25 Fresh and Fabulous Baby Names Starting with F

Feast your eyes on some of the fun, fresh and fabulous names beginning with F! This is is one of the most underrated letters for baby names and many people overlook F for whatever reason. 

If you’re looking for baby names starting with F – perhaps to match a sibling with an F name, to honour a relative, or to simply pay homage to the letter F, we’ve got a collection of F baby names that are sure to fit the bill, including popular names beginning with F as well as more unique choices. 

Hop on the F baby name train and check out our top names beginning with F below: 

Popular names starting with F

Out of the most popular 200 baby names in Australia (top 100 girls’ names and top 100 boys’ names), only 6 names begin with F including: 

  • Florence
  • Frankie
  • Freya
  • Flynn
  • Finn
  • Felix

Fun baby names starting with F that are also unique 

The good news for parents looking for F baby names is that plenty of fresh options fall under the radar including these 25 fun options. 

Florella – Pretty and elegant, Florella is a sweet alternative to the more popular Ella or Florence and means “blooming”. 

Fallon – You may notice a lot of surnames as first names on this list including Fallon. This unique name means “superior” and we’ve seen it spelled several ways including Fallyn and Fallan. 

Freddie – Short for Frederick, Freddie on its own is cute and charming. 

Faye – The English origin for “fairy”, this name come with supernatural vibes. 

Forest – Another thing we’ve noticed about F baby names is a lot of them are edged in nature, such as Forest. 

Fox – Fox is another nature name with animal instincts.

Fern – Another nature name, Fern is short, sweet and a little bit sassy. It’s also not a name you hear every day which we like. 

FiaA cute nickname for Sophia, Fia works well on its own too, especially if you like short and sassy baby names. Fia means both “wild” and “deer”  – a cute choice for any nature lover. 

Finley – The name Finn is quite popular in Australia but there are several Finn alternatives that don’t make the most popular list and are just as cute such as Finley which can be shortened to Finn. Finley means “fair-haired hero” – a cute choice for a little blondie! 

Finnegan – Another Finn name, Finnegan also means “fair-haired” but comes with a more playful vibe. 

Farrah – Meaning “happiness”, Farrah was a popular name in the 70s and 80s but it’s not used that much anymore. 

Ffion  – At first glance, this may look like a typo but the name is actually really popular in Ireland and is pronounced, Eff-ee-on. We actually really love it.

Fletcher – Another common surname that’s making its way to first names, Fletcher means “arrow maker” and is a strong choice. 

Ferris – If you can get past saying, ‘Bueller’ every time someone says this name, it could be a winner! Ferris means “strong man or made man of iron”. Your very own Iron Man. 

Felicity – Another baby name beginning with F that means “happiness”, Felicity is also considered a very lucky name. 

Franklin – The name Frankie is steadily climbing up the chats for little girls, but Franklin remains a cute choice for either gender. It’s got that old-school cool about it. 

Ford – If you’re a car lover, Ford gets your engine running and makes an interesting alternative to Holden. Check out our complete list of car-inspired names here. 

Faith – Virtue baby names like Hope, Faith and True have remained popular for decades now and make a good choice for any miracle bubba. 

Frida – A name etched in art history, Frida means “peace” and is a strong and beautiful choice for your future leader. 

Fina – Although Fina could be considered a nickname for Josephina or Seraphina, it’s also cute on its own, pronounced Fee-na. 

Farley – Another surname on the list, Farley is a jovial option meaning “meadow of the sheep”. Pronounced Far-lee. 

Fairlee – Very similar to Farley, but pronounced Fair-lee, this is a more feminine option. 

Faber – This is a little out there but Faber could be a fabulous choice for an extra unique name.  Faber means “metalworker”. 

Fiore – An Italian beauty, Fiore is pronounced Fee-Or-Eee and means “flower”. How lovely! 

Falcon – We’ll end with a bold animal-inspired choice – the mighty Falcon which is sure to turn some heads. 

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What do you think? Do you love any of these baby names starting with F?

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