28 Edgy and Elegant Baby Names Starting with E

Ready to embark on a baby-naming mission of epic proportions? We’ve got a lovely list of our top baby names starting with E. These are the E baby names you won’t hear every day and the names starting with E that are edgy, elegant yet unusual – a perfect combination!

The popular E names

Baby names beginning with E are surprisingly popular. There are heaps to choose from and plenty of E baby names are featured in the most popular baby name lists of 2023.

baby names starting with E
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In fact, for the girls’ top 100, 14 names begin with E. This is by far the most popular letter for girls’ names.

The names starting with E that top the charts for girls’ include:

  • Ella
  • Evelyn
  • Evie
  • Ellie
  • Elsie
  • Emily
  • Eleanor
  • Emma
  • Eloise
  • Eva
  • Eden
  • Elizabeth
  • Eliana
  • Elena

For boys, names beginning with E are also a huge hit with 6 out of the top 100 names beginning with E, including:

  • Elijah
  • Ethan
  • Edward
  • Ezra
  • Eli
  • Elias

Baby names beginning with E also often feature on the vintage name lists (Elizabeth and Eleanor, for example), the earthy names list (Everett and Eden, for example), and the 80s classics too (Eric, Emily, Emma, Elliot, Emmett and so many more!).

Edgy and elegant baby names beginning with E

If you’re after a baby name beginning with E that is not as common, then allow us to share our top picks. Be sure to also share your fave baby name starting with E in the comments below:

1. Eve – Eve isn’t incredibly unique but it is very beautiful and a lovely alternative to both Eden and Eva.

2. Ellis – A gender-neutral option, the name Ellis means “kind, benevolent”.

3. Everly – Another name that’s creeping up the charts, Everly comes with several variations (Everlee, Everlie, Everleigh). While it’s not on the top 100 list yet, we do predict it will make it there eventually.

4. Eamon – This is a lovely Irish option that’s pronounced “ay-mon” and means “wealthy protector”.

5. Edison – Another elegant and edgy gender-neutral name, Edison brings out inventor vibes and makes a modern alternative to Edward.

6. Elysia – A cute variation to Alyssa, Elysia is beautiful and rich in nature, derived from the Greek paradise known as Elysium.

7. Eira – Another name etched in nature, Eira is a Welsh name meaning “snow”. Eira is also derived from the goddess of health, Eir, in Norse mythology. Eir had the power to heal the sick.

8. Evette – This is a name starting with E you don’t hear everyday which combines Eve with Yvette and means “life”.

9. Effie – Effie is a vintage beauty that is also making its way back into the classrooms. It means “well-spoken”.

10. Eben – Once reserved for Scrooge, Eben is as adorable as it is edgy and means “rock or stone”.

11. Emerson – A strong choice for any little warrior, Emerson means “brave” or “powerful”. Check out more warrior names here. 

12. Eon – A short and sweet name you won’t hear often, Eon is spiritual and powerful.

13. Evangeline – Maximalist baby names – or extra long names with plenty of flair and syllables, are predicted to be big this year and Evangeline sure fits the bill!

14. Eilish – The name is part of pop culture royalty but it’s also rich in biblical connotations.

15. Elodie – This cute name is light, lyrical and lovely and means “foreign riches”.

16. Effia If you happen to give birth on a Friday, then this name is perfect. It means “born on Friday”.

17. Echo Musical baby names are really popular and this one is definitely one to tune in to.

18. Elio – Elio is the name of the newest Disney-Pixar hero and it comes with a lot of ticks. It’s cute, quirky, and fun to say. It’s also a colourful choice and means “the sun”.  Watch Elio rise!

19. Esti This is a name we’ve never heard of before until John Legend and Chrissy Teigen used it for their newest daughter. We predict we will see a lot more of it now. Esti means “star”.

 20. Esme – Vintage and elegant, Esme could very well be the next “Rose”.

 21. EuphrasiaMeaning “good cheer” in Greek, this is a great one for your cheerful little girl.

22. Evanthe – In Greek, Evanthe means “fair flower”.

23. Everest – The ‘Ev’ names are taking off! The mighty name Everest may just take your child to new heights.

24. Eila – Pronounced the same as Isla, this elegant option means “oak tree; bright, shining light”.

25. Ezio – Another name you probably don’t hear often, Ezio also means “eagle”.

26. Easton – Commonly considered a surname, Easton is etched with vintage flair and new-age cool.

27. Ellery – This fun name means “joyful” and could be the perfect choice for your happy little bub.

28. Ender – Very rare in name and in meaning too – Ender actually means “very rare”.

What do you think? Do you love any of these baby names starting with E?

Stay tuned for our entire baby name series as we go through our top picks for unique names starting with every letter of the alphabet.

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