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The Best Kids’ Swimwear Brands in Australia for 2023: Dive Into Summer in Style!


The swim season is upon us which means it’s time to slip, slop, slap and shop for new swimwear for the kids. We are spoiled for choice in Australia with some of the very best names in the kids’ swimwear business at our doorstep.

To help narrow down your decision, we’ve rounded up the very best Australian swimwear brands. All of these labels provide high-quality swimwear and include swim nappies, rashies, bathers, sunsuits and hooded towels that are sun safe, affordable and designed for all water adventures.

Come and check out our top picks for kids’ swimwear before hitting the beach.

Buyer Tips: Shopping for Kids’ Swimwear Australia

Colour matters: Did you know that some colours of kids’ bathers are better seen in water than others? Check out this Swimsuit Colour Chart to see which colours are considered the safest in and around water. In general, bright neon bathers are best for visibility.

Consider sun protection: All of our top picks for swimwear for kids come with a high level of sun protection for our kids. You will find that long-sleeved or full-coverage swimsuits are ideal for the hot Aussie summers as they provide more protection without the need to constantly reapply sunscreen to their arms and legs. If you have an active Aussie little nipper who hates reapplying sunscreen, consider swimwear that covers most of their body. Make sure you also always follow Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide. 

Shop their size: We all want our kids’ swimwear to last a season (or longer) which is why it’s tempting to buy bigger and let them grow into it. But when it comes to bathers, this isn’t a good idea. Swimwear can stretch and having to pull up your shorts, fix slipping straps or worry about baggy bikini bottoms that might not stay on can be frustrating.

Shop their activity: Different activities require different types of swimwear. For water play, boardies and sunsuits are ideal. But if your little one is into performance swimming, then look for a one-piece, bikini, or tight swim trunks to help them glide through the water and to the finish line.

 Shopping for tots vs. shopping for tweens: Little ones aren’t super fussed about what colour or style of bathers you buy them (mostly), as long as it means they get to play in the water. But tweens and teens – well, they are a whole other story! Your best bet when looking for tween swimwear is to ask them before you buy. Bring them with you or, if shopping online, browse the various Australian swimwear brands together to make sure they are comfortable and confident in your selection.

Wash right: To ensure your kids’ bathers lasts, always use cold-to-room temperate water, a mild detergent on a delicate cycle. It’s a good idea to give your bathers a good rinse, even if it’s just a hand wash, after every water activity to get rid of the chlorine, sand, salt water and remnants of sunscreen.

More than just swimmers: Kids need a few different items when preparing for a day at the beach or pool. In addition to swimmers, you may also need to pick up a swim nappy (age dependent), life vest or jacket, goggles and a beach towel. And don’t forget their hat!

Best Kids’ Swimwear Australia – Our top picks for 2023

L E N S W I M (Len Swim) Boutique Swimwear 

RRP: $59.95
Adorable swimwear for girls

Source: Supplied

Meet Len. A trend-setting yet timeless collection of kids’ swimwear that little ballerinas and adventurers are going to love! Sensory-friendly for beach and pool fun: Len Swim’s collection includes their best-selling snap swimsuits, swim dresses, and girls’ and boys’ swim sets. All with a focus on function and fun.‌

Designed to be worn from the park to the pool, this swimwear is not just for the water, it’s perfect for days when water play could be part of the plan. All styles are designed to be easily visible in and out of the ocean and pool with bright, clever colour blocking, as well as offering sweet, timeless floral styles.

The Swim Dress (which also has snaps) is one of our faves in the collection, especially for tiny dancers, but the long-sleeved girls’ swimsuits and boys’ rash sets are just as sweet. ‌Constructed with two layers of sustainable, lightweight fabric, this range comfortably and securely offers easy nappy changes and bathroom trips thanks to snap closures to promote independence and quick changes. Their Swim Sets also feature wider-than-average sleeves, higher-than-average neck protection, large rear zips and no internal tags to irritate.

Award-winning swimwear for ages 3 months to 6 years, you can expect years of wear from Len Swim’s range with their swimsuits designed to be passed down and loved. If you are looking for a cute gift, Len Swim also offers a complimentary gift wrap and will send your item straight to the recipient.


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Zippy by Rad Kids

RRP: $69.95
Kids hooded towels

Source: Supplied

Moving on to kids’ towels – something that every child will need, regardless of age or water activity. You really can’t go wrong with a hooded towel and the best in the business is Zippy by Rad Kids. 

Crafted from 100% luxurious cotton, Zippy combines convenience, functionality and style and is the perfect attire for after-water play. Unlike a thin poncho towel or standard hooded beach towel pullover, both providing very little coverage and warmth, Zippy is naturally super soft and absorbent, drying bodies almost instantaneously.

Zippy Kids’ hooded towels come in several striking designs suitable for tots to pre-teens (sizes range from 1-2 up to 11-12) and little ones love wearing them too. They are great for after-water play, but also comfortable enough to wear anytime, especially on days when they are in and out of the pool/beach/creek. The Zippy towel has also been certified with a UPF50+ safety rating, providing excellent protection from the elements.

But what we especially love about a Zippy kids’ hooded towel is the easy zip-on design. The innovative class-leading YKK zipper ensures a secure fit, allowing your kids to move freely in ultimate comfort and without having to force a towel over the top of their wet heads.

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Kids Sun Protection Swimsuits by TicTasTogs

RRP: From $59.95 
OUR PICK FOR: All-in-one Sunsuits

Source: Supplied

Next on the list for shopping for swimwear is a Sunsuit. A Sunsuit is an all-in-one swimsuit that keeps little ones protected from the sun all the while keeping them comfortable and free to splash, run and play.

TicTasTogs is home to some of the sweetest award-winning all-in-one Sunsuits in Australia, designed for little rascals aged 6 months to five years. Their Sunsuits come with long sleeves and shorts which keep their little bodies covered but allow them to easily move freely.

What we especially love about these adorable long sleeve swimsuits is that they come in a range of eye-popping prints so you can easily keep track of your little beach bum. With a focus on sun protection, their cute swimwear is made of premium UPF50+ fabrics with age-appropriate styles.

Practical, comfortable and colourful, these Sunsuits are designed for the sun and made for hours of fun – in AND out of the water. TicTasTogs Sunsuits really are a summer staple. Make sure you check out the entire range at TicTasTogs, which is founded by a Tassie mum (the Tas in TicTasTogs) and includes all your swimwear essentials – boys and girls rashies, swim shorts, sun and swim hats, beach toys and swim nappies, in sizes from  0 to 14.

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Tropic of Unicorn™  by Tribe Tropical

RRP: $69.95
WHERE TO BUY: Tribe Tropical
OUR PICK FOR: Baby and toddler swimwear (with game-changing nappy clips)

Source: Supplied

Another great Australian swimwear brand is Tribe Tropical. This Queensland label delivers stunning swimwear, inspired by tropical Australian destinations and hand-drawn too.

Unique and cute to boot, Tribe Tropical’s award-winning range includes all sorts of beach musts – hats, sand-free towels, beach bags, sunnies and more, designed for both kids and adults up to size 4XL. They even have a range of maternity/breastfeeding swimsuits with shelf bras and zip fronts.

But our top product pick has to go to their innovative toddler sunsuits. Not only are they super cute and super soft, but they are fully lined and come with nappy change clips in the crotch for easy changes at the beach or swimming lessons. This is a game-changer for parents with babies and toddlers! Their newest addition to the collection – Tropic of Unicorn – is sure to make every beach trip magical.

Another great thing about Tribe Tropical is that their sunsafe swimsuits are ethically made on a chlorine-resistant polyester-blend fabric so you can feel good about buying them and not having to worry about fading, stretching or chlorine damage. Check out the whole range at Tribe Tropical – they’ve even got matching family UV swimwear. Fun!

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Ocean Tales Rashies, Surfsuits and One Piece Swimwear

RRP: From $39.95
WHERE TO BUY: Ocean Tales
Zipped rashies and one-piece surfsuits

Source: Supplied

Ocean Tales delivers kids’ swimwear that parents love for their little ones. Fashion-forward, high-quality, long-lasting, ethically manufactured, functional, fun and, best of all, they are fully lined with front zip and nappy change clips.

Ocean Tales rashies feature a handy front zip that makes them easier to get over little heads while their one-piece swimsuits feature a front zip that fully opens making it easier to get it on and off little ones. And don’t worry about zipper irritation either – all their zippers have a zipper guard at the top and are internal facing to avoid skin being pinched as the zipper is used. And their surfsuits even feature easy nappy change clips on up to size 3. So clever!

Not only are these swimsuits easy to get on and off, but they are also just gorgeous with bespoke prints, long sleeves and high necklines for extra sun protection. All of their kids’ swimwear is made of UPF 50+ fabric to block out those harmful rays from the sun and is chlorine-resistant.  There is a wide range of styles to choose from too including surfsuits, one-piece swimsuits and rashie tops and bottoms. You can also mix and match sizes.


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Pipi Swimwear Full Coverage Sunsuits

RRP: $35 for swim hats and $60 for sunsuits
WHERE TO BUY: Pipi Swimwear
Full coverage swimwear and hats (no more sunscreen battles)

Source: Supplied

Full-coverage swimwear (long sleeves and long pants) is your best choice when it comes to premium sun protection. The peace of mind full-coverage swimwear can bring to a hot summer day is priceless and you can spend less time reapplying sunscreen and worrying about sunburns and more time enjoying the day with your kids.

Our go-to for full-coverage kids’ swimwear is Pipi Swimwear. You won’t find cuter, better quality or more affordable price full-coverage swimwear! Plus, their full-coverage swimsuits are sustainable and made of recycled material, turning plastic bottle waste into usable products.

All of their sunsuits feature a full-length zip for easy on/off and even easier nappy changes, fitted wrist and ankle cuffs to keep those little hands and feet free for playing and fun and bright high-visibility prints to ensure you can easily spot your wandering adventurer in and out of the water.

Their swimwear is also chlorine-resistant, fast drying, breathable, lightweight, and offers UPF50+ protection. And so cute too! Check out the matching swim hats as well.  

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Tyoub Kids Sustainable Swimwear

RRP: $59
WHERE TO BUY: Tyoub Kids
Sustainable swimwear

Source: Supplied

For sustainable and fashionable swimwear, you cannot go past the iconic Tyoub Kids. This range of eco-friendly swimwear comes in one-pieces, bikinis, sunsuits and more. All are UPF50+ rated, chlorine resistant, fully lined and made to the highest standards. But best of all, you contribute to ocean clean-up by shopping Tyoub’s eco-friendly swimwear. 

What we especially love about Tyoub Kids is the attention to detail in their collection. Their newest collection, La Isla Bonita, is inspired by a humble fishing village with a colour palette featuring palm, vanilla and pistachio. The collections reflect the current trends but remain classic and have a timeless aesthetic.

Check out the full range, with sizes available from 3 months to 10 years. You will also love their range of reusable nappies, matching bucket hats and classic Legionnaires caps with back flaps. Be sure to check out their original Zootie, which is based on a triathlon suit for comfort and is made for movement in and out of the water.


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Cheeky Chickadee Kids’ Swimwear

RRP: $49.95
WHERE TO BUY: Cheeky Chickadee
OUR PICK FOR: Matching family swimwear

Source: Supplied

For fun, matching prints for the whole family, Cheeky Chickadee is your swimwear staple! Their range features one-of-a-kind, limited edition animal prints hand-painted in watercolour by founder and Mum of five, Connie, based in the sunny northern beaches of Sydney.

We absolutely love the unique prints, plus the high necklines and long sleeves for ‌maximum protection from the sun’s harmful rays. The swimsuits are completely lined for modesty plus the togs fit snuggly and comfortably so no need to worry about saggy swimmers. 

Another great thing about Cheeky Chickadee’s range is that they are designed to last with strong extended zippers that also makes getting in and out of the swimmers a piece of cake (even after a sandy day at the beach). The play-ready fabric is UPF 50+, stretchy, soft, durable, fast drying, and colour sealed with improved friction resistance.

Designed with love in Australia, these matching bathers are sure to put a smile on your family’s face anytime you hit the beach, creek or pool. 


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We hope our top picks for the best kids’ swimwear in Australia will ensure your kids make a splash this summer, no matter where the water play takes them.

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