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Meet the SmarTrike Xtend Ride-on, the Scooter Taking Kids from Tots to Tweens

One scooter to last them 10+ years? Yes, it’s possible and it’s under $300 too! Introducing the smarTrike Xtend Ride-on, the only product in the world that takes your child from 12 months to 12 years. The Xtend is quite possibly the smartest scooter we’ve ever come across with a fantastic design and durable features. It’s an award-winner overseas already but new to the Australian market.

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We have 4 x smarTrike Xtend Ride-ons up for grabs in your choice of pink or blue. These incredible scooters transform from a ride-on to a 3-wheel extendable scooter in a matter of seconds. It’s the only childhood scooter they will ever need!  

Put your name down to win one for your little one below. But first, let’s take a closer look at this innovative new product and why it’s being hailed as one of the best buys for kids.


Meet the world’s most advanced scooter, ever!

I’ve been in the toddler-buying game for a long time now and I’ve never come across a scooter that doubles as a ride-on, allowing kids as young as 12 months to get in on the scooting fun.

Most 12-month-olds aren’t able to confidently ride a three-wheel scooter and most scooters are not suitable for children under the age of 3.  Heck, my third bub didn’t even walk until 14 months!

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But this doesn’t mean they don’t love the idea of scooting along. This is where the innovative ride-on seat comes in. It brings the minimum scooter age down from 3 to just 12 months. And that’s just the beginning!

One product, five stages 

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STAGE ONE: Sit, Ride and Push

At stage one, suitable for your little riders, the Xtend Ride-on uses a cute little seat for them to sit on as well as a removable push bar so you can navigate them and keep control. Little ones will love being able to grip the handlebars, but, at this stage, you’re in charge of steering.

There’s a lot to love about this stage, not just for you but for your toddler as well. Having their very own ride-on makes any outing more exciting and less likely to end in “I want uppy”.

The footrests allow your kids to rest their legs and feet when they don’t feel like pushing.

For parents, you can easily steer them from A to B, whether you’re headed to a playground, walking the dog around the block or taking in the outdoor markets.

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STAGE TWO: Ride-on Little One!

As your little one gains the motor skills to push their feet, you can easily remove the handlebar to switch from parent mode into ride-on mode, ready to glide to new adventures. Watching toddlers discover that they can PUSH and MOVE is a really sweet thing and I love how the Xtend Ride-on gives them this confidence to go from being pushed to pushing themselves.

But what happens when your toddler’s legs get too tired for pushing? No worries – just place the push bar back in and take back control.

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STAGE THREE: Time to Scoot!

Every child is different when it comes to the age that they can use a proper scooter, but I’ve found that three-wheel scooters are so much easier for kids to ride, especially beginners. My daughter didn’t master the fine art of scootering until she was four, but her best friend was already tackling hills on her scooter at 18 months. So the right age for Stage 3 will really depend.

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When they are ready to try scootering, the Xtend Scooter offers the perfect combination of comfort, balance, and control. The handlebars are soft and cushy and the oversized LED light-up wheels are ideal for tackling bumps and providing a smooth ride. The Xtend Scooter also features a three-wheel design with two wheels in the front and one in the back, which is ideal for control.

The three-wheel design is ideal for developing motor skills and encouraging independence  Source: Supplied

STAGE FOUR: Ready to Soar 

The fourth stage of the Xtend Ride-on is designed just for big kids – the ones who aren’t afraid of a little speed or love a good bump to get over. This stage is for the kids who, when you take them for a scooter ride, are well ahead of you – and you really can’t keep up unless you run.

This stage is all about gaining confidence and letting them discover just how fun a scooter can be, especially one with extra-large wheels to tackle rough terrain!

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STAGE FIVE: From Big Kid to Tween

Welcome to stage 5 – the final stage. Designed for the kids who want to spend their weekend cruising around the bike park or riding around the streets (safely of course) with their mates. Gone are the wibbly wobbly toddler days of learning how to navigate corners and brake down hills. This stage is all about freedom!

This is where most scooters designed for toddlers simply don’t hold up. I mean, how can a toddler scooter continue to fit a 12-year-old?

Here’s the beauty behind the Xtend Ride-on. It comes with a patented extendable deck as well as extendable handlebars so you can easily lengthen the scooter and add more height to the handlebars as they grow. There are three different levels of footboard extension. Every child is different, but you may find that you extend the footboard at around the age of five, then again at eight, and again at 11. It all depends on how quickly they grow.

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A lot of scooters come with extendable handlebars but the smarTrike Xtend Scooter is the only scooter in the world with an extendable footboard, perfect for bigger kids – and their bigger shoes!

Seriously, what a great idea! The Xtend Ride-on is suitable for children up to 50 kg which is around the age of 12. And at less than $300, this is one of the best value products you’ll buy for your kids.

Scoot into every age and stage

Having to only purchase one product for all their outdoor adventures is not only is it great for your wallet, but it’s also ideal for storage space. I can’t tell you how many scooters and bikes we have lined up in our garage over the years, waiting to fall over when someone walks past them.

The longevity of the Xtend Ride-on means you don’t need to replace your scooter every time they have a growth spurt.

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Fold and store 

Speaking of space, the Xtend Ride-on is also incredibly compact and folds down flat, perfect for car boots and storing in the garage.

The Xtend Ride-on comes with a unique quick-fold system for packing down, transporting and storage.

The ride-on seat also doubles as a storage tank so you can put items underneath to keep them safe while you stroll or scoot. The compartment is ideal for a water bottle, a bottle of sunscreen, a small toy and a snack. Seriously so clever!

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No tools necessary 

Another great thing about the Xtend Scooter is that you can go from stage to stage without breaking out the toolbox. There are no tools required – all you need to do is a few simple clicks to add the handlebars, remove the seat, transform it into a three-wheel scooter and even extend the handlebars and deck.

Another great thing about the Xtend Ride-on is that you can go from stage to stage without breaking out the toolbox. There are no tools required – all you need to do is a few simple clicks to add the handlebars, remove the seat, transform it into a three-wheel scooter and even extend the handlebars and deck.

One scooter to last them over a decade!

There are several products that are designed to last kids through the various ages and stages but we’ve never come across one that lasts them from their mini-wheeling days all the way to the daredevil tween rides. This in itself is absolutely incredible and we know your little ones are going to LOVE this brand-new scooter/ride-on.

It’s an ideal Christmas or birthday gift for your one-year-old or toddler. Even if your little one is already past the ride-on days, the Xtend Ride-on is a great choice.

Get yours today at smarTrike with FREE shipping, a one-year warranty, and finance options available. The smarTrike Xtend Ride-on retails for $299 and comes in several colour choices including blue and pink.

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We have 4 x smarTrike Xtend Ride-ons up for grabs in your choice of pink or blue. 

Valued at $299 each, this prize will encourage active play, foster confidence and ensure smooth rides for years to come.  To enter simply complete the entry form below to be in the running to win. GOOD LUCK!


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