22 babies, none of whom made it home.

This is the incomprehensible reality that Kerry and Connell Hutchinson are living. The UK couple have experienced 16 miscarriages, three stillbirths and three premature deaths.

After recently losing their 22nd child, the family has bravely come forward to share their heartbreaking story of baby loss.

At 35 years old, Kerry has seen 22 faint positive lines on a pregnancy test. She has experienced the early signs of pregnancy 22 different times. She has witnessed the joy of hearing bub’s heartbeat through an ultrasound and the excitement of feeling those kicks from within.

Kerry has gone through labour, delivery, birth and even those first newborn cuddles. But this is where her motherhood journey ends. Over and over and over again.

No parent should have to face this heartache

Kerry has lost all 22 of her babies, her most recent just this month. Kerry shared the sad news of her baby loss via Facebook

Kerry Hutchinson

“On the 5th March I was given the devastating news our baby’s heartbeat had stopped. This was pregnancy number 22. I’m currently in hospital awaiting to pass the baby so he or she can be sent for genetic testing.

I’ve had 3 beautiful babies I got to bring into the world and hold and kiss. Sadly I lost them too due to being premature. I also now have to face another cremation for this little one too. That makes 6 funerals in total. I’m 35. It’s something I never thought I’d have to do. I just want to be like a normal lady and have a child.”

22 is enough

This unimaginable heartbreak of baby loss after baby loss is something Kerry has lived with for several years. 

After she lost her first child, Paige, at just 12 hours old, doctors discovered Kerry had cervical cancer. They removed most of her cervix but she was told she could still successfully conceive. Kerry suffered several miscarriages before turning to fertility treatment, which also ended stillbirth.

After her third pregnancy loss in the third trimester, doctors gave her a trans-abdominal stitch to help prevent pregnancy loss. But each pregnancy would still end in either miscarriage or stillbirth.

This is what “unlucky” looks like

Kerry admits she is at her breaking point and needs answers. Despite going to recurrent miscarriage clinics and undergoing testing, the tests all come back suggesting she is healthy. Just “unlucky”.

Kerry Hutchinson stillborn babies

But “unlucky” doesn’t give the couple the answers they desperately need.  “Unlucky” doesn’t take away the anguish, the grief, the pain of having to say goodbye to not one, but 22 of your babies. “Unlucky” doesn’t give Kerry the assurance that one day, she will be able to bring a baby home, that these losses will lead to a happy outcome.

Kerry’s friend, Sarah Speller has set up a Just Giving Page to help Kerry and Connell raise funds to see a specialist. The couple are also actively seeking a surrogate to help them become parents. 

“I’ve been through so much with these babies. I feel like I have to keep going to get answers. I can’t let this all be for nothing.”

If you have experienced miscarriage or stillbirth, please know you’re not alone. Help is out there. Please visit


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