Shut The Door! Bunnings $5 Poison-Free Fly Trap We All Need

There’s so much to love about the Aussie summer – the sun, the windows and doors flung open, kids in and out all day long. And then there are the flies.

And the cries of mothers all over our great land screaming SHUT THE DOOR! THERE ARE FLIES EVERYWHERE!

The usual go-to is to rapid-fire a can of fly spray liberally around the house. Which is fine. Unless you have children, pets or plants in the room. The thick fumigation isn’t ideal, let’s be honest. So what’s the solution? One mum has shared the neat, chemical-free answer.

And nope, it’s not a fly swat. Drum roll, please…

fly trap
Chemical warfare on flies be gone with this Bunnings wonder! Source: Beth Hosking

Everything old is new again

Some of us might remember our grandparent’s sticky fly tape traps which hung from doorframes with great result. Well these traps – The Buzz Mini Insect Indoor Pot Traps – are kind of the same deal, just a little more discreet by hiding them in your plants.

The plastic sticky traps catch flies with great success, as Bunnings Mums Australia Facebook group member, Beth, found out, PLUS all those pesky bugs and gnats hanging around your indoor plants. All in all, it’s an awesome poison-free, odourless alternative to smelly fly spray, especially if you have kids and pets!

Ladies if you have a problem with flies in your home and don’t want to spray nasty chemicals invest in a few of these. This is just from today! When I throw them out it’s usually covered in flies.”

fly trap
The sticky trap is a huge success. Source: Beth Hosking

You can snaffle up a 5-pack of The Buzz Mini Insect Indoor Pot Traps for a whisker under $5 from Bunnings.

The product description reads that the traps remain effective for an entire season, are eco-friendly and poison-free and they’re suitable to nestle in your indoor plants.

Fly spray be gone, but for the love of all things summer, SHUT THE BLEEPIN’ DOOR KIDS.

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