Watch this Weird Baby Sleep Hack that New Parents Swear Really Works

If eyes are the window to the soul, then the ears must be the gateway to Snoozeville. For babies at least.

According to a viral TikTok, rolling your fingers inside a baby’s ears is a surefire way to get them to sleep.


Yah. Okay.

Like most sleep-deprived parents, this mumma isn’t buying it. But she decided to give the sleep hack a go on TikTok anyway.

Did you hear about this new sleep hack?

We watch as her little girl Bailee fights her sleep while mum clips her nails – probably a smart move as she’s about to stick her fingers into her baby’s ears!

Next, she does the master move – a gentle massage-like motion inside baby’s ears. Not too far in though!

baby sleep hack on tiktok
Source: TikTok

Bailee seems to like it straight away and almost instantly settles down. Her eyes get droopy but, being a typical baby, she does toss and turn several times. But, within just a minute, her eyes are fully shut and she’s out for the count. WINNING

Watch it in action below:

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The new mumma is quite shocked but does give this sleep hack a thumbs up! So, will you be trying this tactic? Don’t forget to trim your nails first!

Check out a few of these other baby sleep hacks we’ve found on TikTok.

How to calm a baby in less than 10 seconds

Shared by The Booby Fairy on TikTok, the reel is making a world of difference to countless frustrated parents and upset infants out there.

As The Booby Fairy, whose real name is Danielle Gauss, a lactation consultant from California, explains, the secret of how to calm a crying baby is all about the third eye.

@theboobyfairy #acupressure #happybaby #calmingbaby #boobyfairy #newbornbaby #cranialsacraltherapy #babywhisperer #breastfed ♬ you are my sunshine – christina perri

That’s the space just above the nose and, when gently stroked, seems to have an instant soothing impact.

It certainly works for the baby in the video who goes from fussy to almost hypnotised after just a few strokes.

How to put a baby to sleep with a cat toy

Now, this one needs a bit of a disclaimer. Using a slapping fish to put your baby to sleep is only okay IF you are watching them. It should also be noted that baby should be turned onto her back for all sleep as this is the SIDS-approved way to sleep. However, if you are desperate for sleep and your baby loves a good pat on the back to go to sleep, then this fish-slapping toy is a winner. 

Okay, now that we have settled that, let’s move on to how this works. You see, this dancing fish is actually a pet toy, designed to make your cat giddy with cat joy. But it also happens to make a very rhythmic slapping, similar to a pat, pat, pat, that all new parents are used to. Eh?! #cat #catsoftiktok #pet #catlover #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #tiktokmalaysia ♬ original sound – Indra Aziz

So, when your arms need a bit of a break, enter the fish-slapping toy. But not without you right beside them, of course.

Read all about it here: The dancing fish toy for new parents. And cats. 

Speaking of TikTok… 

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