36 Creative Baby Names Starting with C

Cute, creative, charming, and charismatic, there’s a lot to love about names starting with C. If you’re after a baby name starting with C, then we’ve got some excellent options including the most popular names starting with C as well as 36 creative choices that you may not have heard of or thought of before – Don’t worry, none of them are too out there!

Most popular baby names starting with C

Let’s start with the popular names starting with C, shall we? On the top 100 most popular baby names list of last year, there were 10 names starting with C.

  • Charlotte
  • Chloe
  • Charlie (both girls and boys)
  • Claire
  • Conner
  • Charles
  • Carter
  • Caleb
  • Cooper

Other popular names starting with C that you’ve probably heard more than once include:

  • Crystal
  • Camilla
  • Carrie
  • Cleo
  • Coral
  • Cassie
  • Casper
  • Cayden
  • Cadence
  • Cade
  • Callum
  • Calvin
  • Cash

If you’re after a creative baby name starting with C that isn’t too common, then allow us to share 35 choices. These charming choices will ensure your little one’s name is as unique as they are.

Creative baby names starting with C 

1. Colson – A little bit country, a little bit Western, and definitely not a name you hear every day, Colson could be the perfect fit for your strong little guy or cheeky little gal.

2. Callahan A common surname, Callahan is now making the transition to first name territory but, again, it’s not a name you’ll hear on the playground a lot just yet.

3. Creed – Uplifting and inspiring, Creed comes with spiritual and soulful connotations.

4. Clover – If you’re into nature names, then Clover might be a choice to consider. It’s also a lucky option.

5. CharmCharm could also work, but this one is pretty out there.

lucky names for boys and girls
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6. Coco – Fresh, fun and fashionable, Coco is one of the ‘playful’ names that’s expected to takeoff in the next few years. We shall see.

7. Capri – For travelers, Capri is an interesting choice with a colourful and laid-back vibe.

8. Coda – This one is a musical moniker that flows beautifully. Coda is the concluding section of music or dance.

9. Coast – Another travel-inspired name, the name Coast is bold and beachy. It’s also a good choice for those looking for water-inspired name. 

10. Clio – A different take on the more popular Cleo, this name means “glory” and is the name of the Ancient Greek mythological muse of history and heroic poetry.

11. Cy – Extra short and sunny, Cy means “sun”.

12. Carys – Of Welsh origin meaning “love”, Carys is pronounced Ker-Ris. Like Karen, but with a Ris at the end. Much prettier!

13. Coventina – A little bit witchy and definitely in a class of its own, Coventina is a Celtic name meaning “water goddess”.

14. Cove – Another cute choice, Cove was rising before 2020, but then took a huge hit as it’s quite close to Covid.

15. Camden – A nature-inspired option, Camden is of Scottish descent, meaning “winding valley”.

16. Cadell – Not just the name of one of Aussie’s most-loved cyclists, Cadell is also the name of a little community near the Murray River in South Australia.

17. Coen/Cohen – This one is becoming more and more popular but we still wanted to include it because it’s cute.

18. Cruz – This edgy name starting with C oozes with cool dude energy and means “cross”.

19. Crux Another name similar to Cruz is Crux, which also means “cross” but it’s even edgier.

20. Cera – This pretty moniker means “cherry”.

21. Carlin – A more modern take on names like Carly, Carol or Caroline, Carlin means “little champion” so a great choice for all sporty families out there.

22. Cosmo – Of all the popular space baby names, this one is probably the one out of this world, but we predict big things for Cosmo.

23. Cyan – This colourful baby name is perfect for anyone who loves the colour blue which symbolises peace, spirituality and freedom. Shades of blue are also associated with strength and calmness.

Names starting with C - Cyan
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24. Cora – A very pretty choice, Cora means “maiden” and combines vintage charm with modern edginess.

25. Callan – This strong name means “powerful in battle” or “war-like”. Very heroic!

26. Clementine – A juicy option!

27. Carey – A cute take on Carrie, the name Crey means “dark, black”.

28. Casey – A very heroic name, Casey means “brave in battle”.

29. Clove – Another option for boys or girls, Clove isn’t a name you hear every day but it does have a sort of cute ring to it.

30. Cian – This Irish name is pronounced Kee-An or Keen and means “ancient” or “enduring one”.

31. Collette – A pretty French choice, Collette means “people of Victory” – a cute choice for your future little leader.

32. Cairon – Another French name and a cute alternative to Keiren.

33. Caspian – Romantic, strong and water-inspired, Caspian actually means “white”.

34. Calla – Considered a shortened version of the name, Callista, Calla is a lovely and elegant choice meaning “beauty”.

35. Cady – Made famous by Mean Girls, Cady, pronounced Katie,  means “pure” and “idyllic place”.

36. Cyra – This lovely Persian name means both “sun” and “throne,” two powerful symbols if you ask us! It’s most often pronounced Seer-Ra.

What do you think? Do you love any of these baby names starting with C?

Stay tuned for our entire baby name series as we go through our top picks for unique names starting with every letter of the alphabet.

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