Top 10 Baby Carriers and Slings – Here’s our Best Babywearing 2022

When planning what you need for your baby, one thing you won’t want to overlook is a good quality baby carrier. Not only will it keep you close to baby, it’ll also free up both your hands, meaning you can get on with things and squeeze in a few great cuddles along the way too! Here are 10 of our top baby carriers, wraps and slings for you to consider in 2022.

5 Benefits of Babywearing

1. You’re going to get SO much more done. As much as you’d love to spend the day being nap-trapped or rocking a pint-sized person off to sleep, sadly it’s not always an option. Especially if you have other children who need entertaining / feeding / general tending-to. A baby carrier can free up one, or two arms to do all the things while still snuggling your bub.

2. You can go places prams can’t. Babywearing allows you to go places that aren’t that great for prams. From hiking to markets, your favourite café and even a nice relaxing walk … a baby carrier makes everything easier!

3. You’re going to build some really sweet bonds. It’s not unusual for mums to build an instant bond with their babies but sometimes dads have to work a little harder. Everyone wins when dad straps on a baby carrier – mum gets a break and dad gets to enjoy a cuddle.

4. Hands-free time should never be underestimated. Be it pushing a shopping trolley, making phone calls or EATING A SANDWICH, these things are much, much easier to do when you have two free hands. And as baby grows, the back-carrying position becomes more ergonomic, especially when compared to the forward-facing position. Not only do you get your whole front free, but you can also see where you’re going easily! That brings up a whole lot of brand new adventures at your fingertips, doesn’t it?

5. Settling is made easy. Sometimes you just have a baby who loves to snuggle no matter what. There’s so much comfort in being held close and hearing your familiar heartbeat for your baby. Babywearing means you can give them that easily (and without the tired arms).

What to look for when buying a baby carrier

  • Comfort – For both you and bub, comfort is important! Think padded shoulders, weight distribution and of course breathability of fabrics. Think about your climate too, If you live in the tropics, something lightweight and breezy will be more comfortable than thick and bulky!
  • Longevity – The more use you get out of a baby carrier, the better value for money you get. A baby carrier that you can use from the newborn stage right through to the toddler years is brilliant and money well spent in not updating through the development stages.
  • Healthy Hip Positioning – Make sure your baby carrier promotes healthy hip positioning which reduces the risk of developmental dysplasia of the hip. Your baby carrier should ensure the baby’s hips are spread so their legs are straddling your body (in an M position). Bub’s knees should be spread apart, the thighs supported and the hips bent. Check out the link above for more info.
  • Ease of Use – Make sure the baby carrier is easy to get in and out of and not something you feel like you’re wrestling with every time you want to wear your bub. The easier it is to use, the more you’re going to want to wear it!
  • Safety – Babywearing must be safe.

Babywearing Safety Matters

All of our best baby carriers, wraps and slings come with only the highest safety ratings but a general rule of thumb to ensure you are wrapping correctly is to remember the Five Steps of T.I.C.K.S:

  1. Tight: Make sure the carrier/sling/wrap is tight-fitting to ensure proper support.
  2. In view at all times: Make sure you can see bub’s face when looking down. Keep baby’s face, nose and mouth uncovered.
  3. Close enough to kiss: Your baby’s head should be close enough to your chin that you can kiss their sweet little head.
  4. Keep chin off the chest: Ensure your baby’s chin is up and away from their body. Your baby should never be curled so that the chin is forced onto its chest.
  5. Supported back: Your baby’s back should be supported in a natural position with their tummy and chest against you.

10 of the Best Babywearing Products for 2022

Marsupi Australia – Marsupi Classic

PRICE: $189.95
WHERE TO BUY: Marsupi Australia
CARRIES: 3.5kg Newborns to 15kg Toddlers

Source: Marsupi

The Marsupi Classic is an easy-to-use organic cotton baby carrier that you can grab and go! Supportive, lightweight and comfortable, Marsupi carriers are the perfect blend between a wrap and structured carrier. They fasten with Velcro, which makes them super easy to adjust and put on by yourself.

Comfortable to wear for both you and baby, Marsupi Classic’s head support allows you to carry newborns and support sleeping babies and toddlers. There are no niggling buckles or clasps to dig into the skin and the wide, low-profile straps make for an extra comfy babywearing experience. And when not in use, you can roll this carrier up to easily fit in your bag or the carry bag provided!

Available in sizes S/M to XXL (fitting a waist of up to 135cm), you can choose from a range of stunning colours. Marsupi carriers are recognised as hip-healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute too, and we all love that!

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Redsbaby CONNECT Plus Carrier

PRICE: $239
WHERE TO BUY: Redsbaby
CARRIES: Newborn to 20kg

best baby carriers
Source: Redsbaby

Approved by Healthy Hips Australia, the award-winning CONNECT Plus provides four carrying positions for newborns to 20kg toddlers, with flexible adjustment options for comfortable all-day wearing. Its three-layer design transitions from mesh to thermal layer and windbreaker, providing comfort all year round, wherever your journey takes you.

A unique design with awesome innovative features, the Redsbaby CONNECT Plus Carrier offers brilliant breathability not only in the body of the carrier but also through perforated shoulder and waist straps. This will help to minimise sweat and increase comfort no matter the season or activity. There’s also the integrated and extendable head shade which provides head support, protection and privacy during naps and feeding. Genius!

The perfect carrier for maintaining connection and bonding, you can easily slide your hands through the front of the carrier body to cradle and touch your bub directly. Designed in Australia, the Redsbaby CONNECT Plus Carrier includes a storage bag, removable shoulder padding and a thermal layer.

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Joie Baby Savvy™ Carrier

PRICE: $179
WHERE TO BUY: Joie Australia
CARRIES: 3.5kg to 16kg

Source: Joie

Carry your most precious cargo in comfort with Joie Baby’s Savvy™ Carrier.  Keep baby close in this ergonomic carrier that makes babywearing all about blissful hugging, not lugging!

Certified by the Hip Dysplasia Institute, savvy offers optimal support for your little one, sitting with ease in four ergonomic “M-seat” positions that promotes a healthy spine and hip development. Not just comfy for your bub either, this carrier design features a smart and secure, easily adjustable strap that distributes weight evenly with every fit. Combined with padded shoulder straps, your back will thank you for the support!

No one wants to have to wrestle with getting a carrier on so Joie has streamlined the process with super clever magnetic buckles on the shoulder to easily put on and adjust the carrier by yourself (no extra hands necessary!). Babywearing shouldn’t be a puzzle – and the Savvy™ makes it a snap!

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Chekoh Clip Carrier

PRICE: From $189.95
CARRIES: 4 months/5kg – 15kg

Chekoh best babywearing 2022
Source: Chekoh

A gorgeous slimline baby carrier, the Chekoh Clip Carrier reduces extra bulk and excessive panelling to create a gorgeous lightweight and streamlined carry for both you and your baby.

Simple to wear, the Clip Carrier enables you to supportively carry your baby safely front facing (chest-to-chest) and also as a brilliant back carrier, giving you the gift of free hands and arms when you’re on the go or want to get things done at home.

A baby carrier that’s completely machine washable, choose from a plain colour or stylish print designs to suit every parent’s style or outfit. The Chekoh Clip Carrier is also size inclusive, fitting up to a women’s size 24 and a men’s XXXL. Suitable for babies from 4 months from 5kg up to 15kg, all Chekoh carriers come with a FREE Virtual Video Call with a certified Babywearing Educator to perfect your fit and wear!


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BabyDink Baby Carrier

PRICE: $179
CARRIES: Newborn to 8kg

Source: BabyDink

BabyDink is the original ‘no wrap’ wrap baby carrier! The ideal newborn baby carrier for mamas who love babywearing in those first six months of your little one’s life, when snuggling in close is essential.

Worn just like a t-shirt, BabyDink gives you the function of a wrap carrier, without the actual wrapping. That’s right, no origami folding skills are required! Available in sizes Small to 3XL, the carrier design is pre-wrapped so you get the same supportive fit, EVERY TIME. There are no buckles, clips or straps to master at all and the BabyDink carrier is made from certified organic cotton – so it’s soft, breathable and safe for your baby – plus comfy!

Best of all, you don’t need anyone to help you get your baby in too! Simply place your baby in the pre-wrapped fabric straps and your bub will settle in quickly, close to your heartbeat and leaving you with two free hands to tackle mum life while keeping your bub close.


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Ergobaby Omni™ Breeze Baby Carrier

PRICE: $349
WHERE TO BUY: Ergobaby
CARRIES: Newborn to 20kg

Source: Ergobaby

Maximum airflow meets maximum comfort with the newest baby carrier in the Ergobaby range – the Omni™ Breeze brings breathability to a whole new level. Rated #1 in airflow when tested with comparable carriers, the Egobaby Omni™ Breeze uses SoftFlex™ Mesh fabric to maximise airflow, keeping you and your baby comfortable and dry all day.

The only baby carrier you need for growing babywearing needs, the Omni™ Breeze can carry all the kids from newborns to toddlers in a forward-facing position and more. Babywearing is a breeze thanks to the extra cushioned, crossable shoulder straps for a custom fit along with an easy-to-use lumbar support waist belt. Switching baby from facing inward or outward is also made easier with a one-handed slider adjustment, allowing you to make the switch quickly and confidently.

The Omni™ Breeze has everything covered, including side pockets and a detachable pouch – perfect for dummies, tissues, snacks, keys and your phone while out and about..


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Cococho Baby Carrier

PRICE: $299.99
CARRIES: Newborn to 18kg

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Source: Cococho

This innovative baby carrier is one of the best, given your little one is secured in the carrier before loading in the front or back position. This intuitive method is a game-changer for safe, unassisted back-loading, and other easy transfers like offloading sleeping babies without waking and swapping the carrier between parents!

Designed with ergonomics in mind, the carrier’s unique structure dynamically adapts to the baby’s development from newborn to toddler and ticks the International Hip Dysplasia Institute’s acknowledgement. It provides just the right amount of space inside the carrier, integrated head support and has a high back carrying position for even the most curious of babies. This baby carrier also provides perfect weight distribution between an adult’s waist and shoulders, allowing for long hours of carrying your cuddly passenger without associated backaches.

No detail has been spared, with handy pockets for small belongings and a mirror to monitor your little one while being carried on the back. Perfect for front carrying and excelling at back carrying, the Cococho Baby Carrier has your back!


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Frog Orange – The Explorer Baby Carrier

PRICE: $259
WHERE TO BUY: Frog Orange
CARRIES: 4kg to 15kg (out of water)

Source: Frog Orange

Australia’s ONLY 100% neoprene baby carrier, The Explorer baby carrier is designed to be used in and out of the water! No matter where you like to take a dip, this baby carrier is resistant to water, salt, chlorine, stains, and rust. Made from neoprene (just like a wetsuit), this baby carrier ensures there’s no added weight to the baby or the wearer in the water, making them incredibly versatile and durable, especially in a country like Australia.

Carry your littlest adventurer in the ergonomic “M” seat position in the water for hands-free and safe supervision. Alternatively, you can insulate them against the wind and cold on a boat, camping trip or even snow during winter. With six stylish colours to choose from, this lightweight neoprene baby carrier is machine washable and quick to dry!

Perfect for families who love the water and an active outdoor lifestyle, The Explorer makes any trip a breeze. A simple two-clip system means this baby carrier can be whipped on and off quickly and easily which is awesome when you’re busy and on the go. From the water to the playground or even the snow, The Explorer is fit for any adventure!


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MOBY Elements Wrap

PRICE: $80
WHERE TO BUY: The Amazing Baby Company
CARRIES: Newborns to toddlers

moby best babywearing 2022
Source: Moby

A parenting favourite for its comfort, style, and adaptability, the MOBY Elements Wrap is made from a soft, lightweight, breathable fabric that provides the perfect snuggle carry for newborns, infants and toddlers.

The versatile MOBY Wrap offers multiple carrying positions from front carrying to hip carrying as your baby grows, plus a one-size-fits-all, adjustable fit giving comfort to caregivers, parents and changing postpartum bodies. Either way, it’ll certainly make it the perfect carrier to encourage bonding throughout the baby’s developmental stages.

The MOBY wrap is made from a soft, feather-knit fabric that is as comfortable to wear as your favourite t-shirt. Plus it evenly distributes the weight of carrying a baby across the back and hips, ensuring you don’t end up with back pain. It’s all you need for on-the-go comfort and hassle-free adventures. Recognised by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, you can be assured of comfort, ease of use and proper fit with MOBY – Close Enough to Kiss®.

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Tonga Organic Cotton Mesh Sling

PRICE: $89.95
WHERE TO BUY: Bam Loves Boo
CARRIES: 6 months to 2 years (or 15kg)

Source: Bam Loves Boo

A compact and lightweight sling, parents of minimal fuss will LOVE this mesh sling option for babywearing. It’s the perfect babywearing option that folds into your pocket or bag, ready to be pulled out at a moment’s notice.

Wearing the mesh sling is easy too. Simply adjust it to the desired size on your first wear and then simply pop it over your shoulder each time, ready to go! By spreading the sling on your opposite shoulder, the weight is distributed evenly, making for a more comfortable carry in the hip hold position, while supporting your child with one hand on their back.

A great breathable babywearing option for travelling or just having ready in your bag when you’re out and about, you can set and forget with the Tonga Organic Cotton Mesh Sling.  It’s also breastfeeding-friendly and great for pregnant mums who don’t want the added heat of a bulky carrier, you’ll find this dreamy sling stocked exclusively at Bam Loves Boo!


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We hope you’ve enjoyed our favourite baby carriers, slings and wraps – all the babywearing products! Maybe you’ve found one (maybe even two!) perfect choices to lure your kids outside to play more. Be sure to take advantage of any discount codes above and get a jump on Christmas shopping and SAVE! We’ve got plenty of other guides for those shopping for babies and more. Check out:

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