Best Cots & Bassinets 2022: 9 Stunning Picks for Your Baby’s Nursery


Welcome to Mum Central’s best cots and best bassinets of 2022. We’ve handpicked 9 of our favourites cots and bassinets from some of the biggest brands in baby furniture in Australia – babyhood, Mocka, Boori, Tasman and more!

We’ve got Moses baskets, bedside sleepers, convertible cots. We’ve even got a bassinet that can transform into a cot, a toddler bed AND a table and chairs set once bub is older! Amazing, right?? 

Choosing your baby’s sleeper is a big deal and a big purchase so allow us to help make the decision a little easier. Make sure you also check out the discounts on some of our featured best cots and best bassinets – you could save up to $180! 

Choosing the right cot or bassinet for your baby 

Safety first! 

All cots should be certified under the mandatory Australian safety standard AS/NZS 217. At this stage, there is no  Australian standard for bassinets, which makes it tricky, but some products claim compliance with the older standard for rocking cradles AS/NZS 4385:1996. Other standards to look out for that manufacturers tend to have their bassinets tested to include the European standard EN 1130 and the US standard ASTM F219.

When choosing a cot mattress, make sure there is no more than a 4cm gap between the edge of the mattress and the adjacent cot side when the mattress is pushed to the opposite side, or 2cm on each side when the mattress is centered. 

Things to consider when choosing a bassinet

  • Suitable from birth – Suitable for newborns to six-month-olds, a bassinet makes the perfect first bed for your baby.
  • Portability – The most portable of baby beds, a bassinet can easily be moved around the house so you can keep a close eye on your baby.
  • Breathable zones – Make sure there is adequate breathable zones on all four sides to eliminate suffocation risks and provide enough ventilation for your baby.
  • Safe and sturdy – Check that the bassinet doesn’t wobble and that all parts are permanently fixed. 
  • Depth and traps – Make sure the bassinet is deep enough to stop baby from falling out and that the mattress fits snugly around all sides and that there are no areas where baby could trap their limbs, head or fingers. 
  • Convertibility – You may prefer a bassinet that doubles as a co-sleeper or bedside sleeper for a closer sleep. These are especially ideal for night-time breastfeeding. 
  • Lockable brakes and wheels 
  • Washable – It’s a good idea to look for a bassinet that is easy to clean, preferably one with removable fabric.

Things to consider when choosing a cot

  • Suitable from birth to four years – You can use a cot from newborn and throughout toddlerhood.
  • Ease of use and set up – Check that the dropside is secure and smooth and not too heavy for you. Make sure you are able to bend down into the cot and check that the cot does fit in the designated area. 
  • Size – You may be surprised how big cots can be, especially convertible cots. Check whether it can fit through your doorways. 
  • Teething strips – These are plastic strips on the wooden edges of cots that protect the cot from teething babies who tend to like to gnaw on the sides. 
  • Lockable brakes and wheels 
  • Sustainability 
  • Convertibility – Can the cot convert to a toddler bed later down the track? 
  • Style – You most likely want to choose a cot that matches the decor and furniture of your baby’s nursery, whether you go with a light wood, a dark stain or a neutral white. Clear cots are also gaining popularity which provides your baby’s space with a light and airy look. 

Best Bassinets 2022

babyhood Kaylula Moses Basket & Stand

Price: $349
Where to Buy: babyhood

Babyhood best cots and bassinetts
Source: Babyhood

You and your little one are going to LOVE this gorgeous bassinet! Safety, security and sustainability are the key features of the new babyhood Moses Basket & Stand. This stunning sleeper is crafted with sustainable materials like New Zealand timber and beautifully designed to complement any room.

The Moses Basket & Stand provides the perfect solution for ensuring your baby is in your room on a separate sleep surface, safely. The stand is sturdy and easy to manoeuvre with lockable wheels and the basket is as luxurious as you can get. Made from water hyacinth, this superb quality material is lightweight and durable.

Expect nothing but the best inside with a fully lined quilted cotton insert and a superior mattress that is firm, flat, washable and made from Breathe Eze Fibre. There’s even a storage tray below to store lightweight items to access in the middle of the night. Practical and pretty, this is our pick for the best Moses basket bassinet of 2022. 



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Edwards & Co SnüzPod4

Price: $499
Where to Buy: Edwards & Co

Snuzpod best cots and basinettes
Source: Edwards & Co

The SnüzPod4 is a bedside bassinet that delivers a comfortable sleep for bub and an easy way to settle your little one to sleep with a gentle rocking function! It’s so easy to move around the house and can either work as a standalone bassinet or attach to your bed for a co-sleeper bassinet – your choice! 

It’s functional, incredibly stylish and boasts a generous size, allowing you to keep your baby closer for longer. We also love the lift-off top to easily move bub around the house, plus the ComfortAir breathable technology to help regulate your little one’s temperature while they sleep. There’s even an option to help aid any reflux your baby may suffer from. 

The machine-washable lining makes it easy to keep clean and it comes in a few different colours to complement any nursery. Discover the rocking power of the SnuzPod4 and see why it’s our top pick for the best rocking bassinet of 2022.

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Babybee POD

Price: $399.99
Where to Buy: Babybee 

Babybee pod best cots and basinettes
Source: Babybee

From a bedside sleeper to a standalone bassinet, the POD is designed to keep your little one safe, close and comfortable during those precious first few months. 

No parent truly knows what kind of sleeper their baby will be so we love the POD because it provides options for safe bedside sleeping (or safe co-sleeping) if this is something you choose to do (or if you discover this is the only way your baby will sleep). 

There are a lot of great features to the POD – breathable mesh sides for increased airflow, a drop-down side for quick access and organic cotton fitted sheet for a cosy sleep. The POD secures to any bed frame and is adjustable to 7 different heights for safer sleep for your newborn.

It’s easy to transport too and comes with a mosquito net and a carry bag. This is our top pick for the best co-sleeper bassinet for your baby with thousands of happy new parents giving it two big thumbs up. 



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Bednest Bedside Bassinet

Price: $569.95
Where to Buy: Danish by Design

Danish by Design best cots and basinettes
Source: Bednest

Another stunning bassinet choice is the Bednest Bedside Bassinet. It can transform from a co-sleeper to a freestanding baby bassinet, to a Moses basket and even a travel cot!

The four-in-one baby bed can be attached to the main bed (as a co-sleeper bassinet) or can be set up beside the main bed  (as a stand-alone bassinet) to create a separate, safe place for bub. 

You can also opt for the Moses Basket option – simply lift the bed off the frame and place the Bednest on the floor. And if you’re out and about or heading away for a weekend? The Bednest can be quickly and easily packed down and set up as a travel cot when away from home. Genius!

There are heaps of great features of the Bednest too – see-through mesh sides for airflow, one side opens for easy access to bub and the Bednest is fully adjustable and can be tilted to help with reflux symptoms too. It takes all of two minutes to set up and pack down and suits bubs til approx 6 months old. All of these features make it our top pick for the most versatile bassinet of 2022.




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babyhood Sova Clear Cot 

Price: $1,808 
Where to Buy: babyhood 

babyhood best cots and basinettes
Source: Babyhood

The babyhood Sova Clear Cot is in a class of its own! Not only it is a cot, but it’s also a bassinet, a toddler bed, an adult table and a 2-chair setting (WHAT??) AND a playpen. Crazy, right? And, what’s even more exciting about this versatile product – it’s simply gorgeous, modern and built to last and last and last! 

The sleeper literally grows with your bub, from a bassinet for those early days to a cot. It’s also easy to move around with a lockable 4x wheel and comes with a mattress too! It then converts to a toddler bed for an easy transition for your little one. Once your little one graduates to a bigger bed, it can be an adult table and two chairs set or a playpen. From babyhood to adulthood – how great is that? 

The Sova Clear Cot is also, you guessed it, clear, with unique clear panelling – great for checking in on bub but also a nice way for your little one to wake up and see the world around them. Safe, sustainable, stylish, and sure to be the piece de resistance in any room, the Sova is our top pick for the most adaptable bassinet/cot. 



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Best Cots 2022

Zaria Cot

Price: $399.99
Where to Buy: Tasman Eco

Tasman Eco best cots and basinettes
Source: Tasman Eco

Modern, minimal and manufactured with Radiant Pine Timber, the Zaria Cot is a stunning choice for any nursery. We love the hints of wood combined with the classic white. 

Zaria comes with all the features you want in a cot – the ‘Safety-Slide’ drop mechanism for easy access to bub is a big bonus and every parent will appreciate how the cot converts to three sizes – bassinet height for when bub is little, cot height for infants and then into a toddler bed for your feisty little tot. 

The cot will see your child through their early years and comes with the Tasman Eco sustainability promise plus easy assembly and a two-year warranty. You really can’t go wrong with the Zaria which is why it’s our top pick for the best modern cot of 2022. 

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Mocka Aspen Cot

Price: $379.95
Where to Buy: Mocka

Mocka Best Cots & Basinettes
Source: Mocka

We love Mocka’s furniture and their Aspen Cot is no exception. This stunning cot comes with over 145 5-star customer reviews and will suit any style of the nursery. It comes in four modern colours – all white, grey/natural, black/natural and white/natural. It’s hard to pick our fave! 

Featuring an adjustable base, you can raise or lower to suit your baby’s age and development, it’s also one of the lighter cots on the market. It’s not too big or bulky and at the ideal height for reaching to grab bub without breaking your back.

It even converts into a toddler bed (with the toddler conversion kit, sold separately). You can also match your change table, bassinet and more with one of Mocka’s Nursery Furniture Packages.

Elegant, simple, modern and easy to assemble, you’ll easily be able to create a safe, comfortable and stylish space for your baby to sleep and grow. This is why it’s our top pick for the most stylish cot of 2022. 

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Eton Expandable™ Cot Bed 

Price: In Barley White: $1,039.95. In Mocha: $1,099.95
Where to Buy: Boori 

Boori Eton cot - best cots and basinettes
Source: Boori

Boori is one of the biggest names in baby furniture and we love their range! Their cots have a unique look that adds depth to any nursery. The Eton Expandable™ Cot Bed perfectly bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary trends. Gracefully minimal in style, this stylish white baby cot bed is designed to fit seamlessly into any nursery theme.

The Eton is crafted from sustainable solid wood chosen for its beauty and durability which is one of the things that sets Boori cots apart from the rest. They are built to withstand the bumps and knocks of family life, even with a teething toddler chewing down on the sides! 

The Eton converts both into a toddler bed and a single bed (conversion set sold separately), lasting from birth to around 5 years. Created with innovative technology that ensures a longer lifespan, the Eton Expandable™ Cot Bed is our top pick for the most practical cot of 2022. 

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lovebabycot’s Kaylula Bella Cot 

Price: $1,599.90
Where to Buy: lovebabycot

Kaylula belle best cots and basinettes
Source: lovebabycot

Meet the star of your baby’s nursery – the sweet Italian-inspired Bella Cot. This cot is as pretty as can be and ticks all the boxes for cots – exceeds safety standards, made from sustainable materials and has a toddler bed conversion

And isn’t it just divine? The ideal addition to any modern stylish space, the Bella is designed to  ‘showcase’ your precious star with its acrylic panels that give your baby some comforting reassurance as they can look around at their surroundings and easily see you through the panels.

The Bella Cot will remain a fixture in your little one’s room, from newborn to toddler and provides a comforting, peaceful and beautiful place to rest their heads. If you’re looking to deliver the best to bub, this cot is it. We love it which is why it’s our top pick for the most luxurious cot for 2022.  



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