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17 Deliciously Simple Potato Recipes the Whole Family Will Love

We’re nuts about potatoes here at Mum Central! The humble spud is nothing to laugh at – a boring root vegetable it certainly isn’t! Just check out this epic roundup of potato recipes to see just how versatile potatoes can be in your cooking!

Potatoes… let us count the ways!

From mashed potatoes to potato bakes and all the BBQ rounds, rostis and wedges in between, potatoes rise to the occasion every time! And just as well, considering they’re often one of the cheapest vegetables getting around. Of course, cooking aside, potatoes also make excellent paint stampers for kids. See? SO VERSATILE, you can eat ’em or craft with ’em.

And now we have ALL the potato recipes for you to try!

17 delicious potato recipes for all

1. Easy slow cooker potatoes

Slow cooker roast potatoes? You had better believe it. The slow cooker might not be your first choice for making a delicious roast spud side dish but when the oven is already occupied – it has to be said – the slow cooker is up to the task!

slow cooker roast potato recipes
Slow cooker roast potatoes are a THING. Source: Bigstock

2. 3-ingredient potato bake

This easy 3-ingredient potato bake recipe reel went viral and I am totally here for it because there’s NO PEELING OF POTATOES involved. Not one single spud. Hooray!

potato bake - potato recipes
Don’t knock it unless you try it! Source: Facebook

3. Baked potato recipe ideas

Baked potato, jacket potato, stuffed potato – whatever it is you call it – a soft and fluffy potato filled with yummy extras makes for a really satisfying meal! PLUS, they’re cheap and easy to make. Check out these baked potato recipes!

stuffed potatoes - potato recipes
Perfect all year, stuffed potatoes. Source: Bigstock

4. Pizza hasselback potatoes

You know when you’re scrolling and you see something that just makes you think YES, MUST TRY THAT? This pizza hasselback potatoes recipe is it – and one you could make in your air fryer if wanting to speed it up.

pizza potato recipes
Shut up and take my spud money. Pizza potato recipes! Source: Facebook

5. Crunchy cheeseboard potato mash fries

Are you a cheeseboard or fries kind of snack person? Well, good news, now you can have BOTH – there’s no need to choose with this hybrid cheeseboard potato mash fries snack!

cheeseboard potato mash fries
What is this delicious sorcery? Source: Facebook/Twisted

6. French onion roast potatoes

Don’t be a spud when it comes to cooking delicious, not-just-a-side-dish-worthy, perfect roast potatoes. Elevating them from ho-hum to WOAH is as simple as heading to the soup aisle for a packet of French onion soup mix!

french onion roast potato recipes
Roast potatoes done right! Image: Adobe

7. Chip on a stick

There’s more than one way to get kids to eat potatoes – and a chip on a stick is maybe one of the most fun ways to get ’em down the hatch. Not just for carnivals, you can make these spiral potatoes/chip on a stick at home.

Chip on a stick potato recipe
Chip on a stick makes veggies FUN. Source: YouTube

8. Nigella’s salt and vinegar potatoes

Everyone loves salt and vinegar chips, right? So imagine just how good Nigella’s salt and vinegar potatoes recipe must be!

salt and vinegar potato recipes
If they’re Nigella Lawson’s fave, they’re ours too. Source: Jonathan Lovekin

9. Smashed cheesy garlic sweet potatoes

This side dish is minimal in fuss for maximum flavour, with sweet spuds delivering a scrumptious punch to any meal. It’s smashed cheesy garlic sweet potatoes for the dinnertime win.

sweet potato recipe
Smashed sweet potatoes! Source: Mum Central

10. Dauphinoise potatoes

This recipe for dauphinoise potatoes (French potato bake) is full of French creamy, cheesy, garlicky goodness.  Totally tasty, deliciously decadent and best of all – the kids will love it too!

potato recipe
It’s French for potato bake. Source: Supplied

11. Crispy potato rosti (hash brown) recipe

This potato rosti recipe will be your new favourite – it’s so versatile and can be used for a variety of dishes. Crispy and delicious you’ll want it for brunch, breakfast and dinner.

potato recipes
Potato rosti -like a GIANT hash brown, but better. Source: Mum’s Pantry

12. Zucchini potato waffles

Get a taste of these deliciously savoury zucchini potato waffles. Packed with hidden veggies as well as delicious cheese and bacon, the kids will love these as a breakfast weekend treat!

potato recipes
Potato waffles? YOU BET! Source: Mum’s Pantry

13. Cheesy potato bake

There’s nothing more comforting than a cheesy potato bake, no matter the season. Using just the basics, this recipe hits the spot every time.

potato recipes
Classic potato bake. Source: Mum’s Pantry

14. Leek and potato soup

A warming leek and potato soup is just the thing to curl up with on a weeknight. It’s easy to make, full of nutritious goodness and the simplest thing to make on a Sunday and heat up in a flash during the week.

winter soup recipe
All the potato recipes including soup! Source: Mum’s Pantry

15. Crispy bacon-loaded potato skins

Have a go at this classic appetiser – crispy bacon-loaded potato skins with sour cream! The perfect combination of cheesy, crispy, and smoky.

potato recipes
Don’t throw out the potato skin – make a meal of it! Source: Mum’s Pantry

16. Potato wedges

No need to buy bags of frozen potato wedges anymore! Make your own delicious potato wedges at home. Seasoned just right, they’re perfectly crunchy and golden every time.

Potato wedges recipe
A go-to in potato recipes, wedges! Source: Mum’s Pantry

17. Potatoes to share: fries board style!

If you’ve got the time and you want to make a smorgasbord or buffet of potato recipe items, check out this fries board for inspiration! And if you don’t have the time, head to the supermarket freezer for all the potato goods to simply heat up!

fries board
The ultimate fun side dish, the fries board!

There you have it, a whole lot of delicious potato recipes and spud-licious ideas for your family to try!

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