These are the 21 Baby Names that Will be Popular in 2024

If you follow baby names, you know that there are some names that parents favour over others. These are the names that consistently make it into the top 10 list year after year. The names you hear being called at playgrounds and the names you often see (at least once or twice) on kindergarten roll call. Names like Charlotte, Oliver, Leo, Isla, Noah, Jack, Mia and Amelia (to name just a few).

But you may be surprised to find out that there are 21 new names making their way to the top of the charts in Australia – names that you may not be used to hearing on a regular basis.

According to McCrindle Research Baby Names Australia Report, here are the names predicted to be popular in Australia next year, all of which have entered the top 100 for the first time or have risen several placements in the last year.

baby names popular in 2024
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Boys’ Names Predicted to be Popular in 2024 

1. Remy – A lovely French-inspired name, Remy means “oarsman” and is slowly rowing up the charts. It’s got a bit of a royal/regal vibe to it but with a modern twist. Remy now sits at #73 on the charts, rising 37 spots last year.

2. Roman – A strong and powerful choice for your brave warrior, Roman climbed from #110 to #83 last year.

3. Alfie – This adorable nickname is now a bonafide name on its own. It’s playful and cute, meaning “wise counsellor”. Alfie rose into the 87th position last year, 24 slots higher than the year before.

4. Reuben – Reuben was the biggest mover in terms of boys’ names last year, escalating 48 spots. Reuben has a bit of a vintage and Biblical feel to it and means “behold, a son”.

5. Koa – This name has all the makings for a top 10 name next year. It’s short yet sweet and comes with several meanings including “warrior” and “brave one”. We predict Koa will be just as popular as Leo in a few years.

6. Louie – While Louis is already in the top 100, Louie has entered for the first time, securing the 97th spot. Louie is another heroic name meaning “famous warrior”.

7. Tommy – Another playful nickname that is now heading to its own baby-naming glory, Tommy secured the 99th slot, moving up 28 positions from last year.

8. Theo – This has been a name to watch for a few years now and it continues to inch its way into the top ten, now sitting at #40 after rising 33 spots since last year. Theo means “God’s gift”.

9. Leon – Leon is a variation of Leonardo and Leo with a similar meaning of “lion”.  Leon rose 22 spots last year and is now sitting at #62.

10. HamishH baby names are surprisingly popular in boys and Hamish is one of the biggest movers of the year, sitting at #69 after moving up 17 spots last year.

11. Darcy – Bold and a bit badass, Darcy isn’t a name you hear every day but you may be hearing more of it next year. Darcy, which means “dark one” is edging into the top 50, sitting at #75 now.

Girls’ Names Predicted to be Popular in 2024

1. Eliana – A beautiful sounding name, Eliana is soft, elegant, and a lovely alternative to some of the other maximalist names such as Annabelle and Lilianna. Eliana means “God has answered” and it officially snuck into the top 100 for the first time, sitting at #86.

2. Thea – Retro cool for the win! Thea is edgy and feisty and comes with wicked cool grannie vibes. Thea is now sitting at #91.

3. Margot – Another retro name, Margot was popular a long time ago and made a bit of a comeback in the 80s. The name, which means “pearl” is now returning to the classroom. Margot Robbie may have something to do with it.

4. Maisie – Oddly enough, Maisie is another M-name that means “pearl” and is also climbing the charts. Maisie has a bit of a Southern thang going on, like Bonnie and Sadie.  The name has entered the top 100 for the first time, sitting at #97.

5. Gracie – The “ie” ending strikes again! While Grace has been in the top 50 for years and years now, Gracie has never made it too far. Many parents are sticking with the nickname as first name trend and Gracie now graces us with her presence in position #99.

6. Maeve – While Maeve has been popular in Ireland and Scotland for a while now, it’s only recently making its way to the top in Australia and watch Maeve go! This lovely little name has risen 22 spots in the past year.

7. Rosie – Another “ie” nickname, Rosie is elegant and sweet at the same time. Rosie is now sitting at #81 in the top 100.

8. Millie – A cute alternative to the more popular names like Ellie and Lily, Millie was once short for Millicent but it’s now considered its own moniker. Millie means “gentle strength” – very poetic!

9. Hazel –  This vintage name has been climbing the charts for years now and it’s almost made it into the top 10. Hazel hits at #14 after a 10-spot leap last year. Will she make it to the top 10 next year?

10. Aurora – Another name that we’ve seen dance into the most popular list, Aurora is as charming as they come for any princess. It’s sitting at #36 now.

Check out the full list of the most popular baby names of last year.

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