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Children Who May Have Been Here Before

Could your child have been here before? Many people think reincarnation is a bunch of BS but there are a lot of stories out there that suggest otherwise. We’ve shared a few stories of very young children remembering past lives with troubling accuracy but none have been quite as intriguing as the stories below of three very young children who may have been here before. 

Christian, Lily, and Annabella all have very vivid memories of their past lives and deaths. Here are their chilling yet fascinating tales.

children who may have been here before
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As soon as Christian Haupt could walk, he had a fixation with baseball. It wasn’t a sport his family played or even watched but, for some reason, Christian loved everything about the game. He insisted on wearing baseball clothes and wanted to play the game for hours every day. At just two years old, he was a little baseball legend. 

It was around the age of two that Christian also told his mum that he was once a baseball player. And not just any baseball player, but baseball legend Lou Gehrig, who passed away in 1941. 

children who may have been here before
Christian at 3 and Lou Gehrig. Source: Facebook

Christian’s mum, Cathy told Daily Mail about how Christian first explained that he had once been a “tall baseball player”. 

“I didn’t think much of it at first, but as time went on, and his speech and vocabulary improved, he began to make more of these strange statements.

He said he would travel by train to games with his team, They didn’t wear batting helmets in those days, and they played by day because the stadium had no lights at night. He talked about staying in hotels and being on planes when he was ‘big’ saying: ‘I didn’t wear seatbelts and I drank alcohol’.” 

It wasn’t until Cathy took Christian to a baseball game in Boston that Christian was able to identify his past self by name. At the game, Christian saw a large portrait of Babe Ruth. 

 ‘He became really agitated, saying, “I don’t like him, he was mean to me!” and was so upset we had to leave the game early.’

For non-baseball followers, Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig were both amazing baseball players back in the 1920s and 1930s. They were also frenemies and at one stage didn’t speak to each other for five years, apparently due to a fight over a girl. 

After the game, Cathy showed Christian a photo of the whole team and the little boy firmly pointed to Lou Gehrig and said, “That’s me”. 

 “He was able to name Gehrig’s parents, who were called Henry and Christian, and told me, “Mummy, you were her.”’

Lou Gehrig passed away at just 37 from ALS. Again, this is something Christian wouldn’t know but, when Cathy asked him how he died, Christian told her, “My body stopped working.” 

Naturally, Cathy was concerned. 

“I spoke with our church leader who told me a belief in reincarnation wasn’t a part of our faith. I felt frightened that something was wrong with my child.

Before all this, I would have been very sceptical of any parent claiming their child had lived a past life, but Christian was so adamant about his memories, and when they were researched, they were accurate. I had to believe him.”

Christian’s memories of his life as Lou stopped when he was six years old,  although he retained his passion and skill for baseball. 


Lily was five years old when she shocked her mum, Rose, by showcasing a talent for knitting. It’s something Lily had never been taught and something that Rose had only just started doing herself to keep herself busy. 

 “During the first lockdown, I decided to take up knitting to help me relax. I’d never knitted before and quickly realised I was terrible at it,’ said Rose.

“One day I walked into my daughter Lily’s playroom to find her sitting on the floor, needles clacking, knitting with a big smile on her face. It stopped me in my tracks.”

Child knitting
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Rose had no idea her daughter knew how to knit and when she asked LIly how did she learn, Lily replied with a firm: 

“My own mummy taught me, in our little white house in Ireland. We made blankets together.”’

Rose realised that Lily could be talking about her grandmother, Catherine, Lily’s great-grandmother. Catherine grew up in rural Ireland and passed away in 2001. However, Rose didn’t know much about her and had never really mentioned her to Lily before. 

“Over the past year, on several occasions, Lily has spontaneously shared memories of a past life, talking about living on a farm where she helped care for the animals and used an outdoor toilet, and about being on a packed boat with other people on a choppy sea and seeing the lights of a port in England.

‘The most unsettling experience was a couple of months ago, when I found her singing to her dolls – it was an Irish folk song I remember my grandmother singing to me. I felt both scared but also very emotional hearing it, and cannot explain how Lily could know it. I have never sung it nor played it to her.’

Rose hasn’t mentioned her daughter’s experiences or memories to her family members in fear they wouldn’t understand. Rose has, however, accepted and embraced Lily’s connection to her great-grandmother. 

“At first it frightened me, but now I feel comforted that my granny, who I loved, has found a way to come back to me and still be in my life. I’ve learned it’s likely Lily’s memories will stop soon so I don’t make a big deal of it. I listen when she wants to share them, and believe it’s Granny’s way of being here for us both.” 


Annabella Koor was three years old when she shared her previous life and death with her very concerned mother, Jana. The pair were driving to Annabella’s weekly ballet class when Annabella announced that she “died here”. 

Annabella calmly revealed to her mum that she’d been killed in a horrific motorbike accident on the same road, in a past existence. Not only that, she’d been pregnant at the time of her death and her boyfriend had died in the crash, too.

“She was able to go into great detail about everything, from her boyfriend’s long, curly hair and a design on the back of his leather jacket to the fact he was taken to hospital by ambulance but was already dead when he got there,” said Jana. 

Jana didn’t want to frighten her daughter so she didn’t say much, but the revelation shocked and scared her. 

“It was so detailed, so dark, I knew it wasn’t something she could’ve picked up from a cartoon or a storybook. And I could tell she fully believed what she was saying. She was a very bright and intuitive child, and I’m open-minded to these things, so I’ve no reason to believe she wasn’t telling the truth and that she really has been here before.”

It’s been 13 years since Annabella shared her past life and death with Jana. Since then Annabella has only hazy memories of saying that to her mum and never spoke about her past life again. 

Far from unique 

According to Psychic medium Fenn Pullinger, these goosebump-inducing stories are far from unique. 

‘We’ve all lived past lives, more than one, but we’re not meant to remember them. However, young children can experience these “breakthrough” memories, which haven’t been erased, because their age means they’re not very far away, time-wise, from that past existence.

These breakthroughs are also common if their past life was cut short in a sudden, traumatic way, they weren’t ready to die and they’ve bounced from one life to the next without time to process their departure from the previous life.”

It’s also quite common for these memories to fade over time which is why it’s often very young children who have these memories.

Carol Bowman, a past-life therapist, reincarnation researcher and the author of Children’s Past Lives: How Past Life Memories Can Affect Your Child, explains:

“It usually begins as soon as a child can talk and the memories tend to fade between the ages of five and seven.”

If stories of reincarnation pique your interest, then have a look at the books, Before: Children’s Memories of Previous Lives by Dr Jim Tucker as well as Children Who Remember Previous Lives: A Question of Reincarnation by Dr Ian Stevenson.

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