Maternity Magic! How to Make Your Own ‘Baby in Belly’ Pregnancy Pic

Oh, apps. Where would we be without them? If you haven’t discovered the app, PicsArt yet now’s the time to download it, especially if you’re pregnant.

There is a cool feature that allows you to transform your regular weekly belly shots into something extra magical. It’s completely free to use and only takes a few minutes too. 

Known as the Baby in Womb sticker, you can capture a candid shot of your belly, complete with your beautiful baby (well, a picture of a baby), within. It’s pretty nifty! 

Baby in Belly Picart app
All you need is an app and a pregnant belly. Source: Supplied

Allow us to show you how the Baby in Belly Picsart trend is done. 

How to make the “Baby in Belly” PicsArt picture 

  1. First things first, download the PicsArt app.
  2. Open the PicsArt app and click on the purple plus sign at the bottom. This will take you to your photos reel. 
  3. Select a photo from your own collection.  Any pregnancy pic where your belly is on display will work – the bigger, the better! 
  4. Tap the “sticker” icon at the bottom and search for “Baby in Womb” stickers.
  5. Pick an image that you like – there are several to choose from. 
  6. Place the baby over your belly and adjust however you like. You can make the baby bigger, smaller or rotate it by pressing on it.
  7. Press “Apply” when you’re happy with the position.
  8. Select the “Effects” icon at the bottom and choose a filter you want on the overall image. Check the “magic” section as it has the best ones. The most popular one is Midnight but there are several others that look good including Moonlight, Rainbow and Flare.
  9. Hit “Next” and save your photo.
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Source: Shana Butler

PicsArt Breastfeeding sticker

Once you’ve had bub, the fun doesn’t end so don’t delete the PicsArt app just yet! You can also make some pretty spectacular Tree of Life Breastfeeding photos too.

tree of life breastfeeding picture
Source: Supplied

Whether you share them on socials or simply keep them to yourself to look back on later, we reckon they are pretty special. The instructions for a Tree of Life breastfeeding photo are pretty much the same as above but search for “Tree of Life” in stickers instead of “Baby in Womb”. 

Check out our post on making a Tree of Life Breastfeeding photo for full instructions. 

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