30 Beautiful Baby Names Starting with B

After a beautiful but unique baby name starting with B? Perhaps you already have a child with a B-name and want to keep the tradition alive? Or maybe you love the B sound but want a name that’s going to stand out on the playground?

We’ve tracked down 30 baby names starting with B that aren’t overly popular or too out there. We’ve got sweet names, sassy names, strong names, elegant names, and several nature names, all beginning with the letter B.

Most popular baby names starting with B

Before we share our list of beautiful but rare baby names starting with B, allow us to take a look at some of the most popular B names of 2023, all featured on the top 100 (boy and girl) most popular baby names list last year.

  • Bella
  • Bonnie
  • Billie
  • Benjamin
  • Bodhi
  • Beau
  • Billy

30 fresh and fun baby names starting with B 

Now, onto the more unique choices – names you may not have heard before or you may not have on your radar yet.

Behold our top 30 choices for fresh, fun, and feisty baby names starting with B.

baby names starting with B
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1. Briar – While Briar isn’t on the top 100 list yet, we predict it will be soon. This princessy name is sweet and elegant with a bit of a forest vibe too.

I know several Briars with the middle name Rose, but Briar works well with other one-syllable names too – Briar Jade, Briar Skye, Briar Sage. Check out our list of uncommon middle names here.

2. Beatrix Feminine yet strong, Beatrix means “voyager” or “traveller” – a great option for families who love adventures. Check out our full list of wanderlust names here.

3. Brooklyn Geographical names are always a fun choice and Brooklyn remains a cute option.

4. Bailey One of the reasons why we like this name is that there are several variations to the spelling that still look cute without looking odd. For example, Bailee and Bayley add a bit of an edge to an otherwise pretty common name. We’d probably avoid Beyleigh though.

5. Brydie – A bubbly name starting with B, Brydie is full of sweetness and sass. It means “the exalted one” – great for a happy little gal!

6. Bruno Whether you loved Encanto or not, you know Bruno is going to get people singing “We don’t talk about Bruno” any time they hear the name. But, hey, that might be a good thing. It’s a catchy song and Bruno is a solid, strong name.

7. Boston – Another geographical baby name starting with B, Boston actually means “town by the woods”.

8. Benny/Bennie – This old-school name deserves a comeback. Benny is derived from the Latin word meaning “blessed” and is a rockstar choice. Or, go with something a little more formal like Benedict, Bennett or Benjamin with Bennie as the nickname.

9. Britta Another happy choice, Britta derives from the 80s classic Brittany and also means “the exalted one”.

10. Blair – A nature-y choice, Blair means “meadow” and works for any gender.

11. Bellatrix – A little bit witchy and a little bit kooky, Bellatrix definitely has that magical vibe to it. Bellatrix is also a star in the Orion constellation and means “female warrior”. If you do like heroic names, check out a few more choices here.

12. Betty We couldn’t have a list of baby names starting with B and not include the beautiful Betty! This classic name remains a firm favourite for every generation.

13. Bristol This one is a little bit out there, we know, but it’s also quite cute and quirky. Bristol means “meeting place by the bridge”.

14. Bon – If you’re after a short and sweet option, Bon might suit your bub. It’s meant to be a lucky name and is traditionally short for Boniface.

15. Bear Animal names are wildly popular and Bear is one of those names we hated at first, but now it’s kind of grown on us. What about you?

16. Birdie – Another animal name that continues to edge its way to the trendsetting list. If you do like cutesy animal names, Bunny is another option.

17. Bronte – There’s a lot of elegance to this name. It’s beachy but also literary and means “thunder”.

18. Briella – Another pretty choice is Briella which is a modern variant of the longer Gabriella.

19. Blakely – Blake is a cute choice but Blakely just goes that extra mile for extreme edginess.

20. Bria – Bria means “high” or “noble” – very classy!

21. Brenna – This is one you may not have heard of before. Brenna means “little raven” and is a much hipper version of Brenda.

22. Barrett – Another wild option, Barrett means “bear-like strength” and is an uncommon choice for any gender.

23. Bobbie/Bobby – This name remains a classic and while it’s short for Robert or Roberta, we reckon it works on its own just as well.

24. Bowie A rockstar choice, Bowie is about as cool as you can get when it comes to baby names starting with B.

25. Bentley A car-inspired choice, Bentley is ultra hip and luxurious. It actually means “meadow” so another nature-y option.

26. Beckham Once reserved for the soccer great, Beckham is now cropping up in kindergartens across Australia. It’s a bit different and can be shortened to Beck.

27. Bowen An Aussie name for sure, Bowen is sunny and bright and means “son of Owen” which works especially well if your husband’s name happens to be Owen.

28. Baxter We like Baxter because it’s bold and quirky but can also be shortened to the very cute Bax.

29. Bryssa Bryssa is the Spanish word for Breeze – very pretty!

30. Barnaby We will finish with a heavy-hitter – Barnaby, which is definitely a powerful choice but also vibrant and elegant.

What do you think? Do you love any of these baby names starting with B?

Stay tuned for our entire baby name series as we go through our top picks for unique names starting with every letter of the alphabet.

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