40 Heavenly Baby Names Beginning with H

Hold on to your naming hats! Have we got some cute names for you! Baby names beginning with H are quite popular and there are plenty of harmonious and heavenly options to choose from.

Allow us to share a few of our fave H baby names, from the ones that make the top 100 to the H baby names you may not have heard before.

Top names beginning with H

Out of the top 200 most popular baby names in Australia this year, 15 begin with H, making it one of the most popular letters for names to begin with.

These include:

  1. Harper
  2. Hazel
  3. Hannah
  4. Harlow
  5. Hallie
  6. Harriet
  7. Heidi
  8. Henry
  9. Hudson
  10. Harry
  11. Harrison
  12. Harvey
  13. Hugo
  14. Hunter
  15. Hamish

More likely than not, you’ve heard of the names above before and you probably know someone (or a few kids) with these names. If you are looking for a name beginning with H that’s a little less popular, we’ve collated our top 25 H names below that currently don’t rank on the most popular list.  Heavenly, harmonious, and a little bit hipster, these names are HOT HOT HOT!

H baby names - hipster baby names
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Unique H Baby Names

1. Hyla – An alternative to the popular Isla, Hyla means “wood” or “forest” in Greek.

2. Helena – Another Greek name, Helena means “shining light” and is certainly a bright choice. Very elegant!

3. Hayes – Although Hayes isn’t too common in Australia, it is becoming a name to watch in America. The cute choice means “hedged area”.

4. Huck If you like short and sweet names, Huck might tick the box. It’s etched in literary fame and has “hipster cool” written all over it.

5. Holly – A little bit Christmasy, Holly is a cheerful choice that symbolises celebration and good luck.

6. Halo – For something a little different, Halo is an angelic option meaning “disc of the sun or moon”. Very celestial!

7. Huntley – Huntley has a rugged yet royal ring to it and makes a cute alternative to the more popular Hunter.

8. Hart – This is a new name to enter our vocab thanks to a few celebrities. Miranda Kerr and Michelle Williams both opted for Hart for their sons.

9. Hazen – Meaning “beautiful”, Hazen is another hipster option that favours the popular “zen” ending.

10. Harlan/Harland– Oozing with Southern charm, Harlan and Harland are both unisex options that you don’t hear every day.

11. Hartley – Soft and sweet, Hartley is another one that has that Southern yet hipster vibe to it.

12. Holden – A popular car and character in a classic novel, Holden holds its own and means “deep valley”.

13. Holland – A lot of people choose geographical-inspired baby names such as Georgia, Paris, London and Sydney but Holland is a new country name that’s edging its way into classrooms. Charming and arty, Holland is expected to be one of the fastest-rising country names to come.

14. Hera – One of the great Greek queens, Hera was the goddess of childbirth and marriage. Hera means “protectress” and it’s certainly a powerful choice for your little goddess.

15. Hyacinthe – A pretty botanical choice, Hyacinthe is also associated with the colour purple.

16. Harley – Edgy and a bit badass, Harley is a cool choice for anyone except if your husband’s name happens to be David. Harley David’s son is just cringe.

17. Hattie – An old-school adorable choice, Hattie is a variation of Harriet and an alternative to the more popular Hallie. It’s the epitome of retro chic too.

18. Hope – Virtue baby names are always popular and Hope is a lovely one, especially for a miracle baby.

19. Havana – Edgy and poetic, Havana is a cute alternative to Savannah.

20. Hadley -This name is one to watch in our eyes. It’s already gaining popularity in America and we predict it will eventually make the top 200 in Australia too.

21. Herbie – Part playful and part hipster, Herbie means “illustrious warrior”.

22. Henley – A lovely gender-neutral choice, Henley is a peaceful and pastoral choice meaning “high meadow”.

23. Hendrix – Bow down to this rockstar baby name that pays homage to Jimi but also provides parents with a badass alternative to the more traditional Henry.

24. Haven – A sweet name that means “safe place”, Haven is a lovely choice for your little cherub.

25.  Hiyan – Prounced the name as Ryan but wiht an H, Hiyan (or Hyan) means “heart”.

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What do you think? Do you love any of these baby names beginning with H?

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