11 of the Best Kids’ Clothing Brands of 2023

Just the thought of going clothes shopping for your child can be fun and exciting … and how could it not? There are so many adorable and playful options to choose from. However, so many options can also lead to shopping overwhelm very quickly, which in turn can lead to several ‘carts’ full of cute kids’ clothes that your bank account may not agree with.

Cuteness aside, there’s a lot to consider when shopping for kids’ clothing, including fabric, weather and safety. Where do you even begin?

How about right here?! We’ve rounded up our top picks for the best kids’ clothes of 2023 to make shopping for your little ones easy. Check out our tips for buying kids’ clothing as well as the best kids’ clothing brands in Australia to add to your cart.

TIPS: What to look for when buying children’s clothing

1. Think of seasons and weather

  • Consider the traditional seasons when shopping for kids’ clothing. You’ll want to select breathable, moisture-wicking fabric, such as bamboo, cotton, and cotton blends for summer.
  • Steer clear of 100% synthetic fabric during the summer months, as they are less absorbent and uncomfortable during warm weather.
  • If you have a nappy-wearing tot, clothing in breathable fabrics will ensure your little one has proper ventilation and prevent skin irritation and rashes.
  • Shopping for items that allow ventilation while providing warmth during the cold months is also good to keep in mind.
  • Layering during the cold months as well as during season transitions can also be an effective way to dress for the weather. The ability to peel off layers as the weather changes and as they go from one activity to another can prove most useful.
  • Cardigans, long sleeves under short sleeve T-shirts, hoodies and blouses, and tights can be handy.
  • Thinking ahead to the next season can help you save money. End-of-season sales are a good way to stock up for the next year. However, be sure to size up as little ones tend to grow quickly.

2. Consider safety and durability 

Children are active little beings, exploring the world around them. They will undoubtedly climb, run, and get anything from dirt and mud to paint all over themselves as they play. Therefore, children’s clothes should be soft, comfortable, stretchy, and easy to care for.

For young tots learning to dress, clothing should include large neck openings, zippers with large pull rings, and elastic waistbands instead of belts or sashes.

Things to avoid when buying young children’s clothes include:

  • Restrictive clothing. Apparel that is too small or too large can hinder movement during activities.
  • Drawstrings at the neck. In young children, they can lead to strangling by getting tangled or caught on something, such as playground equipment.
  • Large pockets, pants, or dresses. They can make the child trip and fall. Additionally, no long sashes or drawstrings as they tangle your child and lead to falls.
  • Loose fasteners and buttons. They can be a shocking hazard if swallowed. Furthermore, avoid excessive decorations, such as ball fringe, fancy zipper pulls, or anything that can be easily pulled off and swallowed.

3. Shopping with Kids

While the thought of taking your child with you to select and try on a new wardrobe (or buying online) may seem like a fun bonding opportunity, in reality, it can become stressful if you don’t have a game plan in mind.

We would suggest saving the ‘shopping sprees’ for when your kiddies are in grade school. Preschoolers’ tolerance for tagging along with you will be quite short and may wind up with a fussy child and no clothes to show for your time.

Instead, enjoy picking out clothes you like and dressing them. This will likely be the only time they’ll wear what you select for them. Or shop online – with or without them. My preschooler adores looking at clothing online and picking a few outfits she likes every season. The good news is that ALL of our top picks for the best kids’ clothing brands have online stores.

So, let’s shop!

OUR PICKS: Best Kid’s Clothing Brands for 2023

Bardot Junior

Where to Buy: Bardot Junior
Best for:
Fashion-forward girls aged 0-16

Bardot Junior best kids clothing 2023
Source: Bardot Junior

If you haven’t discovered the adorableness that is Bardot Junior yet, then now’s the time! Bardot Junior is an Australian-owned and family-run brand established in 2004. Headquartered in Melbourne, Bardot Junior’s designs are created with a fashion-forward yet timeless mindset for mini fashionistas, offering a wide range of contemporary pieces that will suit any occasion.

There are sooo many cute pieces online but our top pick has to be the Ava Starlet Dress which combines childish wonder and old-Hollywood glamour, ideal for engagement parties, weddings, and other formal celebrations. We adore them all – the organza mini dresses, baby trench coats, grows, playsuits, cardis, leggings, and more.

Bardot Junior works with local manufacturers and artisans to make sustainability their main focus. Meant to create memories, their designs aim to “transcend trends” while keeping seasonal cycles in mind. They also offer 10% off full-price styles for members, plus invitations to VIP special offers. Afterpay is also available.

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Elves in the Wardrobe

Where to Buy: Elves in the Wardrobe
Best for: Organic kids’ clothing

Source: Elves in the Wardrobe

We love a kids’ clothing brand that goes above and beyond and Elves in the Wardrobe does just that! There’s love behind every single piece, not only for the design but also for the planet. Elves in the Wardrobe was awarded the Best Organic Children’s Clothing Retailer 2019 & Award for Excellence in Sustainability Initiatives.

And their clothes are just so sweet too, all hand-picked by elves from the best eco-friendly International and Australian labels. All of their pieces are free of any harsh chemicals or dyes, made from beautifully soft organic cotton, sustainable, ethical, eco-friendly, and most importantly, magical. Additionally, they are easy to care for by either machine or hand washing.

Plus, the range is just gorgeous with pieces to suit babies, toddlers and beyond. Bright, fun, and trendy with a focus on sustainability, they also feature gender-neutral apparel, reusable nappies and heirloom toys. Subscribe to their newsletter and receive 10% off and they also offer free shipping in Australia for all orders over $150.

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Aster and Oak

Where to Buy: Aster and Oak
Best for:
Allergy-friendly and earthy pieces for baby, toddler (and bedding too)

Source: Aster and Oak

Established in 2014, Aster and Oak is a family business that focuses on organic baby clothes, kidswear, and bedding that is not only gorgeous but also practical, allergy-safe and ethically made. Their pieces are also designed with kids in mind and every item is rigorously tested to last generations of play and adventure.

Made of premium materials and timeless designs, Aster and Oak offer boy, girl, and gender-neutral clothing. They use only plant-based dyes and organic cotton and are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard.

Their AW23 Drop Two Collection includes beautiful body suits, corduroy dresses, playsuits, overalls, knit cardigans, jumpers, and beanies for newborn to four-year-old tots.

Additionally, the collection also includes soft, chemical-free baby wraps and cot sheets. All items are available in natural earthy colours and charming designs. Membership with Aster and Oak grants you 10% off your first order and a chance to win a monthly drawing for a $150 gift card. They also offer free shipping in Australia for orders over $100.

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Where to Buy: Huxbaby
Best for: Kids’ clothing with a special surprise and connection for kids

Source: Huxbaby

This Australian family-owned business was started in 2014 in Melbourne and focuses on high-quality, minimalist children’s wear made of soft organic cotton with over 70% of their clothing made from Global Organic Textile Standard certified cotton or cotton blends.

Huxbaby has a beautiful selection of kids’ clothing but it’s their character range that we especially love. Their Limited Edition Friend Collection features a soft black and sweet lavender sweatshirt with a front pocket to hold their special Hux friend so kids can carry their little mate with them wherever they go. How cute is that? And what a great way to keep anxious kiddies feeling a little safer when at daycare, kindy or away from mum. LOVE IT

There are a few cute characters to choose from – Huxbear, Koko Koala, Eunice the Unicorn, Percy the Penguin, and regular seasonal friends, each sold separately but guaranteed to be a huge hit for any toddler or preschooler. Check out the whole range of adorable clothing for kids at Hux Baby. Subscribe to their newsletter and save 10% OFF your first order! Afterpay and Zip Pay available.

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Where to Buy: Oobi
Best for: Unique prints, totally twirlable girls’ party dresses

Source: Oobi

We’ve sung the praises of Oobi in the past and once you see the collection, you’ll understand why! Oobi is an Australian-owned girls’ clothing label established in 2002 in Sydney and rated 5 stars in ethical production. Their commitment to quality, sustainable and ethical fashion is incredibly impressive and wait until you see the unique collection.

The fun, whimsical colours and designs were created with movement in mind and their girls’ party dresses, summer dresses and winter dresses (available in sizes 0-12) are all totally twirlable and sure to be loved by little girls across Australia.

Our top pick for his season has to be the adorable Ariel Dresscomfy, hand printed and with a gentle cotton bodice and layers of tulle, this dress is an animal lover’s dream come true.  In long-sleeved winter and short-sleeved summer dress styles, with kitties, pups, flowers and even a retro 60s vibe print, there’s an Ariel tutu for every little girl’s style. Why walk when you can twirl your way through life?

Check out the full range and see why so many parents give Oobi 5 stars. Plus, for every new-in garment sold, Oobi donates a garment to an Aussie child in need, working with local charities to donate to kids less fortunate – a program that’s been running for over 12 years. Oobi also has a rewards program for every purchase, including sales and free Australia-wide shipping over $59.95.

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Where to Buy: Best&Less
Best for: Affordable, everyday kids’ clothing

Source: Best&Less

Best&Less offers affordable clothing for the whole family. Items include wardrobe staples as well as sports gear and even school uniforms, and not to forget beautiful outfits for bubs. Their kids’ clothing also includes some of their favourite characters including Barbie, Super Mario, Minecraft and My Little Pony. Their PJs are always super cute and cosy and always are a great go-to for teeny baby sizes!

Best&Less are committed to quality, safety, ethical sourcing, and sustainability. Additionally, they offer a variety of convenient ways to pay, such as Klarna, Zip, and Afterpay.

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Where to Buy: UniQlo
Best for: Trendy, high-quality clothing

Source: UniQlo

UniQlo offers simple, practical and high-quality clothing for everyday use. The company’s LifeWear brand and magazine focus on “clothing designed to make everyone’s life better”.

Their 2023 Spring/Summer Collection focuses on colourful, quality items created to add positivity and help everyone see things in a different manner. Their kids’ UT collection includes graphic T-shirts with some of their favourite characters from Disney, LEGO, Peanuts and Marvel to name a few.

Be sure to check out their outerwear and winter collection – they’ve got some excellent jackets, parkas and other winter must-haves that will keep kids comfortable year-round.

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Where to Buy: Next
Best for: One-stop shopping for all your fave brands

Source: Next

Next is a mecca for kid’s clothing brands and supplies several of the most trusted brands all in one place. The site offers clothing from brands such as  Hype Kids, Lipsy Girl, Little Bird by Jools Oliver, and Mini Boden.

FUN FACT: NEXT was the official clothing supplier for the London 2012 Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games.

Next stocks clothing for the whole family and also includes a great range of sporting gear, seasonal options and special occasion pieces. Their character range includes Marvel, Minnie Mouse, Minecraft and many many more.

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Decjuba Kids

Where to Buy: Decjuba Kids
Best for: Toddler and school-aged fashionistas

Source: Decjuba Kids

This predominantly female-led company is one of the leading fashion retailers in Australia and New Zealand with 140 brick-and-mortar stores and 2 online shops offering effortless, edgy fashion.

Decjuba has two kids’ clothing options – Decjuba Mini for kiddies aged 2-5 and features a range of clothing ideal for daycare and everyday play. Then there’s the Decjuba Kids which is suited towards kids 6-16 and includes stylish options like denim, sweats, t-shirts, knits, accessories and more.

What we especially love about this kids’ clothing brand is that it includes clothing that looks effortlessly cool. Tweens and teens especially adore this brand as it just seems to ‘get them’. Well, that’s what my 10-year-old daughter tells me, at least.

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Pat Pat

Where to Buy: Pat Pat
Best for: Super cute, super fun kids’ clothes

Source: PatPat

There’s something special about Pat Pat. We’ve only recently discovered this global family clothing brand but we already love it. The company offers fun, functional clothes for any occasion for babies, toddlers, and kids ages 0 to 12 years.

They offer stain-resistant fabric, GO-Neat, use bio-based fibre, Naia™, and have created their own light-up fabric technology, Go-Glow™. The clothing is simple yet stylish and the prices are really decent. Plus they do a range of matching outfits for siblings. Love! Subscribe to their mailing list and score 10% off your first order too.

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Cotton-On Kids

Where to Buy: Cotton-On Kids
Best for: Affordable and sustainable kids’ clothing

Source: Cotton On Kids

You really can’t have the best kid’s clothing brands round up and not include Cotton-On Kids! They are an Aussie staple for families thanks to their range of comfortable and affordable clothing essentials for everyone. Babies, toddlers, kids, youth, adults – Cotton-On does it all!

Established in 1991, the company is also known for its Cotton-On Foundation, commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing. They’ve got an excellent range of organic cotton essentials too, plus a Perks Club for frequent shoppers.

Another great thing about Cotton-On Kids is they have epic sales throughout the year so it’s always a good time to hop online and shop.

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There you have it, folks, our top picks for the best kid’s clothing brands of 2023. Wondering what our other favourite items are? We’ve also got plenty of other guides to cater to all your shopping needs.

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