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Be Blown Away by this TikTok Bubble Wand Hack for Toddlers

The bubble wand. One of the best-worst inventions out there. These dollar store items bring so much joy and so many meltdowns to children each and every day.

Sure, it’s great for blowing epic bubbles, but not when your toddler decides she wants to go it and then realises she can’t. Cue the sticky bubble solution spillage. Cue the broken wand that “won’t fit” into the opening. Cue the epic meltdown.

tiktok bubble wand hack

No more bubble wand tantrums!

Well, not anymore, ladies and gents! Because a clever mum of TikTok – Nicole Rose Center – has shared a little-known bubble hack that lets kids blow bubbles themselves without all the regular bubble-blowing dramas.

All you need? A bowl and a straw. Two items you most likely already have in the house.

mum central
Source: TikTok

The hack is simple. Dump the bubble-wand-of-tears and replace it with a straw of any size. Then move your bubbles into a more toddler-friendly bowl to make it easier. You can keep the cylinder if you’d like but a bowl does make it a bit easier and if you have more than one child fighting for the bubble wand, then this lets all the kids have a go at once.

“So mums of toddlers: We all want to get them bubbles and have them be able to use [the wand] so nicely,” she says in the video. “But they never can use it and it gets spilled. Let me show you a little hack. These are just regular straws and I put some bubbles here. All kids can do this, with any straw.”


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Nicole shares tons of cool parenting hacks but this one is the viewers’ favourite with over 500k views in just a few days. Nicole received heaps of praise for her cool idea, but, OF COURSE, there were plenty of people who couldn’t help but point out that toddlers will see a bowl and a straw and drink the bubbles.

So, parents. Consider this your public safety announcement. Tell your toddler NOT to drink the bubbles before handing the straw and bowl of bubbles over.

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wrap trend
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