is also perfect for extended family who would like a sneak peek into the adorable world of their little one. Anyone with your personal access can install the app, including extended family and siblings.

You will need to give them a code though as Annie uses encrypted connections to ensure that the video and audio feeds are secure and cannot be accessed by unauthorised individuals.

Ideal for family travel – If you are heading away, whether overseas or for a weekend getaway, the Annie Baby Monitor app can easily go with you without taking up any space in your luggage.

This is the power of remote viewing – you can plug into it anytime, anywhere. You literally have everything you need in the palm of your hand.

Enjoy a coffee on the balcony while Bub naps in the bedroom next door without having to constantly get up and check. Just put your phone in the bedroom and ensure hubby’s phone has the app on it.

And, at night time, stay up and indulge in some cocktails without worrying your little one has woken up crying. If he has, Annie will let you know.

Stay close wherever you are 

Reliable, easy to use, and incredibly helpful, the Annie Baby Monitor app ticks all the boxes of your traditional from-the-box monitor but without the hefty price tag and without the need to set up additional equipment.

Rest easy, no matter where you are, knowing Annie is on the job, keeping a watchful eye on bub, and alerting you if anything is amiss.

Download the Annie Baby Monitor for FREE! 

Mum Central readers can even try the Annie Baby Monitor app for FREE for three days to see if they like it. Simply download to access the three-day trial.

If you do love it, then enjoy 50% off the regular price with the code MUMCENTRAL50.

  • Weekly subscription: WAS $5.99 USD – NOW $2.49 USD
  • Annual subscription: WAS $59.99 – NOW $29.99 USD 

The new price is valid from the time of entry until the user cancels the subscription.

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It’s impossible to find a baby monitor on the market for under $30. Most baby monitors that offer remote viewing, white noise, lullabies, baby tracking, two-way talk and audio and video monitoring will set you back $300 or more.

If you are looking for a baby monitor that’s reliable, simple and affordable and one that you can access from anywhere, then the Annie Baby Monitor app is your answer. It provides an effortless solution to baby monitoring on the go that blends perfectly with our busy lives.

We cannot always be in the same room as our little ones watching over them – we need sleep too after all. But, with Annie, you can have the next best thing. Constant monitoring, anytime, anywhere and a peace of mind that is absolutely priceless.

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