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Banana Sleep Trick! Mum Swears a Banana is the Cure for Bad Sleepers


When your little one won’t sleep, you’ll try almost anything! One TikTok user has shared how a really easy snack has solved her child’s sleeping troubles and urges all parents to give it a go.

What’s the snack?

A banana.

Yep, that’s the trick. Feed your kid a banana before bed and she will sleep through the night. And she’s not the only one who swears by the banana sleep trick.

According to Google, bananas are a great sleeping aid because they are packed full of magnesium and potassium, helping to relax the mind and muscles.

Banana sleep hack goes viral 

TikTokker mum Allison vouches for this, explaining that her daughter was the ‘absolute worst sleeper’ before she started feeding her a banana before bed.

Now she sleeps through the night – for eight straight hours – and has been doing so for eight months straight.

@agoyneee_xo #parentinghacks #tricks #banana #toddlerlife ♬ original sound – allison.

Allison’s video has racked up over 350,000 likes so far after hearing about Allison’s banana sleep trick, which she hails as “the most life-saving [hack].”

So, if you’re looking for a way to get your little one to sleep through the night, stock up on bananas! We’d love to know if this trick actually works for your children.

Other crazy sleep hacks that may work

This isn’t the first sleep hack we’ve stumbled upon over the years. Check out a few other ways to get your little ones to go to sleep.

The special touch 

According to some, there’s an extra sweet spot on babies. It’s in between their eyes. Stroke them softly enough and you just may find that bub drifts off to sleep. Here’s the video on how to give it a try.

We’ve seen other parents use this similar method but with a soft tissue.

David Bowie

Yes, the late great David Bowie may be your answer to bedtime bliss. This baby went from screaming to sleeping after just 60 seconds of listening to Bowie’s Heroes.

mum central

The sound of the sink

Another trick that some mums swear by is running tap water. It is the only thing that would settle this little bubba.

Simply bring bub into the bathroom with you, let the tap run and gently rock her to the sound of the dripping water.

The pop-up tent

For toddlers, this weird pop-up tent is being hailed as a nighttime lifesaver. The tent acts as your wee one’s very own fort.

sleep solutions bed tent

The security and comfort of this little space seem to resonate well with kids of all ages. Many mums say that letting their kids sleep in a pop-up bed tent has stopped them from coming in at night, falling out of bed or being scared to fall asleep.

Lettuce and tea

This one is for the grownups – simply place some lettuce leaves in hot water (plus your choice of tea such as peppermint), let it sit for 10 minutes, take out the leaves and sip before bed. A woman on TikTok tried it and could barely keep her eyes open by the end of her beverage.

Lettuce water sleep hack

According to researchers, lettuce contains a high level of lactucarium, which has been proven can make you feel relaxed and super sleepy.

So there you go – if you need a decent night’s sleep, reach for the lettuce for you and a banana for them. Who knew?

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