24 Daring Baby Names Starting with D

Dare to name your baby something a bit different with these deliciously dreamy, dashing, and darling baby names starting with D that you won’t hear every day. We’ve gone past the Dylans, Daniels, Dianas and Davids and onto the next-gen of uber-cute names starting with D.

Check them out below!

Popular names beginning with D

D is actually not that common of a letter for baby names. Out of the top 200 baby names of last year, only four started with the letter D including:

  • Daisy
  • Delilah
  • Darcy
  • Daniel
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In addition to these popular choices, you’ve probably also come across a few of these other baby names starting with D including Dylan, Declan, Diego, Dawson, Diana, Dawn, Dora, Devon, Dallas and Danielle. 

If you’re after a name that starts with D that’s a little more unique, check out a few of our faves below.

Daring baby names starting with D that you won’t hear every day 

1. Delphine  – An elegant option, this French name comes with two associations – the dolphin and the delphinium, a bluebell-like flower. A dashing choice for any animal/nature lover and can be shortened to Delphi too.

2. Dash – This fast-paced name is short and spunky with a superhero vibe to it.

3. Deja – From the term Deju Vu, which means “already seen”, this name is refreshing yet familiar. A lot of new mums admit that once they meet their baby, they feel like they’ve known them forever. This could be a fitting name if you experience this at birth.

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4. Dakota – Dakota means “friend” or “ally” and comes with warrior-like connotations. Although it’s somewhat popular, it’s not a name you will come across too often.

5. Delaney – We predict this one might become more and more popular as it’s quite versatile and cute. Plus, it comes with heaps of nicknames, from Dela or Lanie. Delaney means “dark challenger” which is a vibe on its own.

6. Dahlia – Dahlias signify elegance and dignity, but are also a nod to the eternal bond of commitment – a lovely symbol of the bond between mother and daughter.

7. Dominic – Here’s a fun fact about this trendy name – it was traditionally given to babies born on a Sunday. The name means “of the Lord”, and comes with some cute nickname options if you want to shorten it, including Dom and Nico.

8. Daphne – This extra-feminine name oozes elegance and means “laurel tree”.

9. Della – Delighful and graceful, Della is a a strong choice for your little gal which means “noble”.

10 Dasha/Dascha – Light, airy and dashing, Dasha is a Russian name that has become more popular since Orange is the New Black. 

11. Daya – Speaking of Orange is the New Black, Daya is another cute name starting with D – the character played by Dascha Polanco. Daya means “bird of prey”.

12. Dane – This retro name has old-school cool written all over it.

13. Darby/Darbie – Speaking of vintage, Darby may sound ancient, but we can picture this name picking up some speed in the future. Darby means “free from envy” or “deer estate”.

14. Dax – Short, sweet, yet strong and spunky, Dax is a cute nickname but also fun on its own. Dax means “leader” – very fitting for a first-born bubba!

15. Dixon – Speaking of leaders, Dixon is a little bit close to Nixon, but we still like it for a unique name starting with D.

16. Dixie – For a more country and western vibe, you could also go with the cute option of Dixie.

17. Dottie – Another vintage name that is destined to make a comeback is the ultra-adorable Dottie, short for Dorothy. It’s playful and different – a great combination.

18. Dove – There are a lot of bird names flying around such as Robin, Raven and Wren but we predict Dove will soar in the coming years.

19. Devereaux/Deveraux – This extra-long option is about as ultra-cool as you can get. Mysterious yet elegant, Devereaux is pronounced: “Dev-er-o”. Fun fact: Mick Jagger named his youngest son this swarthy French name.

20. Doutzen – Speaking of fresh foreign options, Doutzen is another interesting name starting with D. The name is Dutch meaning “little dove” and is pronounced, “Doubt-Son”.

21. Dior – Pretty and posh, Dior is forever a fashionista name but also means “golden”. Perfect for a spoiled little princess.

22. Dusty – While typically short for Dustin, Dusty on its own is very sweet too and means “brave warrior”. We like it for a little girl as much as a little boy.

23. Dulcie – If you’re after a sweet option, you won’t get a name sweeter than Dulcie, which means “sweet candy”. It’s got a bit of an old-school vibe going on too.

24. Dia – A daring three-letter option, Dia means “heavenly” or “love” – how divine!

What do you think? Do you love any of these baby names starting with D?

Stay tuned for our entire baby name series as we go through our top picks for unique names starting with every letter of the alphabet.

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